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  1. Update- I ran into a topic in the FS2004 forum which explained my issue. Apparently its a driver issue that many are having with Nvidia drivers 320.18 and up. I installed version 314.22 and all is well again. Im just going to have to figure out which settings to use in the Nvidia control panel as I have no idea what they were previously. Anyone have any suggestions based on the profile I listed in the first post?
  2. Im having this same issue. Searched high and low about this and could find nothing on it, even posted a topic in the video card section as it was after a video card replacement that this happened. For me, its happening with the 335.28 drivers (latest from nvidia). I'll have to search for older drivers and see what works and what doesnt.
  3. Hello all, I have an older system. I put it together in 2008 to run FS9 "good" on a scale of "poor" to "great". I really havent done much to it since then. I was always using hand me down CRT monitors until I got a tiny Dell LCD that someone was throwing out. Then I came across a really nice Samsung SyncMaster LED monitor, got rid of the VGA cable, plugged in the DVI cable and life was good for a few weeks. Then the video card blew, too old and used too much for such a strain I suppose. It was an EVGA 8400GS 512mb card. I replaced it with a brand new EVGA 8400GS card only this one has a gig of memory. $32 for this new card versus the almost $200 I paid for the old one at the time, great deal. Everything works fine, but I am having some odd displays of airplane textures in FS9. I looked in the Nvidia control panel and during the installation of the new card and drivers (version 335.28) all my previous settings were back to default, apparently. I would imagine my issues lie somewhere in there. My current values are as follows- Anistropic filtering - Application controlled Antialiasing/FXAA - Off Antialiasing/Gamma correction - On Antialiasing/mode - Application controlled Antialiasing/setting - Application controlled Antialiasing/transparency - Off CUDA/GPUs - All Extension limit - Off Maximum pre rendered frames - Use the 3D application setting Multi display/mixed GPU acceleration - Multiple display performance mode Texture filtering/anistropic sample optimization - Off Texture filtering/Negative LOD bias - Allow Texture filtering/Quality - Quality Texture filtering/Trilinear optimization - On Threaded optimization - Auto Triple buffering - Off Vertical sync - Use the 3D application setting As you can see in this screenshot, the default Cessna is dark and the door is oddly illuminated. And in this one from the default PMDG MD-11F FedEx livery, the main cargo door and "something in the back" is displaying weird, including the engine cowling textures. All my in-sim display settings are the same since before I changed the card. I havent noticed any scenery textures displaying oddly, but I havent spent a whole lot of time looking. I am kind of stuck with the system I have at the moment indefinitely, and I really would like to have FS9 run at least as good as it did before I had to make the switch. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. It's been a few years since my last FS9 reinstall, but I recall at some point somewhere in the internets finding modified "ground contact points" that allowed all aircraft to have a more realistic relationship with the ground. This was not an individual contact point fix for any specific aircraft, if I recall correctly it was more related to weight and friction. I rememember something in the description saying that the "fix" changed the way FS handled aircraft handling on the ground. I do remember that after installing the fix, I had better ground handling, braking action and idle thrust seemed to be where it should be when before it wasnt really there at all. I recall that supposedly on the ground, FS treats aircraft as though they were much heavier than they actually are and this fix made the ground relationship more realistic, which it definitely did seem to do. All I can find when I try to search for this are things relating to aircraft specific contact points which this thing I am referring to definitely was not. Does this sound remotely familiar to anyone?
  5. I'm having a similar issue as well. I have purchased several products at simmarket, always very happy and never had an issue with my email address until now. I have been trying for 2 weeks to reset my password, I get a page that tells me a new one is being sent to my email address and I never recieve anything. My ISP is Optimum Online and it's not going in the spam folder, I have no spam filters enabled. Without my correct email and password it seems impossible to contact them any other way as they wont accept emails, only support tickets (which requires email and password) so back into the endless loop I go. I am trying to make some purchases which I could make elsewhere, but I want to do it thru simmarket and dont want to change my email address as I have previously purchased products attatched to that address and really dont need to juggle yet another email address. Any suggestions?
  6. This looks fantastic! Right up my alley too. When I'm not flying PMDG heavies, I regularly fly old, rattling props. These classics give you a whole different side to the sim that even the greatest PMDG heavy really cant, and I think if some of you "not my cup of tea"ers really give it a good shot, you too will bounce back and forth as I do. For as many hours I spend in the MD-11, I start to crave exactly this type of flying. Last bout took me on a several week cross country tour on a Lockheed Constellation, and when I finally landed in Long Beach, back to JFK on the MD-11. It's like the perfect bite of the greatest meal! As far as I'm concerned PMDG can throw in as many rotary piston AVGAS suckers as they like. Hopefully a tail dragger or two are coming down the road. Keep it up and keep it diverse, doing just fine the way you are. And as always, THANKS!
  7. I dont know if it applies to FSX, but with FS9 I just open up imagetool and remove the mip maps on any blurry textures I find. Some have them, some dont, some need conversion to DXT3, some dont, everyone's system is different. But it's a quick fix and all is well. I really like the new B-25, it's great having the VC functionality and I think the props and engines look better. In any case, it's a great airplane and the money is going to a great cause. Anything I can do to get that P-61 in the air is not enough (as well as all the other projects too). My dad was a radio/radar operator in P-61's, and I believe he was in the squadron that the MAAM P-61 was from. He would have LOVED all of this. BTW, if anyone starts noticing a problem with Active Camera and the VC (as I have), go in the panel.cfg and put a // in front of anywhere it says "zorder". Same issue as was with the Avenger and that fix works fine, I tested it and everything works great.Thanks again for the new version!
  8. You dont happen to have autorudder checked off in flight controls under Realism, do you? I dont use pedals but the only time I ever had a ground steering issue that had me stumped it was that. I never have that box checked, but somehow it was. If thats not it I would say it sounds more like a controller issue.
  9. That FSUIPC wind smoothing doesnt apply in all cases, I have that enabled and even with the weather all dummied down I still get it. Between that and the elevators locking in the full up position in autopilot, the 747 is a real pain for me in FSX, I only use it in FS9 where it flies wonderfully with any weather and no elevator issues.
  10. The cargo isnt animated, it doesnt move in and out of the aircraft.
  11. @wrenchca- Didnt know you were married to my wife. Maybe someday we will meet at the refrigerator.
  12. Is the battery switch itself not physically engaging or is engaging and not turning on the batteries? Also, make sure you install and run EVERYTHING with admin rights. If you diddnt do that during the reinstall of the aircraft, I suggest you reinstall and make sure you do that, then see if it is solved.
  13. Absolutely right. I dont know jack squat about the relationship either, but it can just be naturally assumed that it would play some part. We sit in our livingrooms (bathtubs, trailers, whatever) and enjoy flying the planes, but in the backdrop of that there are 2 businesses involved here. PMDG and Boeing, a MAJOR global enterprise that dosent slap "Official Licensed Product" on just anything. Obviously the quality is one issue, and the business end is another. Personally I have no problem with this. Sure, I would love to see a PMDG grade Airbus too, but as someone already said, there are alot of Boeings that havent been "PMDG'd" yet either.
  14. For me, its the MD-11. 2nd runner up is the 747-400 in Malaysia blue hibiscus livery, and lastly, the DC-2.
  15. In the case of 5700N08000W, that could be entered into the fmc as 57/80. FS also recognizes this format, but only in the Atlantic region. I don't think it could be used in the same manner with a lat/long fix in the Pacific, for example. I use that format on lat/long fixes on all NAT routes and routes to the south (TNCM area) but there are boundaries, I just don't know them. The only thing that I can't use that format on is ASA/ASE, doesn't recognize it for some reason but PMDG, LDS, FSX,FS9 and Radar Contact all do.
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