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    Planet 9?

    Wait a minute … it wasn’t Plan 9? Oops 😱
  2. 😂🤣🤪 That’s exactly how I feel about some of my cats I’ve had, admiring their traits I either didn’t have or would find cringe worthy if I did. Our oldest, Jimmy, who’s 17, was the runt of his litter & has a Napoleon complex with a titanic willpower. We call him “King James”. If he were to be played by an actor, it would be James Cagney. He originally lived next door but decided he would rather stay with us after we hosted him in our home when our neighbors took a trip. He kept escaping from our neighbors and coming into our yard and ran inside when we opened our door. It was obviously his decision and none of us could oppose it. Usually when a cat goes around the house & enters a room, it travels silently. Not Jimmy. I’ll be sitting in the kitchen and can hear Jimmy thump onto the floor as he jumps down from a bed upstairs and hear every single step as he struts on the floor, descends the steps and comes down the hallway towards the kitchen as I say to my wife “Uh-oh, here comes Jimmy” 😱. And he’s such a small cat. Totally confident & domineering. And if you oppose him, he bites. And claws. Over the years, he’s bonded to and trusts me the most. A lot of times he will hold onto one of my fingers between his teeth and look directly at me as if he’s thinking “Remember, I can still clamp down real hard if I wanted to” as if he’s reconfirming his dominance. I call these “ceremonial bites”. Man, he’s a real character.
  3. He may be still, but look at his eyes, his erect tail and how his legs suggest motion. I dare say he’s an “Expressionist”.
  4. Yeah, a little “bathroom humor” now and then doesn’t hurt 💩
  5. 🧑‍🎨 It’s possible that they’re mocking me for having to clean up after them by doing my portrait in the litter box 😹
  6. Mazda lamps? I had to look that up. Mazda was a trademarked name registered by General Electric (GE) in 1909 for incandescent light bulbs. The name was used from 1909 to 1945 in the United States by GE and Westinghouse. Mazda brand light bulbs were made for decades after 1945 outside the US. The company chose the name due to its association with Ahura Mazda, the transcendental and universal God of Zoroastrianism whose name means light of wisdom in the Avestan language. . . Modern association of the Mazda name is mostly with the Mazda automobilemanufacturer of Japan (which coexisted with Toshiba's Mazda bulbs in its early years). The Mazda trademark is split between the Japanese manufacturer where it applies to automobiles (including automobile lights and batteries) and GE for non-automotive uses https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mazda_(light_bulb)
  7. Jet race in Dubai
  8. Woah, now this looks interesting ... will be watching this space. Looking on your website, I see that the EVO base uses hall effect sensors. So will The Throttle also have them for the 2 throttles & the flap axis? Just below the flap axis there is a knob that's described as 1 x 5 - Way Mode Dial. Could you tell us what that controls? The funny thing is that I'm building something similar on my own, the difference being my throttles are modeled more for commercial jets, but it's the same concept: throttles with additional switches & rotary encoders: So, I'm interested in your product. Tell us more! 🤔
  9. Yup, just like this guy:
  10. I-80 goes from San Francisco to New Jersey just 4 miles short of New York city. It's 2,900 miles long. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interstate_80
  11. Interesting that it’s not an isolated incident: https://www.boldmethod.com/learn-to-fly/aeromedical-factors/cessna-172-pilots-take-off-with-the-tow-bar-attached/ https://generalaviationnews.com/2022/10/12/pilot-forgets-to-remove-tow-bar-before-takeoff/
  12. Yeah, “Mac” Gargan. This was going “into the weeds”, so to speak, so I admitted I didn’t know. So, let’s go to the source: hey, @charliearon , what is a Gargan?
  13. @Matthew Kane Not knowing what a Gargan is, I felt it was best to err on the side of caution 🤣
  14. @HiFlyer Thanks for tracking down the story behind that video.
  15. Came across this video (The Tiger just wants to play). Looks like it's in a lobby of a hotel, convention center? Can't tell, buy I can't help laughing at a tiger chasing someone who's screaming, trying to figure out the circumstances, probably in the Arabian Peninsula. My favorite theory is a member of a royal family having his pet tiger chase the hired help 🤣
  16. I recently finished binge watching “To Catch a Smuggler: South Pacific”, so I would say no. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biosecurity_in_New_Zealand
  18. As shown in the OP link, I used to have Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. But to get really old, although it's technically not a flight but an operational simulator, I briefly used to play RAF: The Battle of Britain by Moby Games. It was in the early 1980s and for the Apple II. It was a text-based game. I didn't have an Apple II, but we had one at work, so I would sometimes spend my lunch break playing it: And as for simulator hardware, there was the Link simulator:
  19. Visions of the future … from the past: 1968 - “Wild in the Streets” Where the voting age is lowered to 15 and those older than 30 are shipped to concentration camps and forced to take LSD 1971 - Anyone remember this classic Public Service Announcement about exercising?
  20. Oooooh, boy………. as a certified clueless male, did I ever “step in it” once. A few months after I got married, I was in mid-flight at my computer when my wife came into the room and the following conversation ensued: Wife: “What, are you playing that flying game again? Why do you spend so much time doing that?” Me: “Because this is my passion.” Wife: “WHAT??? I’M SUPPOSED TO BE YOU PASSION!!!” Needless to say, it took me a long time to live that unforced error down 🥵
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