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  1. From my years working within Aviation, there have always been warnings issued to airlines and ground handlers to be cautious when working near an active 777 gate. The warnings always stated that in many cases a half to fully loaded 777 takes upwards of 50% power to begin its taxi. When I worked for AA, our mechanics routinely had briefings about this with the ramp and posted notams for all who traversed near a 777 gate. The mechanics would always caution even if the plane were empty, there is still some percentage of power needed for the 777 to move. This was to give caution against flying debris, or driving empty carts or LD3/6s behind a taxiing 777. All this to say I thought the friction model was pretty good for the PMDG 777.
  2. Default vectors in P3D v5 is improved. EA also improves the lighting. You will be impressed going from P3D v3 to v5.
  3. Just did another hour and a half flight, no issues to report. I did notice the white MSFS circle (lower right hand corner) going crazy for the first couple of minutes, but I would chalk that up to the custom scenery I had for the location I was in. Rob's Turbo Bonanza seems to have stood the test of time through out all of these updates and hot fixes.
  4. Flew fine for me this past weekend. Took it up for an hour and half flight with no issues. But have not tried it after the recent hotfix. I'll report back if I have any issues.
  5. As the title indicates, Chewwy doing a live stream right now of the PMDG 777 Pre-Release version. Link is here: https://www.twitch.tv/chewwy94
  6. Ticking vsync in MSFS seems to work in similar fashion to half refresh rate. For me in particular if I’m in a densely populated area like New York and frames are getting hammered, setting my monitor in NCP to 30hz and setting frames to 60 hz and ticking Vsync in MSFS gives very smooth performance because it effectively has locked my frames down to 30. Although I downloaded the update yesterday, I haven’t flown around to see if it still works this way.
  7. Either way, I don't think you have much of a choice but to run without EA. Your RAM usage with EA on is a bit close to the CTD danger zone. Personally I like the EA effects, but your first screenshot looks better.
  8. If you absolutely have to set your monitor to 30Hz for smoothness, turn on Vsync in MSFS and make sure to set MSFS FPS to 60HZ. Yes MSFS Vsync is broken, but it seems to set half refresh rate for some users. Give it a try. Works for me if I need to do it on rare occasions if I happen to fly in a densely populated area, like NYC.
  9. This right here. Always worked for me as well.
  10. The discovery flights have a short shelf life, typically going away after a major update has taken place. Not sure if someone has the actual flight plan, but it's basically a flight leaving from KSWF, flying down the Hudson River, then through NJ, PA, DE, MD and finally ending at KDCA. The aircraft used for the flight was the Cessna Caravan. Here's a link to a youtube video showing the actual flight path in the first 10 to 15 seconds of the video.
  11. Can't add to the planes that have already been pointed out, but really have to throw my support behind @robert young's Turbo Bonanza mod. Had an opportunity years ago to work on one in my college days (for my Airframe/Avionics) and at some point was taken up in one, so have a sweet spot for them. Also, it's Robert Young!!!
  12. Nice shots Steve! Dallas was sort of my second home for about 20 years due to work. I actually kind of miss it. Certainly do miss Esparza's. Every now and then they would slip Everclear in your margarita's, probably still do. I'm thirsty now. 🍹
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Was waiting for this sale and curious about this too Benjamin. However the 767 even at $79 (after the $20) is still prohibitive for me, just because I'm trying to upgrade the old PC. I do want to get the 757 Freighter expansion. I put the forum post for peeps to see. Captains, Goodbye 2020 sale (all* Base Packs are $20 off) starts at 2020Z 20DEC 2020. Runs for 20 hours only. See you at https://www.captainsim.com/store/ * all with regular price over $20.
  14. Sort of looks like you went on a bombing run Steve. Definitely a great perspective!
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