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  1. Maybe your ISP doesn't allow BitTorrent on their network, which is why qBittorrent (or any other BitTorrent-client) cannot find any peers. Have you tried searching about that topic? You might aswell would need to ask your ISP, if you could not find any information. Usually, pretty much every ISP allows everything on their network, as long as the network isn't just 4G or cellular data (these kind of networks are known to have a lot of throttling concerning BitTorrent). If you think it might be the fault of the program you are using, try their forums - you are usually helped there quickly. Because FreeMeshX is so big, it's a pain for direct downloads, as the bandwidth is immense and easily can be exceeded (which is why the devs jumped from Mediafire and BitTorrent to just BitTorrent - see here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/521103-bandwidth-shortage-please-use-bittorrent
  2. For those who don't know already - there are many BitTorrent clients out there, but just a few are really recommendable. I'd recommend qBittorrent, Deluge or Transmission (in that order, personal preference of course). They all are easy to use, don't use too many system resources or carry ads that take on your PCs performance (other than the usual suspects aka BitTorrent/uTorrent). Plus all of the three clients can be used on many operating systems - Windows, Linux, Mac... you name it! If you have a connection that has bandwidth limits (pretty common for 4G/LTE contracts), consider that downloading these torrents means more than just 'downloading' - remember that you are uploading data to other people at the same time! It can be likely that your ISP entirely blocks or throttles BitTorrent-traffic - it is always better to inform yourself before downloading! Last but not least - the torrents provided here are legal to download, so no piracy involved in here at all! Additionally, if you don't have a connection with limited bandwidth, your ISP blocks/throttles BitTorrent-traffic or your connection is just fast enough to browse the internet - seed as much as you can. Give something back to the community - without seeders there is no working torrent for FreeMeshX! We all know how awful slow speeds are, especially with big downloads such as FreeMeshX, being around 100GB already... so seed back if you can!
  3. Hey, I just created this account to express a big "Thank You" to you guys from Nine Two Productions. I'm on the train since FreeMeshX came out, been seeding the BitTorrent-downloads like a good boy ever since. I guess my added ratios (since I changed my PCs over the time) must be around 20. I donated 5€ to you guys. I know, not much, could have been more, but I'm having a hard time earning money right now. Thought it might be worth a few cups of coffee for you guys :) Thanks again for all you did!