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  1. Sesquastoo: Tried everything you suggested, and then some.....still getting same 4-tone effects with this driver.
  2. Aware of the likely solutions, e.g., roll back to an earlier driver, and, that Nvidia is not going to burn-down the gates in a race to solve the issues in an old game/sim. Still, I like to find out if others are finding similar behaviors/problems as their experiences often can help me map out a solution, or, at least, a work-around.
  3. Has anybody tried to update their FS9-PC's to the latest 320.18 Nvidia Driver? Seems to have a real negative effect on FS9, doing something to the elemental shading/lighting/reflection-rendering properties of the sim. - Default 172SP's and other default plane’s rotating-icons on the entry-screen seemed to have an overall shadow, with only the doors, float-struts, and seemingly random control-surfaces retaining their correct shading/lighting/coloring aspects, giving the planes an all-over haphazard two or three-tone effect. - This effect from the start-up screen’s rotating icon’s carries through to the 3d-game -world; all over normal coloring/shading is shadowed or otherwise darkened, and the same selective lightening for doors, struts, random parts of the control surfaces was evident, too. - Happens to non-default planes, too. My Aerowork King-Air had its normally overall bright-white finish dulled down to an almost light-gray. Only the doors retained their normal bright-white shine. Also, the ailerons, flaps, and one of the horizontal-stabilizers and elevator were a silvery natural-metal, being neither the dulled/light-gray or original white. A real 4-tone effect. Reverting to the previous 314.22 driver was a remedy, but, I’d be very interested to learn if any other users had the same or similar experience.
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