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  1. I did a flight from schipol to heathrow it was fine. looks like i will have to fly this a320 on low settings
  2. no it doesnt say about the OOM message anytime. I did a flight from schipol to heathrow and it didnt crash but when i did a flight from montreal to JFK it crashed although i had less traffic and no added scenery Anyways thanks a lot for ur help and i will reduce the settings to fly the airplane.
  3. Hello everyone i am thinking to merge the ASa320 cockpit to the a350 in fsx. The thing is that the a320[aerosoft] keeps crashing. The pc closes down after a few minutes when i start the a320. So if i merge the cockpit only with the freeware a350 model will it keep crashing or the Ram used by the plane will be less?
  4. Has anyone faced this problem please let me know the solution because i cannot download any update for the 777
  5. Each plane comes with its compatibility with flight simulator. The pmdg 777 you used in fsx was compatible with Fsx not p3dv4.5. Thats why the plane is not loading up because it is for fsx and not p3d. You will have to buy a new version of the 777 and it should be for p3d

    Cabin Signs

    In real world the the pax signs are turned to on manually and not auto before each takeoff and landing. As soon as the plane reaches a safe altitude[not cruising level] the pilots then turn the signs to auto
  7. First of all i think doing a full flight at a time is much better with a plane like pmdg 777. If you do want to save a flight I recommend you doing it the same way as you said and when u open it again disconnect the autopilot and fly manually for 18 seconds so that you can try and keep ur altitude level. As soon as the panel loads up wait for 5 seconds and then engage the autopilot again.
  8. And i remember that the ops center v2 worked great but there was an update to v2.0.1. When I updated it and then it restarted. After that the ops center is blank.
  9. Thank you for this but i do have the ops center v2. The thing is on my pc the ops center doesnt open meaning that it doesnt show anything when i open it. I contacted the pmdg support they told me: ''If this does not help as well you need to put your DPI to 100% manually. Unfortunately Win8 is an OS we can not guarantee proper operation.'' i still didnt find any way to get the DPI settings to 100% so if anyone has win8 and if you face this problem can you tell me the solution
  10. yes i have tried running the updater and the ops center updated. Then only the title bar appears.
  11. I got the answer thanks to luis hernandez go to the INFO page on the front displays and there is an option of QWConfig. Here you will find many options. One of them is weight units. Change it KGS if you want and save the config settings by pressing the 'Save Config' button below
  12. Does any have a solution to this because its irritating me a lot as i cant download liveries or even use the ops center.

    DPI settings

    Hello everyone. I have the pmdg 777 from quite sometime now[ I have from last month]. I also got an ops center v2 with it. Now the problem is that my ops center v1 is not able to download liveries because the ops center v1 has been outdated and pmdg doesn't use it anymore. My ops center v2 doesn't open. I submitted a ticket in the pmdg forums and after some tries the person at the support desk said that I have to reduce my dpi settings to 100% manually. If anyone of you have faced this problem and have found the solution can you help me out as well. I submitted a ticket to pmdg as well but I didn't get the solution to this problem.
  14. ok thank you i will try it and tell you.
  15. oh yes this same happens with me when i start at a gate the plane starts moving forward. Thank you for the help
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