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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Yes I actually have both P and E cores running. P all @ 5.5Ghz, E cores @ 3.9Ghz. I've been told I can lower my temps even more if I disable the E cores, which makes sense and can probably get a higher clock speed, but at this point I just haven't had time to do so.
  2. 65c max @5.5ghz with an Arctic 360 AIO. Was running it today on a 7 hour flight Narita to Honolulu. Ambient temp in the room I have my computer in was around 82F. My 13900k runs cooler than the 12900k I had.(changed it out because of bad memory controller traced back to cpu) forgot to add running a 4090 too. That thing gets toasty, but I have a good fan set up, so doesn’t affect overall computer temp.
  3. I went from a 1080ti w/intel 6700k, to a 3080 10gb with an i9 12900k and 32gb of ddr5. Awesome performance, also with a 4K monitor. imho current iteration of DLSS with the 3080 works well, solid 55-60 fps. Contrary to what some say, haven’t experienced blurry glass cockpit, but again might because of my 4K resolution.
  4. I just upgraded to a 12900K, Asus Z690-F MD, 32G Gskill DDR5, with a 3080. I mainly fly PMDG NGXu, 777 and 747, ORBX, ActiveSky, Rex Skyforce. Haven't dipped below 60 FPS yet, but I'm always conservative with my settings and runn a 4K Monitor so no real need for Super Sampling.
  5. The timings on DDR5 are a lot different than what we’re used to with prior RAM modules. They are pretty much equivalent to the best DDR4 Modules you can buy today.
  6. Curious as well. Bought the 12900K when it launched, was able to snag a motherboard, but have been held up trying to buy DDR5. Finally able to get it, but had to get it through Newegg and their Combo deals. Now I'm stuck with a second motherboard. Linus, Jayz2cents and Debauer have great videos showing how they've been able to play around with the P cores and the E cores.
  7. For many who are running older hardware (I'm running a 6700K), this test doesn't matter. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. I bought it (12900K) regardless. In fact many of the reviewers are already saying if you have anything less than a 9900K, this upgrade is worth it. In fact the I5 12600K looks like a sweet spot for budget gaming.
  8. Hoping all is well Rob! We missed you around here. Looking forward to flying the Turbo again.
  9. DylanC


    Forget who it was, but someone in this chain suggested lowering Volumetric Clouds down to Medium and upping the cloud layers in Active Sky to 8. Wow! That did the trick and somehow increased FPS without compromising on the visual quality. Thank you for that tip!
  10. Pre-Ordered the Ultimate Version the second it was announced. Big Forza fan here. Ordered at the MS Store.
  11. Think if they had used two smoke stacks to try and imitate the legs of the Real Logan Airport tower, they would have charged $20 🤣
  12. Hah! Never thought anyone would fly from Taunton. I used to live a couple of miles from that airport for 18 years. Nice strip!
  13. It’s a known bug unfortunately. Ways folks have gotten around it is configuring hat switch (if you have it) on joystick or assigning middle mouse button (called mid-click in MSFS) to Freelook. Freelook hold seems to be the issue with no other workarounds other than what I just pointed out.
  14. Have you also tried to limit your monitor to 30 FPS?
  15. Not silly at all. Chock captured the response better than I could. But as someone who has worked in Management of all aspects of an Airline and Aviation services, this type of simulation may have mitigated so many safety incidents and aid in training.
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