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  1. Stefano74

    How to reset FS2CREW wile sim is open.

    I would say, the very begin... can I choose? It would already be very nice if I could just start everything all over.. but if I can choose a specific phase than even better.
  2. Dear all .. How can i restart FS2CREW wile SIM is already running and a FS2CREW has already initiated it's routine? Thanks Stefano
  3. Stefano74

    Can't open user interface at all !!

    Sorted ... thanks for your help. 😉
  4. Dear all, I have installed ChasePlane via the link so no need to activate with key. VFXCentral shows ChasePlane as active and green.. Inside Prepar3D have found no way to bring up the user interface. The mouse middle wheel doesn't work There is no "Toggle UI" key assignment in "Assign Controls" in the settings of Prepar3D .. I have no idea about how to finally get to see this software inside P3D. Any idea? Cheers Stefano
  5. Stefano74

    PMDG 777 vs Captain Sim 777

    Unfortunately the pitch behaviour of this 777 is not just inaccurate, it is in fact so wired that it renders the airplane hardly flyable at all. Many other PS3D or FSX airplanes fly much better therefore an almost normal pitch behaviour can be attained. So I think PMDG should not strive to match the real B777 FBW behaviour but they should come up with an airplane that can actually be flown. The PMDG B737 for example had a quite realistic stable pitch behaviour and the lag between pitch changes and V/S changes was realistic (in the 777 is way off and to stabilise that V/S is a real challenge). I have tried now a number of ILS in different condition and despite my efforts I can not manage to conduct decent approaches consistently (and don't say it's because of me ) Stefano Furlanis
  6. Stefano74

    PMDG 777 vs Captain Sim 777

    Hi guys, I am type rated on the 777 and have flown it now for 5 years .. this PMDG thing is just mindblowing !! I think it's fenomenal. My only real critique is that I have found it's pitch control to be very unrealistic showing way too much inertia .. (V/S takes too much time to follow/adapt to pitch changes) and turning requires way too much back pressure and pitch changes to mantain level flight or same V/S. I think this is the main issue. There are other issues but this is the one that annoyes me the most. Regarding trim it is indeed not like the real thing like the elevator back pressure need wile turnig, I think this is because fly by wire is not really simulated here.. anywayi hardly use any trim at all, it certainly doesn't need a constant use of it. Other than that i think it's really superb and incredibly accurate.
  7. Yep, I did mean 200LR indeed
  8. Done .. and now I have both B777/200ER and B777/300ER updated, Operations Center is also installed. All sorted than thank you all Stefano
  9. Ok, will do than will report back .. Cheers.
  10. Is it possible that I don't have this "Operation Center" installed? I can't seem to be able to find it anywhere.. If I go to: Start/ scoll down to "P" , this PMDG simulations doesn't appear. If i run a search with finder i get no results both for PMDG (only the folders I created for B777 200ER7F and the 300ER) or Operations Center despite having installed PMDG B777 normally and successfully. I have never seen this Operations Center in fact. I see how this would be very handy in verifying my installed version and the need for an update.. Is it possible that somehow I don't have this Operations Center? I there a way o download it and install it separately? Stefano Furlanis
  11. Hello community. Can anyone explain me how to find out wether I have SP1 installed or not? How to find out my B777 version? If I need to install it, how can I download this SP1 patch? If I go to PMDG and log in than I select DOWNLOADS/SERVICE UPDATE .. it tells me to "Log in to your eCommerce account" .. what's that? I am logged in in PMDS website.. isn't that enough? I am stuck in a loop where if I go to DOWNLOAD/SERVICE UPDATE and click on "click here to log in" it trows me back to my account menu .. I can't manage to get to a place where I can download this SP1. I don't even know if I need it and my own version number .. Any idea? Thanks Stefano Furlanis