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  1. Hi all, I typically lurk and enjoy listening to you guys but I thought this was worth a share [I have searched and cant find this on the forum] The B-2 Sportwing was released Monday on Simmarket and after some unsavoury reviews, the dev decided to refund everyone and make it freeware instead. A good showing from the dev in my book, it has its issues but if you are interested in aircraft from that era you can grab it free here https://www.payloadz.com/d1/?id=3371157 Enjoy!
  2. what % do you have traffic set to for boats/ships? if this is high I could see it causing issues.
  3. I recently upgraded and now use mini displayport on a freesync 1440p monitor. No microstutters on a modest setup.
  4. apologies, I did search not sure how i missed that! Can a mod please remove, thanks!
  5. Afternoon all, DC designs dropped the Eagles earlier on today https://www.justflight.com/product/dc-designs-f15-c-d-e-i-eagle-microsoft-flight-simulator Do we have any first impressions or thoughts? Since these type of posts encourage 'Just play DCS' replies pretty frequently, dont worry I do. Thanks
  6. you have installed something new to the scenery.
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