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  1. Hi guys, downloaded the latest installer from Simmarket since I bought it yesterday and everytime I load the King Air I get mixed gauges on the flight deck. Do I need a special patch for P3Dv5? Haven't been able to fly it yet. Thanks, Teo
  2. Hi, I installed the C440 into P3D as well as the RealityXP GTN 750 but when I run the exe to activate the GTN, I get the GTN bezel in the panel but the GTN screen is just dark, nothing shows up. Does someone has a valid panel.cfg file so I can replace the one with my installation? It seems the Carenado installer is not placing it properly. I can open it as separate 2d panel and it works fine so its something with the VC. Thanks, Teo
  3. where do we download the update? inside XP?
  4. Apparently it's with some systems after updating P3D to 4.2... not before that. There is a thread o that around. Regards, Teo
  5. Hi, it was an imported flightplan file from Simbrief that caused the issue apparently I entered it manually and didn't receive that error again. Strange that it worked with a previous flight almost at max weight as well. The flight was from VHHH to PANC, weight almost at max. Regards, Teo
  6. didn't try that will do to see if that helps. Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I loaded the 747 ready for my next flight and when I am entering the fields into the FMC I got to the CRZ ALT field which always works and when I enteres 290 for my flight level I got a INVALID ENTRY error message. Tried different altitudes and none of them worked. Why would I get an invalid entry if I am entering the altitude correctly? I also tried 29000 and still same error. Thanks in advance. Teofilo
  8. I do agree that X-Plane needs PMDG in it.. It's an awesome sim and its really new technology. Too bad that maybe they don't have a proper SDK for PMDG to develop on. Hope it does change in the future and we see the 747 and 777 in X-Plane 11.
  9. There is a known bug just confirmed that In sim text messages does something to the 747 and makes it crash to desktop. For now the fix was to disable text messages (including cockpit tooltips, etc) and that solved the issue of crashing altogether. Hope it helps others in need in the future in case its needed. It was not a loading problem for me. Also update to latest FSUIPC v5. Maybe another earlier version was making conflict with the 747.
  10. I solved it yesterday, seems when I removed the text disabled and reset the p3d config file thet sim was going into pause without me noticing it. After that it all worked perfectly now doing my first 9hr flight and all good for now after 7hr airborne.. Regards, Teo
  11. Now I updated FSUIPC 5 to latest version and it doesn't crash anymore but all the 747 buttons become frozen and I can't press anything...
  12. For me it stopped crashing after I disabled this but now none of my knobs move. The aircraft is unusable. Any fix for that? Thanks!
  13. Still having issues don't know what the problem is. Reinstalled and still having the same behavior and it's not an Active Sky thing.. if I try to load another panel state the sim crashes, no errors on the logs.
  14. Deleted shaders folders as well as the P3D.cfg file, problem persists. Only with that aircraft, 777 and 737 work perfectly.. will try reinstalling to see how it goes..
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