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  1. This is especially true during the rainy season which it is right now in parts of Asia.
  2. DylanC

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    Isn’t this how Active Sky first started in FSX? Not at all underwhelming and I don’t even have XP yet. Very exciting to see this finally come to fruition.
  3. If anyone is interested, it's on sale in the US for the lowest I've seen it for $349.99 at Amazon. http://a.co/d/ii5LKMz
  4. Strangely, I’ve started experiencing stutters as well which I haven’t had since the FSX days. I tried everything and settled on locking FPS in sim to 30, forgoing vsync and triple buffering. Seems to have done the trick for me. Test after test revealed that the in sim vsync was the culprit on my system. Something certainly has changed, not sure what it is though. Really don’t have the time as I used to to test out theories. But my system has been smooth for a long time up until a month or two ago. I run Win 7 64 with an I7 6700k @ 4.6GHZ (no HT) 16 Gig ram, 1080ti 11gig vram and a 1080p monitor 144hz. I can run my monitor at a customized 30HZ but introduces screen tearing/lag if I Pan to fast. Process lasso being run as well.
  5. DylanC


    I may be wrong, but try shift+F4. I vaguely remember that setting helping to kick the burners in on the Concorde.
  6. DylanC

    Taxi2Gate -20%

    Yeah Doha and Mexico City works fine for me as well in P3Dv4. Picked up EDDM and a South American airport with this sale.
  7. I did notice it, but shouldn't make much of a difference for me. I'll be moving from a 28" 1080P monitor.
  8. Great info. Thanks @Ray Proudfoot I've been holding out on purchasing a 4K monitor with the hopes that the black Friday deals will lessen the cost a bit. I have one particular one in mind, this Samsung UH750 32" 4K. The BenQ you posted certainly looks good as well and I may just consider it.
  9. DylanC

    Good Asian Airports for P3D4.?

    Can’t go wrong with any PacSim sceneries. RCTP and RPLL imho are their best Asian sceneries.
  10. DylanC

    When did you realize?

    Although I've been simming since the sublogic days, it really started to hit me that sims were starting to evolve when I got into combat sims. Particularly Microprose and their early version of F-15, DI and their Tornado, F-14 Fleet Defender and lest we not forget all of the Janes combat sims (which I still have all of their CD cases and manuals). During that period was when I started to get more interested into flight dynamics and the avionics systems. It also had to do with the fact that I was going to college for Avionics at the time, but the passion was always there. Of course you look back at those sims today and I can't believe I thought they were state of the art, but remember a 1MHZ processor was state of the art back then too. I miss those days, brings back memories. Wish Janes would come back, but DCS seems to be filling that void nicely.
  11. I worked in BOS for 18 years and only got to see Lufthansa fly this into there one time and it was only due to a strike. The plane sat there for a week. I didn’t get to go inside since it was parked remotely, but did notice the marked difference in length. I’m back at JFK now, but haven’t had a chance to see if it’s ever made an appearance there. Although I did see Cathay Cargo taxiing one past terminal 8 yesterday.
  12. Thanks Steve. Times have changed. Most are posting videos and/or streaming on twitch rather than grabbing screenies. i agree, very much still like the old livery, but this ones growing on me.
  13. Thank you both for the kind words. She is certainly fun to fly and very photogenic.
  14. I couldn't let Steve D have all the fun! Just some random shots from my flight from KIAD to EDDF yesterday.