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  1. The pop in would likely be a more aggressive lod algorithm. This would definitely help gpu memory but mostly helps speed up the rendering on the gpu cores. lod is a combination of a lower resolution mesh (less triangles for the gpu to draw) and lower resolution textures (less gpu memory used). either of those can cause things to “pop”, as an asset switches between a lod setting.
  2. 3090 is a rip-off no matter how close to it’s msrp that it gets. You can guarantee there will be a refresh in q1 offering the same performance in games at an msrp around 1k gbp. If I was interested in 3090 performance I would 100% (if they were available) sit on a 3080 until then and then upgrade and sell the 3080. 3090 is an inbetweener, designed to gouge. Don’t support the gouging with your hard earned money. Force them to bring the prices back down to reasonable levels. Back when the top end ultra gpus cost less than 1k.
  3. Yeah, the negativity some flight simmers have tends to keep me away from community engagement. Their perpetual moaning about insignificant problems begins droll but quickly becomes exhausting. They’ve left their half empty glass on a window sill and all that remains are the tiny beads of condensate reflecting the dusk of better times. It’s morbid.
  4. I’ve had a lot of wind but I haven’t checked for it’s actual accuracy. Just that I know it’s a windy day and I’m getting a lot of wind and that it’s not always the same day to day. Direction changes, sometimes there are powerful gusts, sometimes the wind is whistling around the cabin and other times it’s just causing me to occasionally climb or drop some altitude.
  5. My house and the side of my street is replaced by two large apartment blocks. Terrible satellite data in my neck of the woods.
  6. Yeah I’d say that’s probably accurate. You describe an inherent bias and your opinions are coloured by it. If you could consider fsx in a better state than 2020 at launch you’d have to be jaded if not deliberately disingenuous. The default aircraft are much better in 2020 than in fsx. And you definitely don’t need a state of the art computer to run the game lol.
  7. Or they’re being throttled by the cpu and both graphics cards are capable of performing the required graphics processing tasks. But in reality they don’t have the same performance. 2080ti has 37% better performance.
  8. I can appreciate him saying that the documentation is a step back and the loading screens are definitely atrocious. The full screen menus are a tad obnoxious for sure but I don’t think that’s because it has console gamers in mind. I think they wanted to show off their globe with the awesome filters offering real time information about clouds, precipitation etc. I think The aeroplane selection screen is very “gamery”, in that it offers very minimal performance characteristics and colours them red and green if they’re better or worse than the currently selected option. That is a peculiar decision to make. Like it’s a game of top trumps or something. Otherwise it seems most of the inclusions don’t exhibit the “default” standard of other sims. With the small amount of time I’ve spent in xplane I definitely prefer their menu system but I don’t think it’s because ms were targeting gamers. They’re just showing off the eye-candy. This isn’t something gamers somehow prefer, gamers still enjoy 8bit graphics for goodness sake. Very peculiar statement to make. as a gamer, I still prefer the menu system in unreal goty- which is essentially a Windows 95 menu system with a bunch of headings at the top of the screen that a mouse click reveals subheadings lol. Games have every kind of menu system you could think of and everyone has their preference, I think if any menu system could be attributed to console games it would be the list based menus. The menu that is literally a list in the middle of the screen with “new game”, “load”, “options” and “Exit”. with that in mind, I can’t help getting the impression of a comical, stereotypical “old man” deriding “kids and their new shiny toys”.
  9. Nah mustard is definitely on the menu, it’s just the bottle is nearly empty and when you squeeze it you only get a few sparse droplets and a blown raspberry. but that view is so word not allowed good.
  10. Couple that with them now using the obnoxious 10xxx branding, it’s like they’re hoping the additional numbers make them seem more grandiose.
  11. This is where I was until my 2500k failed on me. I’ve got 3600 as a stop gap but if Vermeer doesn’t offer significant benefits I may just be holding onto it for the foreseeable. Msfs not using dx12 was a real bummer when I read it. So much benefit from the parallelism offered in dx12, not to mention the vendor specific benefits of dlss and the architecture independent ray tracing. Considering msfs is published by Microsoft I find the situation bemusing.
  12. Yeah it’s my opinion on it, leaked roadmaps suggest Vermeer late 2020 and Warhol mid 2021 (zen3 refresh). My opinion is that nvidia are about to announce some powerful gpus and probably a flagship that want a powerful processor to keep up with them. Right now people will buy intel to go with those in any gaming centric use cases; amd can hit both intel and nvidia where it hurts if they were to announce some solid cpus even if they weren’t due for release until nov/dec. It could make people hold off on a gpu purchase until they announced rdna2 officially, it could make them hold off on a full system upgrade until zen3 was released. It would also take some wind out of the sails of nvidias massive marketing push. This suggests to me that they’re not quite ready with the new processors or they’re not quite ready to knock their own zen2 platform out of its current foothold in the market. That or they’re not confident that they can take that crown from intel and therefore announcing them now would just hurt them and help intel. All in all it makes me feel like these new processors are going to be good but not steal the gaming crown good OR we’re not going to see them until 2021. As I’m really hopeful that they do take that crown I’m going with the latter, early 2021. Could be that Warhol will take the crown or perhaps that won’t happen until zen4 if it happens at all of course. If it does come in 2020 we’re sitting pretty anyway, lots of new hardware choices. (e: and they can still say they hit their target of 2020 if they release a data centre processor that’s zen3)
  13. Medium ranged amd is the 3600. The next gen consumer (zen 3) chips probably won’t hit until 2021. I expect the data centre zen3 to hit this year. ipc gains are said to be around 15% with a possible 5% increase in clock speeds. This will make them noticeably better in all tasks gaming included.
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