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  1. no .... but is there a link to these. the more the better !!
  2. greg & then, you had a CTD ? it works ?? a tad confused......though i have heard elsewhere that you can't tweak FSL's *.cfg's.
  3. I was going to ask you for your report ...... but 'tis easier for all to "follow" your posts elsewhere. P3D52 sound good to this P3D453 user 🤔
  4. More not needed than an oversight ........ given "sectorisation" of both arrival & departure flows needs more than one discrete frequency for each of ground / tower / departure to manage the comms for 60 movements per hour, no matter how many runways. It is only recently that AI inventories could / can have sufficient and comprehensive plans that "simulate" real flows such as at LPFG & KATL, so thus only a recent need for VATC to develop sectorisation & to use additional comms to manage such. And even then, it would only be needed at airports with 3 or more parallels. But I guess VATC will do such in the medium term using its new airac to segregate flows to SIDS & STARS as needed. & I suppose I am fortunate for now I don't fly to such "huge" hubs. I would thus not recommend this for the above reasons, even if you feel it's real at LPFG. PS after taxi clearance, you can request an available alternative.
  5. Very much my own observations & by others previously over the years. My understanding from a support response is that VATC may (with its own ATC specific airac) make a better call on both SID&STAR clearances as appropriate to RNAV (climb/descend via) vs legacy procedures (steps)......soon.
  6. So a series of step climbs after a clearance to an initial altitude (ie climb&maintain, normally 6000'agl) ..... at LPFG ?
  7. The recently available VATC airac is different to the LDS one .... it includes extra data to be used for upcoming changes that better manage TMA sequencing of AI/user aircraft. There are no changes yet to assigned departure / arrival procedures though I am hoping "climb/descend via" RNAV's will be better assigned (compared with legacy ones). For the moment, one should expect "an initial altitude" on both legacy & RNAV SID's .... except for those rare RNAV's which have a coded "at altitude" restraint at any fix on the procedure (as shown on one's chart). Unfortunately, VATC does not currently issue an ICAO compliant "climb via XXXXX to FLYYY" in this latter case, just no "initial altitude" but expects you to follow the chart (ie not bust that altitude & await further step climbs to cruise). Further, for now ATC advisories on charts (eg TOP on FAA SID's) are not coded & hence currently not "recognised" by VATC. One can as I do add that TOP to one's airac to better use "climb via procedures". Hope that helps.
  8. sorting out a reply to fit your signature requirement ..... given I have not in the past.
  9. & I/we survived .......................
  10. Can you tell us what is "interface" ...... TrackIR is intuitively easy to install & use. Sure you need to develop a "profile" to suit your physical presence to the monitor/reader (& experimenting is probably needed).
  11. what has that got to do with the airport "scenery" 🤔
  12. I assume you mean no log (of the indexer process) ..... it is a newish feature which at this stage may not report / complete if there is a "hang" (I've had no hangs since the feature was added 🤔) I'll ask support, given I have another question about what it logs during indexing. For the moment, it should/does log during indexing ..... if it doesn't hang.
  13. I guess you mean pause an unattended sim (everything), no ....... you'll need to rely on your T7 or other aircraft for that. Pausing the sim by any other which way does pause VATC & which will resume ATC appropriately thereafter.
  14. VATC743 can compile an "err.log" file to its AppData folder if enabled in Advance Settings ....... of the Indexer's read of most scenery files etc. This may identify the "problem". Similarly, VATC will add to that log behaviour during a subsequent flight.
  15. Steven You may know this ....... AIC includes an "analyser" which compiles what your sim could spawn (other factors aside) from your AI inventory at an airport, showing 24/7 the aircraft / airlines on the ground & their arrival / departure details. 'Tis a big help for understanding what one sees in the sim.
  16. Steven LNM ...... https://albar965.github.io/littlenavmap.html or AICompanion .....https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=29651.0 Your AIG plans & liveries are read by the Indexer, along with your airac & scenery etc. So, a new / revised plan requires a reindex(er). With 100% slider in Settings, then try MaxParkedAircraft=150 a KSFO (more for KATL, less for KSAN) in VASettings.xml, then alternatively enabled (force), disabled (scheduled) in AdvancedSettings\Traffic to see what suits. Remember, spawning is as good / comprehensive as your AI inventory & afcad's parking and that overnight there are many LCC's on the ramp (as you would similarly see in the sim). Hope to hear what you think in this & Vox in toto .... for me, the AI Engine is second to none. I'll think of you during "happy hour" beginning soon.
  17. Steven A few questions to answer as best I can "briefly"..... & about the current version. Vox will only spawn traffic per the atc_parking_codes in the afcad ..... but sometimes, if your AI inventory includes an arriving aircraft without a coded spot, it will park that aircraft at an empty coded spot. Vox has a file VASettings.xml in AppData where you can set the maximum departing parked aircraft. There is then an option in AdvancedSettings to either force that maximum or allow Vox to spawn according to the schedules of the AIG bgl's in your case..... what I call a universal setting. These settings are fixed for the scenario. You can if you wish use the slider in Settings as an alternative to adjust the spawned, but only if you are not forcing the maximum. You can reserve an afcad spot for your aircraft by assigning it a unique atc_parking_code (VOXP is what I use) if you also include that parking code in your aircraft. When comparing your sim's engine, remember that default AIG plans are set to show all possible at 1% (per an activity level setting) hence what you see at 75% is all possible. (please read more informed notes on this at AIG)
  18. Steven VoxATC has no traffic data of its own. It reads your AIG plans (during indexing) to compile data for traffic spawning essentially of the same schedule / liveries included in those AIG (*.bgl) plans. Vox's unique traffic engine then controls & communicates with that traffic alongside one's own aircraft. Vox cannot communicate with or control traffic spawned by the sim's traffic engine (which one sets at zero for Vox traffic). I can only recommend you "try" Vox's traffic spawn to compare (view on LNM for example to see parking / enroute features).
  19. Gerald Success .... thanks for your help.
  20. Tor Some guess' here ........ were you off track as you headed for ARTIP, & vox subsequently vectored you to there for handoff to approach where & at which time you were listening to the atis on comm 2 & missed the approach assignment. Hard to guess otherwise without you reviewing vox's log & confirming what approaches are included in the EHAM afcad. This indicates there are procedures in the afcad which you should have heard.
  21. Apologies ..... I was expecting to see the UI Icon / InfoText change as a mute indication. It works fine on CatchScrollLock=1, just not as seen before on the UI. A keypress will change the UI mic if the UI is not in focus 🤔 so, if you can point me to mcpmd77x.ini, i'm sure that will work ...... the ECL is closing to VC & showing / holding the STAT page (without DefaultEicasPage=4)
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