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  1. Hello, I bought Carenado's da62 when it first came out, even though they already came out with two updates I'm still very unhappy with it, and one of the issues is the drastic drop of FPS, I don't have a supercomputer but with my current settings which are somewhat low I usually get over 30fps but with this aircraft it goes down as low as 10fps, it gets a little better with the Lite version, which I get 3 or 4 fps more than the regular version. So I want to ask if there's another company coming out with DA62 for FSX in the near future that might be worth considering it? I know Aerobask has one but they only make it for XP11 so, for now, I'm stuck with Carenado's!
  2. idude

    FSX to P3D: How to?

    I sure would like to get the highest possible as long as I can stay close to $2500.00 (1950 British Pounds). Going 4K is not a priority though!
  3. idude

    FSX to P3D: How to?

    I see that there are a few brands using that chip, GTX 1070Ti, does it matter which brand you choose? I see I can save a few bucks with a different brand! Thinking also of getting two drives, a 256gig SDD for the OS, and one TB Hard Drive for the FS.
  4. idude

    FSX to P3D: How to?

    Right now I'm contemplating to finally step up my sim, can't do it with my present computer and I'm planning on building one myself. I know that the CPU and Video card are going to be the most important items. I would like to stay around the $2500.00 budget but these two items can kill this target. Can anyone give me some ideas in term of video cards, CPU and perhaps motherboard?
  5. tI contacted Carenado supports, they acknowledged the issue and came to the conclusion that it is a navigraph problem and they will work with navigraph to fix the problem.
  6. I will try it over the weekend with your settings, probably play around with those numbers and see the effects of it. Thanks for the advice.
  7. TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL=500 <------------------------------------ What does this number mean? Trees!
  8. I found the problem. I reduced the "Scenery Complexity" and "Autogen Density" settings to "Sparse" and that removed the trees from the front of the runway. I think these airports could be edited so you don't have to change these settings though, perhaps using that editing program you mentioned above. Thanks for the help Charliearon and SierraHotel Settings Screenshot
  9. I have acceleration but probably will uninstall everything and start anew.
  10. It didn't work, the trees are still there! What version of FSX do you have? Do you have the Acceleration Pack?
  11. I have it on .../addon Scenery/Aerodromo de Leiria V1.0/. Then I have Scenery and Texture inside of it just like it was in zip file. It might be another scenery package causing it. I have a few for Portugal, I will try to disable them and then add them one by one and find out which one is causing it.
  12. It's freeware from this site . It's an airfield very near where I live, it's the only one I found that looks pretty good except for the trees in front of the runway which make it impossible to land. It's a short runway and with these trees in front, it's impossible to land, at least for me.
  13. I would like to remove a big tree that is right in front of the runway which I hit all the time when approaching to land, I've heard of lumberjack but that doesn't do the trick because it seems to remove trees on each side of the runway and not in the front. Does anyone know a solution to this?
  14. idude

    Carenado support does not work ??

    Call up your credit card and ask for a refund, tell them you were charged by mistake, they will refund you and eventually recover the money from carenado.