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  1. He Rob, Regarding the AI Traffic, I created the traffic by myself, and I tried the P3D with and without the AI traffic installed. The Result, there was no visible difference. Installed P3D version is 4.5. If you can tell me how to upload screenshots to Avsim I will send you my settings:) And finally my Addon List: Others: Active Sky; REX Sky Force; Chaseplane; Edit Voicepack; AI Traffic; GSX ORBX: Base Pack; Vector; Open LC Europe/North America/South America; Buildings HD; Trees HD; Germany North; Germany South; Southern Alaska; Pacific Northwest Aircrafts: Aerosoft A318-A321; PMDG 737; PMDG 777; Captain Sim 757-200; Majestic Dash 8-Q400; Qualitywings 787 Airports: Aerosoft; FSDreamteam; FlyTampa; etc. (do you really want to know every single Airport that is installed, it will be a long list) The idea with TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP... is from a youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvchlq3t1zc and so far it works for me, don´t really want to change it again. Thx for your support:) Cheers. Elias
  2. Short update from my side, I finally found a way to improve my FPS to a level where I can at least fly somehow. It´s still far away from perfect but I can live with that. The only thing I did was putting FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 and TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8 in my CFG. I of course tried also all the other Tipp's, Affinity Mask did unfortunately not work for me, also turning down the clouds or playing with AA was also without any effect. By the way, I´m running P3D with fixed FPS (But also here, I tried both, I couldn´t see a difference in my FPS) However thank you soooo much for the support. I´m now satisfied with the situation and will wait until the 10th generation of Intel CPUs is released. Thanks once again and always happy landings Elias
  3. Hey Guys: thank you for your fast answer and all the recommendations until now. I checked the task manager already, there are no unusual programs running which costs power. I also tried to start in KTPA in a Mooney, I received 25 FPS in Cockpit view with fair weather. And because of my hardware, we switched my I7 CPU to an overclocked Intel Xeon because we wanted to try a cheap solution first. But already mentioned, you can not see any difference. What would be your recommendation, changing back to my old I7 CPU, staying with my Intel Xeon or buying a new CPU, if buying a new one, which would be recommended and useful? Changing the settings is not really an option anymore because the only setting which makes a Frame difference is autogen building/vegetation density off. Or/And Scenery complexity to very sparse, but if you want to see addon airports you need at least Scenery Complexity normal. Thanks again for your answers and time until now:) Kind regards Elias
  4. Dear P3D Community: I´m writing in this forum because I have no other idea anymore how to fix my P3Dv4 and I hope that somebody of you can help me. I`m already despairing:( The problem are as written in the title low FPS. Which does not mean 20-30 FPS, I would be very happy if I would have so many.... . I have on ground between 6 and 12 FPS, in the air up to 25, and I have no idea why. Simulator settings are according Simmershome settings, a few already below. AI Traffic is installed but has no impact on my FPS, I see no difference without it, same applies for the P3D setting, it doesn´t matter what I change, the only setting, where you can see a difference is if you turn Off the autogen building and vegetation density, then I receive about 20 FPS on ground, but without that I don´t need P3D, then I can use also FS98. Computersystem: CPU: Intel Xeon X5650 SLBV3 2,66 GHz/12MB Cache CPU Processor Sockel 1366 overclocked to 3,6 GHz GPU: GeForce RTX2060 RAM: 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz DIMM 240-Pin RAM P3Dv4 is installed on a 1TB SSD. I´m using P3Dv4 together with several addons (All ORBX Global Range Addons; Germany North/South; Pacific Northwest; Southern Alaska; REX SkyForce; Active Sky; Airport Addons and Aircraft Addons like PMDG 737 or Captain Sim 757) I recently changed my computersystem, before I used: CPU: Intel Core I7 4790 4x 3,6 GHz GPU: 2x GTX 960 but also compared with my older system, I can´t see any difference in the performance. Hope there is anybody who can help me to fix this issue, I really have no idea what to do anymore and I´m really despairing:((( Thank you and always happy landings Elias
  5. Hey dear Community, as you know from the Titel I have a problem with spikes in Palma de Mallorca, well it´s more a wall than spikes, it looks like the screenshot in the Topic "Spikes in Mexico" but it´s a wall around the Airport of PMI. Unfortunately I was not able to place a screenshot in here, so you have to imagine. Is there any solution or update? I´m flying on P3Dv4 an I have Free Mesh X 2.0 Hopefully somebody can help me, thanks in advance Kind Regards Elias
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