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  1. jlm06

    Incorrect VFR pattern direction

    Hi HBE, Yes, I fully agree with you: It should be a direction by Runway. I am happy to see I was not the only one on that point ! 🙂
  2. jlm06

    Incorrect VFR pattern direction

    Thank you Dave ! It will be perfect this way.
  3. jlm06

    Incorrect VFR pattern direction

    No idea ? If I knew the origin of this value, I guess I could find a solution.
  4. jlm06

    Incorrect VFR pattern direction

    Ah ok. No problem, thanks for trying. The question is still open...
  5. jlm06

    Incorrect VFR pattern direction

    You are right, the user manuel is very good and I do not count the times I read it since I use P2A. It s very useful. You may have the feeling that I ask an easy question when it is well describe in the manual and it is obvious. You are maybe right and if it is the case I am sorry for that. But be sure I really tried to find the answer by my own (manual, forum). I even tried to modify scenary with wed adding flow and pattern direction. I fly LFML -> LFMD. When I arrive for an entry in the pattern, the controller propose to enter downwind left hand. And I was asking if he could propose the right hand. I saw in Info panel the left pattern direction. I guess that it is information used by P2A controller and I wanted to understand his origin. Nothing important or blocking. I agree that I can make my own FP approch and force it but it is not really my question. Thank you and again sorry if my question is meaningless. I am not a pilot, just an enthusiast that try to undestand.
  6. jlm06

    Incorrect VFR pattern direction

    I forgot: in the tab "runways and gates"
  7. jlm06

    Incorrect VFR pattern direction

    Thank you for the answer ! When you go to the panel "info" in pilot2atc, do you see "right" as value for "pattern direction" for the RW35 ?
  8. jlm06

    Incorrect VFR pattern direction

    For example: LFMD RW35 should be accessed with right pattern direction. In P2A it is left direction. I modified the flow in the scenary with wed to specify the right pattern direction without succes.
  9. Hi, I love P2A. It is a wonderfull software ! But in VFR for some airport runways, the pattern direction (right hand / left hand) is not correct regarding the VAC of SIA in France. I can see the "pattern direction" in the Info Panel but is possible to modify it ? Is it coming from the scenery (Air flows) or from navadata ? Thank you very much,