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  1. Is there a way to disable that feature? I don’t use a 3D aircraft panel, I use SimInnovations Air Manager panels and Air Player on different monitors. No amount of jostling the mouse brings the cursor back. Thanks.
  2. A quick search here did not yield a result, so here goes... With P3D running, my mouses’s cursor just disappears from the screen. The only way for me to recover it is to hit Ctrl/Alt/Del. Sometimes, that fixes it, and the cursor stays for a while, sometimes I have to do that multiple times for the cursor to remain visible for any length of time. I don’t see this problem unless P3D is active. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks. Scott
  3. I read that all of your flying is “regional and airliner type”. Still, if you think you might enjoy something else in that neck of the woods, check out Return to Misty Moorings (return.mistymoorings.com).
  4. I have no experience or insight into the Redbird YK1, but I did upgrade from the Saitek Proflight yoke to the Virtual Fly Yoko + yoke. I really like the Yoko+... for some of the same reason you mention (no detents, pitch and roll travel, feel, etc). Now I’m saving for their Ruddo pedals. I’m tired of the Saitek Combat Rudder pedals, especially the toe brakes which I almost always over-apply on one side, making it difficult (for me anyway) to smoothly and accurately taxi. Thanks for the post.
  5. A couple of things come to mind: 1. Autopilot taken control 2. Multiple controllers assigned and in conflict
  6. Did you get your problem resolved? Sounds like you have multiple functions mapped to a single controller.
  7. I haven't yet upgraded to v5; I'm still flying v4.5 with no problems. I will be interested to hear if, in your opinion, Stan, v5 is worth the change. Thanks. Scott
  8. TacomaSailor, I could have have written your post a couple months ago as the flying you do almost exactly describes my interests. I very recently replaced my Saitek yoke with the VirtualFly Yoko + yoke. So far, I’m loving it. Aside from the feel of the yoke, including the smoothness and fluidity of the mechanism’s movement, which is a huge improvement over the Saitek yoke, the control of the ailerons and elevators is much finer than that of the Saitek. I even found that I no longer need/want to use the FSUIPC slope adjustment/ calibration with the Yoko + because the control input into the sim (P3Dv4.5) seems much more natural without any additional configuration modification (FSUIPC slope adjustment). I have no regrets replacing the Saitek yoke with the Virtual Fly Yoko +.
  9. I updated (Uninstalled/downloaded client.msi/installed) just the client to the current Version (which I assume is HF3) available on the LM P3D website, and things did not work correctly. (My P3Dv4.5 HF2 installation had become corrupt during my instrument panel upgrade, so that may have been why). Anyway, I downloaded/installed the entire P3D software and was pleasantly surprised to see that I did not have to do much of anything with regards to my add on scenery/aircraft it was all still intact! Go figure. I should probably mention that I had, a few years ago, moved all of my scenery to outside the sim folder.
  10. Conventional wisdom suggests having multiple SSDs, one for OS, one for flight sim sw, and maybe even one for scenery outside of the flight sim Drive. Some folks put XP, FSX, P3D, etc on different drives.
  11. I saw the dimensions for the Yoko Plus Yoke on The Virtual Fly Website, but I assume they are overall dimensions. Would somebody please provide me with the dimensions of just the box (not including the actual yoke “handle”)? Not the box the unit ships in, but the metal box containing the mechanicals and electronics. Thanks much. Scott
  12. Sorry to say that I do not; I have only one pair. The Thrustmaster website says a computer should be able to deal with up to four pair (8 total) MFDs.
  13. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have a little experience with multiple monitors and multiple GPUs in a single PC. You didn’t mention what software you’re running (P3D, FSX, XP, ...). When I tried to run 4 monitors / 2 GPUs, FSX and FSX:SE consistently struggled a little and was unflyable, regardless of settings. At 5 monitors, FSX crashed instantly. I also tried a single GPU with 6 outputs; same results. On P3D, I brought in a 2nd PC and put one GPU in each, connecting them together via my home LAN and using WidevieW. That got all 5 monitors working. That’s what I experienced.
  14. I read several items here regarding a transparent C208 VC, but I haven’t seen any definitive solution to the problem. P3Dv4.5. I’ve downloaded/installed multiple times, ensuring correct serial number. Is there a solution? Thanks.
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