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  1. I always do island hopping and never noticed it before this update. Guess something went bad regarding the lod. Going to Zendesk it too.
  2. Have you noticed it before update 7 or after?
  3. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/devils-tower-missing/326565
  4. What's with the water going up hills when seen from afar (more than 5 or 10 miles) after update 7? Never seen this before this update. When I get very close it suddenly looks ok. This is Saba This is Sint Eustatius, same happens in St. Barths Zoomed in Are you guys seeing this also?
  5. I just add to reassign the 4 translate commands to the keyboard arrows again and everything is like it was before. No big deal.
  6. I'm also noticing stutters that I didn't have before. First time my sim stutters.
  7. Yeah, night lights are a bit better, looks like not so many countryside roads with lights. Still not as good as they were at launch.
  8. 20 mins here for 9.76GB. Hope the night lighting is better. Let's see.
  9. Only optimization on photogrammetry loading, it seems. And offline AI aircraft are now properly removed at long distance.
  10. I have a 263 MB update on Steam. Edit: And 9.76GB in game.
  11. Nice shots, must have been a great flight. Why the venezuelan ICAO under the names?
  12. Nice pics. Looks like you are a Caribbean lover like me. Need to meet sometime for a multiplayer flight in paradise. 😉
  13. I wanted this too but I think there is no way to do it. Always have to increase the drone speed in the cameras menu.
  14. He is asking about AI Pilot, not auto pilot. Anyway, I think the problem is with your flight plan. Try another flight plan and tell us if the same happens. By the way, what app did you use to make and export your flight plan? or did you insert it manually?
  15. This ARC DME approach is in the "Conventional Initial Approach Rwy 14R" (11-0C) chart. Guess you didn't see that chart.
  16. You also need to follow that addon (press the button to follow) to receive the notification on top right.
  17. The problem is not noticeable when you fly low in the cities. It's when you fly in the countryside and a bit higher. But let's not start an off-topic about the night lighting here.
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