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  1. Edited first message adding a screenshot. Thanks a lot. Thanks. After changing my gamertag, i cannot login to the forums anymore (i contacted zendesk, they told me my login issue is a bug they don't plan to solve). So I can just read them and nothing more. Lines in clouds, was happening to me in SU9, SU10 beta, and now in SU10 release. Switching back to DX11 for now, but it's around 10 fps less compared to DX12.
  2. Hi everyone. Hope i'm writing in the right section. Do you know if there is a tweak to solve the problem of seeing vertical lines while flying trough clouds, using DX12? With DX12 looks like i can get better FPS, but as soon as i fly into a cloud, trough the windshield i see kind of vertical lines trough them. My GPU is a AMD6700XT, latest drivers, but happened also with older ones. Thanks in advance for your help.
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