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  1. I haven't completed a flight yet, still doing some testing....But...was flying the PMDG 737 at night, flew through a storm and managed to pull 30-40 on the ground at KCI and then 60 or so once I busted through the clouds....so far I'm pretty happy!
  2. CpnBill

    New to Prepar3d- Video Card upgrade time

    Thanks Guys.....I deleted it and got it up and running and getting about 60FPS in the air, haven't quite got all my AI/Add-ons in yet to figure out the airports but it's at least 30, so I'm happy with a $300 1080Ti. 🙂
  3. Thanks Gents. Got the card installed, and now re-installing all of my AI traffic after deleting shades and the .cfg file. I'll give her a whirl
  4. CpnBill

    New to Prepar3d- Video Card upgrade time

    Which .cfg is it again? I forget
  5. Hi guys, Getting ready to install a 1080Ti in my setup tonight, and figured prior to doing that I should do a little benchmark/FPS testing. I've seen through the forums some various OSD's that people use when comparing. Anyone have any recommendations? I don't have OrbX installed yet, just your pretty basic PMDG 737 with Q8Pilot's display settings. Was thinking I'd do a little testing with my old vs. new as I know it will be better, but maybe helpful to others who have the same situation.
  6. CpnBill

    New to Prepar3d- Video Card upgrade time

    I have the 1080Ti and going to install tonight. Do I need to dump the .cfg file once I install the new card?
  7. HAHA. No need to hate me, I'm in Kansas..... 🙂 But thanks for the info as well.
  8. Thanks guys! I think the 1080Ti makes sense, and my friend has kept it cool, and he's an honest guy, so I would expect for the $$$ I'd be doing pretty good.
  9. CpnBill

    New to Prepar3d- Video Card upgrade time

    Here's an update on my current situation...
  10. Hey all.... So I've installed Prepar3d, coming off years of FSX. Current setup is below. I'd love to run some add-ons, PMDG, OrbX, and do some basic flying. I'm not looking to get 60 FPS. Without OrbX and using Q8Pilot's display settings, I currently get about 15-20 on the ground, which isn't bad considering the old GPU. Anyway, I have a friend who has a 1080Ti he's willing to sell me for $300 (yes he's a friend), but the card HAS been used for mining. Or do I pay about $600 and go with a 2070? Intel i5-8600k Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 GTX750 Ti 16 GB DDR4 3000 G. Skill Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB 3 TB Barracuda 7200RPM for backup
  11. CpnBill

    What Is Orbx Base?

    I too am considering this, OP did you end up purchasing, or waiting for a sale?
  12. CpnBill

    Another Video Card Question

    $500-600 for the 2070. I have a guy here locally that has the Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080ti for $550, but old enough it doesn't have a warranty left.
  13. CpnBill

    Another Video Card Question

    I'm getting closer to just making a decision. I'm leaning towards the RTX 2070. I just don't think I can spend the $$$ on a used card, while I know many of them are fine, I think that will suit me just fine for $500.
  14. CpnBill

    Another Video Card Question

    Looks like a few even local on facebook. $500-600 range seems about right? Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080ti is one that I'm looking at locally. So here's a question.... A used 1080ti for $550 or a new 2070? Obviously the 1080ti is going to be a better card, but new vs. used etc.