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  1. VNAV is working fine for you? Tried couple of flight, and on arrival to LOWI, it didnt start descent, kept at FL330, and started descending only after first constraint (FL140), overshooting all the others.
  2. Thanks, it got better, went down from high to medium and stutters during flight or before approach/landing greatly reduced.
  3. Same for me, but then after reading this discussion, I've checked in task manager, and got this: Running triple 4k screens, 7900XT, FSR2 quality. Looks like I' am very low on vram. Hot to reduce it? Thanks.
  4. Thanks a lot for detailed explanation. Going to try right now. Edit: It worked! Used values 0,00254, 0,00159, and 0,000000. Quite a big difference, much more natural colours, thanks all.
  5. Please, would you mind to explain how you did it? I know how to use HEX editor, but never been able to modify ms store exe. Thanks!
  6. Is there a way for MS store users to edit the file? Tried messing around with permissions but without results, cannot even copy it to another location. Thanks.
  7. You're not alone! 🤣Had to reinstall windows and MSFS on my computer. Started yesterday evening, now it's lunch time and still downloading. 100mbit connection.
  8. Yes, noticed mainly around the Danube, flying along it is quite a common route for small GA aircraft, and easy to spot. Between buildings I don't care so much, too concentrated in not crashing the plane. 😉 Manually deleted all the .dat files in scenery cache and got better (before I had many spikes, probably because of an old addon I had). Anyway, I like it a lot,, well done!
  9. Had a quick flight over Budapest, photogrammetry is quite recent, but i see strange things about ground elevation. Some roads are almost as high as the buildings, and close to Duna it's kind of hilly. Is it a problem on my side? Already cleared cache.
  10. Only had time for a circuit before heading to work, but feels absolutely great! So many small details making the difference. Vibrations, wingflex, feeling during flare and taxi, and that feeling like it has a weight in the air, stable and not kind of twitchy as many planes are in the sim when hand flying it. And quite a honest price too. Now time to learn how to properly fly it before my first engine failure 🤣
  11. Hi all. Suddently, I'm having the same problem. Been some time away from simming, then couple of days ago, I launch the sim and fps looks much lower. I check using dev mode FPs display, and I'm always "limited by main thread", while before it was blinking between render thread and main thread with much higher and more constant FPS. I check GPU usage, and it's stuck to 60%, while before it was 100%. CPU cores are all used equally, between 50% and 80%. Nothing changes if i run it in 4k, 2k, FSR2 on performance or balanced. What may have happened? I would like to avoid the format option, it's the same pc i use for work and would be quite time consuming to set up all the rest of data and programs. Tanks in advance for the help. P.S. System is: 13600K, 7900XT, 32gb ddr5 5200, 850w, Z690 mainboard with latest bios and drivers, triple monitor.
  12. Experience! That's what I'm missing. Still a lot to learn. In real life I had some flights (152, arrow, and ultralights), but on the ground only taxi, no takeoffs. And never thought of asking about trim for takeoff. Usually in sim yes, i set it at the center. But depending on fuel/cargo load, sometimes i have to compensate a lot with yoke, then i start messing with trim as soon as i climb, resulting in a not very smooth climb, or a guess how much to push or pull the yoke when i reach vr.
  13. Probably for the most expert it is a dumb question, but i couldn't find any information searching around. Before takeoff, the trim, has to bet set to zero, and then set up during climb and cruise, or is there a kind of formula to set it up prior to the flight, based on cg of the aircraft? On FBW a320 for example, MCDU tells how to set it up, but on GA aircrafts, how does it work? Thanks
  14. MSI motherboard? Now you have to share your bios settings! Thanks.
  15. Trying to track down what mod was crashing the sim, looks like it is about justflight arrows. As soon as i removed them from community folder, sim launches again. Now goind to add the other ones to see if there's something else too.
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