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  1. I'm sure ORBX will be just fine. Do we really think MSFS2020 will be the only iteration of Flight Simulator in the market? (Similar to what @jaytee73 said) They simply have to be savvy and develop additional strategies. Who's to say there isn't an avenue for business within MSFS2020? Only time will tell.
  2. Very smooth with internal limiter at 30 HZ and monitor at 30 HZ, Vsync on inside P3D. Monitor is a Dell 4K 32" (60 Hz native) with 1080ti 11G Vram, Still on P3D 4.5 though.
  3. I'm curious on this myself. Are you saying 8xMSAA uses more VRAM than 2xSSAA?
  4. Or simply try setting P3D's internal frame rate limiter to 30 FPS to match the monitor's frequency.
  5. That looks way off! Do you have ORBX Global Base Pack as well? If so, you may need to re-verify the files.
  6. I was very skeptical with CS when their new iteration of their 757 was released a couple of years ago, but picked it up when it went on sale. I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised on not only the performance, but the overall quality of the add-on. I was an early adopter of their first 757 (FSX) version and I hated it. The flight dynamics were horrible and the performance was abysmal. When you stalled that version of their 757, it floated down to earth back and forth like a piece of paper. Very laughable and I always held it against CS. If this new version of their 767 is like the 757 III, I don't think you will be disappointed. However, I hate their pricing model and how they piece meal the variants and make you pay more for each. If anything, that will keep me away from being an early adopter of the 767. I'll wait for their annual sale.
  7. She works well. No discernible FPS loss for me. Stays around 30 FPS for me as well. Just flew her into Incheon.
  8. I have both and each are fantastic renditions, however I prefer the ORBX version only because of how it blends in with all of my other ORBX products.
  9. Unfortunately, only V1 and V2 are on sale.
  10. Don't forget the 4th sign. Pete Dowson usually goes on vacation right before a major release 😀
  11. +1 on that. Looks great, just seeing some weird elevation issues inside the airport grounds off to the side of the runway. Not a deal breaker by any means and just might be a conflict with Orbx. Disabled all the files as stated in the readme as well.
  12. I have to agree. This rendition of CS's 757 is underrated. I have to give CS their due on this. However, their tier pricing still needs to be fixed. I'm glad I was able to get it during the $25 sale, but feel for the others that paid more.
  13. IMHO PacSim’s release of RCTP is spot on in terms of their rendition of the airport. As was said already, the surrounding areas though were not touched much, but if you have FTX Global and a bit of freeware for Taipei, you’ll be more than happy. I’m looking forward to their Incheon release.
  14. So happy I held out. I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase that port over. The original feel there e-jets was one of my favorites and look forward to this updated version.
  15. I believe you're referring to the shadow line that pops up from the VC only. The fix is outlined below: "Fix for the weird camera issue I mentioned. Go to %appdata%\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 (paste it in your windows explorer) and open cameras.cfg . In the first entry, change Clipmode=None to Clipmode=Minimum If you don't see Clipmode=, then just add it"
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