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  1. Bjartie

    CRJ panel for FSX This the first time I have monkeyed with a CAB or XML file so I'm pleased with myself. I now have everything I want
  2. Bjartie

    CRJ panel for FSX

    I fly with the 2D panel so while the Lear was a work around I still wanted a CRJ panel. I've partially solved my problem; I found the TAS in the MFD XML file and edited it taking out the "indicated" and now I get true air speed. Now if someone could help me showing me where i can add or edit wind speed to the MFD I'll be completely happy. 🙂
  3. Bjartie

    CRJ panel for FSX

    The Lear panel I use is by Alexander Barthel. Its called "Bombardier Learjet 45 Gauge Enhancements". Its in the Avsim file library.
  4. Bjartie

    CRJ panel for FSX

    No it's not the default Lear panel. I think it was called Lear upgrade or something like that. If you search Lear FSX panels you will find it.
  5. Bjartie

    CRJ panel for FSX

    Thanks Dave, I was thinking freeware. If I can't find anything I'll give Aerosoft a try.
  6. Bjartie

    CRJ panel for FSX

    I forgot to mention that I use FSX
  7. Is there a CRJ panel that gives the correct TAS, and shows wind speeds and shows vectors on the MFD? I have a panel that shows vectors with incorrect TAS, another that shows the correct TAS and wind but no vectors. I'm using a Lear 45 panel now which gives me everything I want (even terrain) but it would be cool to use a CRJ panel when flying a CRJ! I'm not fussy about which one, 200, 700, 900 or 1000; I would use the same panel for all the CRJ versions.
  8. Bjartie

    POSKY Autopilot & GoFlight MCP Pro

    I have another problem with the POSKY 737-800. I get to an ILS approach and when I hit APP in the auto pilot the plane loses all airspeed and stalls. Flaps are at 1 degree if at all, spoilers are not deployed. Air speed is anything between 180 and 140 KIAS. I have tried different airports and different panels, it still happens. Too bad since I love the POSKY bird.This does not happen to me with any other aircraft including the default 737-800. Any answers out there?
  9. Bjartie

    VOXATC making FSX go haywire

    I think I have solved my problem. It was a joystick assignment issue. For some reason my joystick "forgot" its assignment as mike key. Now now everything seems to be OK.
  10. I have 7.4 and up to a couple of days ago I was very happy. Now VOXATC seems to make my aircraft go crazy. It takes off by itself at 80 knots, and is uncontrollable. When I take off without VOX no problem. But when I make my first communication it happens again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, no joy. I have also checked controllers and aircraft, I'm using only default aircraft. I'm pretty sure it is a VOX problem. Please help!
  11. Bjartie

    ATC accents

    Does anyone know if there is software that can change the FSX ATC accents from American to the local accent wherever you are flying? I know about PRO ATC-X, it is much too complex for me. This may come as a shock to some but I don’t want to be a real world pilot. Flight sim for me is entertainment and fun. The default flight planer in FSX is fine by me. I’m not bothered about SIDS and STARS (though I know what they are). All I want is local accents. Free is good but I’m willing to pay for something that works. Thanks!