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  1. Anybody here know if someone makes a hardware bezel kit for the REX/Milviz Weather Radar app? I'm thinking something like what's available from a couple sources for the Reality XP GNS 530 GPS... Thanks. Scott
  2. Thanks, Bob, for your reply! As a result of a post I read here, I started using Notepad ++ months ago. Thanks for the reminder. I did find/fix the problem. When I edited the target command prompt (right-clicked on the P3D icon on my desktop, clicked on "Properties", and edited the target path), I had inadvertently added a space between ".../MULTICHANNEL: "F:P3Dv4/..." ". It should have read, "".../MULTICHANNEL:"F:P3Dv4/..." " It all started to work in the Multichannel mode from that point forward. Thanks again!
  3. I've posted this at the P3D Forum and have received no response. I'm hoping someone here can help me! :) When I start P3D on a client PC, I receive, "Failed to locate multichannel configuration file: :".Path is correct. Filename is correct. I confirmed file sharing works. Which multichannel configuration file can it not find? The local one or the remote (Host) one?One the Host PC, P3D seems to work okay, but when I close P3D, I receive "Multichannel autostart failed. Please make sure the file is a valid configuration."I used the configuration files from Multichannel section in the SDK and changed the few fields as directed.How do I fix this?Thanks.
  4. Per P3D's website, I'll use only Client PCs to support outside scenery views. With that in mind, is there a compelling reason to load 3rd Party Scenery on the P3D Pro Plus Host PC? Thanks.
  5. ncngrr

    Which PC for host?

    Using P3D v4.4 Pro Plus, taking advantage of its Multichannel capability. I have 3 PCs: 1. 4770K, 2 x GTX-760s 2. 4790K, 1 x RTX-2070 3. 9700k, 1 x RTX-2080 I need to power 5 x 1080p outside view monitors. 1. Which PC should be the P3D host? 2. Which two PCs should be the clients? 3. How should the 5 monitors be distributed across the PCs? Thanks much.
  6. Lately, upon application startup, P3D tells me that the WidevieW registration key is corrupted or missing and that P3D will search for the vendor for a solution. It then goes into an infinite loop and never finishes starting. The only work around I have is to uninstall WidevieW so P3D doesn’t get into this situation. Of course, I need WidevieW to support my 6 outside view monitors. And of course, my copy of WidevieW is legal (I have a key and I download it directly from the vendor’s website). I’ve used WidevieW for a number of years with no issue, so I have no idea what’s causing the P3D/WidevieW combination to start acting up. Help, please! Thank you! Scott
  7. I use wired for everything... even if I don't necessarily need to. :)
  8. Thanks, djbully. Does anyone know precisely what the SkyForce "Is SkyForce part of a network?" does? The manual doesn''t really explain its function... Thanks.
  9. djbully - Please tell me about how you use SkyForce in a networked environment. I assume you're not using the SkyForce Weather Engine because you're using Active Sky. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, Dave, Michael, and Joe. I do have an admin laptop sitting the same room and on the LAN that I use to network the two dedicated P3D PCs. I can't see the laptop screen while in my cockpit, but I don't know that that is a problem. If I do whatever flight planning and then start ASP4 on the laptop, then start P3D in the cockpit, I don't know that I would need to look at the laptop monitor while actually flying. Scott
  11. I've read that ASP4 doesn't use much PC resources. I also understand that ASP4 can be run on a networked PC so as to not take computer resources that could otherwise be used by P3D v4. I have an i7-4790K @ 4.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM, RTX 2080 GPU. Is it worthwhile to put ASP4 on a networked PC? Am I likely to see any difference in P3Dv4 performance between PC configurations? Thanks. Scott
  12. ncngrr

    Progressive Taxi

    Thanks, Benjamin. That helps a lot!
  13. After installing an additional SDD and replacing the GPU, I deleted the P3D.cfg, scenery.cfg, and shader files expecting P3D to rebuild them and starting afresh. What's happening now is P3D gives me a dialog box saying, "WidevieW. Registration information not found or corrupted. The application will try to contact a server to confirm license information." My only option is to click on "OK" which results in the little blue circle endless chasing its tail as if perhaps P3D is doing something. I walked away to run an errand, came back, and it continues. I shut down the PC altogether, yet when I turn it back on, P3D automatically re-starts and I'm back at the same place. I open Task Manager and P3D doesn't even show up in the task list. How do I move on from this? Thanks. Scott
  14. I deleted that file. Thanks. We’ll see what happens when P3D comes back to life.
  15. I deleted the shaders in the folder you pointed to. Started P3D. It’s taking an inordinately long amount of time to get past the initial splash screen. So... I’ll just walk away and check back in on it later today.