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  1. So if we don't fly these planes the program doesn't work?
  2. https://twitter.com/msfs_support
  3. I think default planes don't have 3D pilots inside the cockpit, only copilots. That's probably caused by the Caravan Improvement mod if you have it installed. Try updating it or disabling it if there is no update.
  4. Yeah, you are right. Don't know where it is getting that 40 radial from. Strange.
  5. Same here, no lock ups or crashes and I have the full install of Gaist V2, so the bgl limit is just speculation.
  6. No, multiplayer off. Are you trying with default scenery? I've had situations with addon sceneries that seem to have problems with the taxiways connections and holding points, where AI planes can't get to to and from the runways on don't even leave the gates. Don't know if that is your case. It also depends on the time, if you check during local nigh time many airports have few or no traffic. You need to open FlightAware site on the browser to compare.
  7. He is not asking which ATC program is best, he is asking about a specific situation and nobody even cared about that. And you don't understand that's off topic? What if you asked a specific question about the Fenix aircraft and all the replies were a discussion about which aircraft is the best and telling you to use P3D instead of MSFS? Do you think that is right? What's going on with you? Jeez.
  8. Why do you guys keep using the OP's thread where he asks for help with a specific situation to your discussion about ATC? I don't get it. Don't you see this is off-topic? Even a mod here? No wonder he doesn't come back to the thread. Shame on you. If it was my thread I would be really word not allowed off.
  9. Amazing how in 24 replies the only one that tries to address the OP's question is mine. The rest are all useless discussion about which ATC is best like dozens of other threads before. Easy to understand why some threads are closed with "the thread has ran it's course". 😔
  10. According to the chart, the MSA for INS VOR is 5000ft when coming from southwest. So I don't think the ATC is wrong there. The 40 radial is strange though, do you have updated Navigraph AIRAC in the sim? Also, did you request the transition you wanted from ATC? If you didn't he assigns you the one he wants which may be different from what you are expecting.
  11. Try rebooting your router or using a VPN, some people said that helped them.
  12. There are problems when reverting from SU10 beta to SU9, most people say it even crashes and they can't load the sim. You are the first one I see saying the sim loaded without crashing after reverting. Asobo is aware of the problem.
  13. MSFS uses FlightAware, not FlightRadar. Just loaded in OTHH with live traffic and immediately planes started pushing back and taxiing to the runways. Default scenery here. And I see those flights in FlightAware. Used Aerosoft Simple Traffic here just for the sim to load faster for this test, when I'm flying I use AIG with live traffic. Something must be wrong with your traffic or scenery. Try with default scenery.
  14. Fair enough. We use the views differently. I almost never use panning inside the cockpit because I have views on my throttle and joystick buttons for all the instruments, for looking left and right, a landing view, 45 degree views and so on under my fingers, so I just press a button to go to the view I want and then press the button to return to my saved pilot view. I only use the panning button to pan around the plane in outside view. I also have an Xbox controller just to walk inside the plane, for the drone view and for the rare moments that I need to pan the view a bit inside the cockpit when looking left or right. So our use of views are different. 😉
  15. I'm not talking about a button to raise the view, I'm talking about a button for a new cockpit view that you save. That way when you change to other view and then want to return to your custom cockpit view you just press that button.
  16. What I mean is you can have the view you want when you start by just pressing a joystick button. No need to modify files. I just load the plane, press the joystick button for my saved cockpit view and that's it.
  17. Why not just save a view as you want and just press the joystick button to use it? That's what I did, didn't have to modify any files.
  18. Try "Increase cockpit view height". I have that and "Decrease cockpit view height" assigned to joystick buttons and they work.
  19. The only thing useful for me in this update was "Drone camera speed increased to 200 by default". Expected much more.
  20. Yep, I think I now remember someone saying it doesn't support the TDS.
  21. Did you use the Google maps mod? If so check your hosts file.
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