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  1. DX10 was checked and it was the culprit. Thanks.
  2. I did that and it's checked and I still get no tooltips! I have no idea as to why it's doing this.
  3. I used to these little info popup whenever I pointed my mouth to a knob, for example if I pointed to heading knob and if I turned the knob these little info popup would show me the heading as I turned the know or altitude knob would show me the altitude but it stopped doing it and I don't know how to get that back. Can anyone help me to put this back, I find it very useful.
  4. All of a sudden the "Direct to" button on the GPS no longer recognizes waypoints even thought these show up on the GPS and on my map. I can use the "Direct to" button to go to any airport but it will not see any waypoints, I enter a waypoint and click ENT but it goes back to the initial page asking me for another place to go and never get to the "activate" section. Does anyone know why and how to solve this?
  5. Wow, what a simple but excellent idea! Thanks.
  6. From what I gathered it is pretty straight forward, just unzip the scenery folder in the Custom Scenery folder, nevertheless I was wondering if I could create other directories inside the Custom Scenery so I could manage my scenery better, for example for the airports I would create an Airport directory and put all my airports in there, then I would create a Libraries folder to put all my libraries folders in there. Can this be done?
  7. Thanks, is there a way to make it to go all the way around? It looks it only goes about 90 degrees on either direction!
  8. Hello, I'm trying out X-Plane and I'm so used to the views of FSX by pressing the "Space Key" and move my mouse that I wonder if X-Plane could be configured the same way instead of using keys?
  9. You're right, I just tried that with 1 and my panning looks good, as I read through a few posts about this line they all say it should be 0 but nobody tells why!
  10. Interesting, what happens if you add that line and set it to 0? What's the difference between 0 and 1 anyway?
  11. I found the problem, a few days ago I was looking to improve my joystick performance and found a youtube video where the author said to add this line "Stick_sensitivity_mode=0" to my fsc.cfg file under [controls] section, I don't why as to why this line affects my space bar + mouse panning but it was the culprit, deleted it and now everything is back to normal. Thank you so much for trying to help me, lesson learned.
  12. No. How would I change camera views? I know you are able to span 180 degrees but are you able to span to the nose of your airplane using the space bar and mouse?
  13. I'm confused because I used to be able to go around the aircraft in "Locked View" by pressing the space bar and use my mouse and now the only way to around my aircraft in "Locked View" is by using my hat switch in my joystick. I never used "Spot" view before since it has a different behavior, I can go around but it zooms in and out also and that's not what I want.
  14. It looks like I am! Is that the problem? Where should it be? Screenshot
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