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  1. I have had the parking brake set since flight inception. I clicked the blue "ground power available" light 5 minutes ago...and have waited per the RTFM...no ground power is available. What am I doing wrong...I can't get Ground Power? Vic
  2. Has anyone else had "fe.dll" errors when using this repaint on the FS9 LevelD 767? I get an MSFS "fe.dll" error every time I use it. I can use any other LevelD 767 repaint and it works fine. I'm just wondering if I'm the only one?
  3. OK...found the problem with my Beacon and various other TM2 lighting. When deleting the "splashes", from the aircraft.cfg, I found a stray [LIGHTS] header...probably from my original "copy & paste" to install the splashes, in the first place. I'm back to default and everything is working. I'll give the splashes another try...without any strays!
  4. Do the light splashes from Matthew ("splash.zip"), created several versions ago, not work with the 1.40 version? I'm having problems with my beacon and strobes but I don't know if the 2 are related. Vic
  5. Exactly, Chuck. It's useless with detailed addon aircraft.This entire problem is a system issue. I never had the problem with my old Alienware system. This ASUS MoBo I have now is an overclockers paradise...unless you enjoy stability!! All OC is turned off at this time...and it still happens. It's as if SOME program is doing something while FS9 is paused...and causing a conflict? Like I said...there is no rhyme nor reason I can find. I'm currently trying minimization after pausing (so only the desktop shows) and making sure any ACARS programs for my various VA's are OFF. Other than that...I'm at a loss.
  6. Nope...gave that up as it was good for nothing but system crashes...and really made no diff with FS9.
  7. Can some really knowledgable person explain why pausing FS9 would cause a system freeze? I have been dealing with this problem for over a year, now...and I'm about to go insane. I believe it is more about my system rather than FS9 itself.Whenever I use the "Pause" function in FS9, I stand a chance of a complete system lockup. I just started a descent into KSFO, paused to go take care of business for 2 MINUTES. Came back and my system was locked up tight. I've used "FSPause" with the same result...SOMETIMES. There is no Rhyme or Reason...sometimes I can pause and others I get locked up, at some point. It NEVER happens when I push the "P" key...it's always at some point after. When using "FSPause" or "I will be back" I sometimes have no problems...but most times come back to a completely locked up system. #####? This one single issue has driven me to the edge of completely wiping out any MSFS...and moving on. Imagine flying 10 hours and having the system freeze on approach!! Just because you paused??Like I said...it never happens WHEN you pause...it happens WHILE you are paused. Sometimes 1 minute in, sometimes 20 minutes into a "pause", sometimes I have no idea...FSPause does it's thing and I come back to the system hours later...and it's locked up tight. This is my last straw, friends. If I can't figure this out I'm calling it quits for MSFS, after 15 years. I just don't need the aggravation any more. It's just no fun, anymore.
  8. I can't even find the ISG unit. The link in the manual goes to www.fsbuild.com but I see no mention of the unit there?Anywho...was wondering about these entries you have://file=Main_igs.bmp //Main panel bitmap with square HSI face for ISG glass HSI //file_1024=Main_igs.bmp file=Main_tcas_fms.bmp //main panel bitmap with square face for ILH TCAS gauge file_1024=Main_tcas_fms.bmp //gauge05=B732ADV!vsi, 399, 774, 131, 131 //round dial VVI gauge05=ILH_TCAS!IVSIb, 393,769,142,142, pic:no //VVI/TCAS, requires all "ILH" gauges //NOT compatible with ISG TCAS I'm thinking that Lee's TCAS and the ISG are incompatible? But I don't know that. Hopefully someone who has the ISG working will come along with better info...and where to actually find it? :(
  9. Bob, I've updated to 1.40 with no problems. I will give the ISG unit a look see.Thanks!Vic
  10. OK, Bob...but I'm not, as yet, using the version 4.0...I'm still on 2.5 for the 'mouse. Do you think updating to 4.0 and adding some kind of GPS "switch" will still not work? Perhaps I also need to add the actual GPS to the panel before it will work (I haven't done that...just added the FS9 default 737-400 GPS-NAV switch)? I'm going to update to 4.0 anyway...just as soon as I land at LIBR in my current flight. Just wondering if 2.5 vs. 4.0 will make any difference. Anywho, ideally I would like to select between the CIVA INS and GPS...if possible in the future. If not I'll live with it...y'know?
  11. Bob...have you had a chance to look at this thread? If so let me know if there's an answer or not. That way I'll move on and not keep waiting :( Vic
  12. I fly at a VA which uses the 737-200 for humanitarian cargo flights all over the World. Some of these are at the edge of the 732's safe range and are very long. While I love the CIVA INS unit it is only practical when I'm actually at the computer to switch to the next ADEU card on these long flights. Yes...I admit it...I have a life and cannot spend hours upon hours waiting for the next ADEU card switch :( . So, is there some way to just use GPS navigation for long routes? I added the "NAV/GPS" switch from the default FS9 737-400 as suggested here (a long time ago) but that switch did nothing. I was in "RAD" mode...not "NAV", and selected "VOR/LOC" on the AP and switched to GPS...the aircraft just blew straight through the route and kept going straight. One thing I wonder about...this flight plan had no VOR's at the beginning...only intersections. Do I have to lock on to a VOR before I can switch to GPS mode using the added 737-400 switch...or is there more to it than that?I'm still using V1.25, BTW...just realized we were up to 1.40. :( Vic
  13. Made a support ticket to PMDG regarding this and they got right back to me (sweet!). "Did you try renaming or deleting the FS9.cfg file? It looks like there's a funky saved panel state in there for some reason.RegardsPaul GollnickManager Customer SupportPrecision Manuals Development Group" I deleted the FS9.CFG and, while at it, I replaced the default flight (FLTSIM.FLT) with the original from the CD...just to be sure. Started FS9 to create a new FS9.cfg and all is working well in the world! I'm waiting to hear back from support regarding what part of the FS9.cfg they suspect caused the problem before doing any changes. :( :( :( Thanks for the help, PMDG support!
  14. OK...tried all the suggestions. Uninstalled the MD-11 and made sure all files were gone. Installed the FS9 PMDG MD-11 and the version update. Did a defrag. Loaded the default FS9 Cessna flight, went to the Cockpit view and loaded the MD-11. The panel was fine, at this point. Moved to my departure airport, loaded the flightplan in FS9...and saved the flight. Exited FS9 and rebooted the system. Restarted FS9 and loaded the saved flight...and it still did not load the panel correctly...SSDD :( Anyone else have any suggestions?
  15. As I said...this is a brand new install with no liveries added yet. The only thing added is the FS9 MD-11 update to version v1.20.0055. I can try all day...same result. I'll give the defrag a go and then try to build the flight again and see what happens.
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