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  1. Hey, thank you for your reply, I'm actually aware of this NOTAM, but in the simulator it would be much better if both runways would be activ as there is too much traffic in DUS for single runway operation (when coordinated by Ai). It would reduce many go arounds and the huge amount of ACs waiting on the runway for takeoff....
  2. I'm using MSFS 2020 already from time to time, for me it's working perfectly with 60 FPS. Sure, when I fly into areas like NY I will reduce the settings.
  3. Year true, I think we did a lot already, so I will do a combinaton of point 1, 2 and 3. About 5, I'm still shocked that a RTX 2080 Super is not enough to fly simulator with constantly 30 fps and I don't think that an upgrade is an option anymore. Thank you anyway. I'm looking forward to MSFS to be useable as a simulator instead of a game. Kind regards Elias
  4. Dear Community: I have another question/problem, this time regarding Justsim Düsseldorf EDDLv2. I couldn't find anybody else who has this problem so I decided to ask in this forum. As mentioned in the title Runway 05L/23R is missing. I mean, the scenery is correctly displayed but something must be wrong with the AFCAD. Ai Traffic is only using the other runway and if I'm approaching I'm not able to select this runway on my ATC window. Nevertheless the runway is fully useable. The frequencys are correct, and the runway and all taxiways are displayed as they should. It's a minor problem but still disturbs me in my perfectionism. Has somebody the same problem and know how to fix this? Or does somebody have a different AFCAD which I could try? Thank you and kind regards Elias
  5. Hey Ray, I tried some settings in FSUIPC. Unfortunately the traffic needs to be reduced to a minimum on these airports. Means if I'm landing there I will see not more than 1 or 2 AC with me..... . Of course, there is an improvement in FPS but I'm not sure if I want to pay the price for that😖
  6. Short Update: The FPS have improved by a lot. I'm still not able to fly into JFK or EWR with 20 FPS with AI Traffic enabled. But in other Regions (Germany for example) I have now FPS between 20 and 30 at all times with Traffic enabled. Thank you all for your Support. Kind Regards Elias
  7. Ok, thank you very much for your help. Did you keep the FPS Limiter in the P3D stettings at unlimited FPS with Vsync+Triple Buffering on? And should I change anything in Nvidia Control Panel where I have P3D limited to 30 FPS right now? Thank you all once again for your time and support
  8. I guess I have found the necessary program. I downloaded and started it. But I could still need help with the settings, what exactly do I have to change? Thank you
  9. I mean, I have never heared of it, do I have to put that somehow in my cfg file? Is it via Nvidia Control panel or via MSi Afterburner. I have really no idea and I also don't find anything on the internet that brings me further. How do you manage it?
  10. Hey Bert, thank you for that input but could you please be a bit more specific? Where do I find this RTSS Scanline sync? Regards Elias
  11. Monitor is: Samsung C24F396FHU Curved Monitor 24 inch.
  12. @Mace Hey, thank you for your reply, I have tried your advise, but I'm not sure if it made a difference, if, then it is not huge. I will keep the FPS limited to 30 for now and see how it works. Regarding P3Dv5, as written above this might help but is not a real option simply because of the huge amount of money which I would need to invest again for addons I already have. @Ray: I we try this we need to choose another airport, I use Taxi2Gate EDDM. 55 AC Ground / 47 AC Air / FPS 39 / CPU "0" 100% Adding: VSync+Triple Buffering On: 55 AC Ground / 47 AC Air / FPS 40 / CPU "0" 100% Adding: PMDG 737NGX: 55 AC Ground / 47 AC Air / FPS 37 / CPU "0" 100 % Left Seat: FPS 21 / CPU "0" 100 % Strange, as soon as I click on Task Manager (P3dv4 goes in Background) My CPU "0" load reduces to 20%
  13. Ok, thank you very much for your time, I own you a beer😅 If I should be in GB after COVID. Thanks a lot
  14. Ray, can you tell me how are your FSUIPC Traffic settings? Where have you usually set the limits? And do you know where I can change my monitor refreshing rate?
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