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  1. Hi It was for sure a boeing 777-300 my mistake on the ER or LR designator. But it was the new 777-300 with raked wing tips. The one I went on was operated by Singapore Airlines between Tokyo And Singapore this Janaury. Sorry, hope someone can clear this up for me.Nicholas Boskovic
  2. Heres my list.Airbus A300- ?Airbus A300-600RAirbus A330-300Airbus A320-200Airbus A319Airbus A380Boeing 727-200advBoeing 737-400Boeing 737-800Boeing 747-SPBoeing 747-200BBoeing 747-100Boeing 747-300 SUDBoeing 747-400 CombiBoeing 747-400DBoeing 747-400Boeing 767-200ERBoeing 767-300ERBoeing 777-200Boeing 777-300Boeing 777-300LRDouglas DC10-30Douglas MD-11Douglas DC-9 40Douglas DC-9 50Douglas DC-9 30Lockheed TristarFokker F27.GA Cesna 152 Aerobat TrainerKEY* no longer existAirlines: Qantas, *Ansett, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, *Republic Airlines, *Western Airlines, Hawaiian, United, Continental, All Nippon Airways, Asiana, Thai International, Malaysian, *Dan Air London, Silk Air, Air Asia, *East West AirlinesI think that covers it. May have forgotten something. Cool thread.Nicholas Boskovic
  3. Thanks Alex,I am now a happy camper. Ill just sit tight untill we get some more news on this.Cheers,NicholasB
  4. Hi John,that would be kansai International airport Japan RJBBthanks. When i made these pics i did programe the FMC for ILS approach runway 6R. Altitude restraints in the FMC for the ILS arrival was 4500 feet for the first waypoint in the arrival. forgot the name of this way point but you will find it right next to the TOMO VOR on FS nav.I agree with you and Jim on the above, But on times i give my self plenty of space and already have LOC with severl NM untill capture i still have the same pitch sensations.Thanks,NicholasBIll try to repost some pics as soon as i can following the correct procedures!
  5. Thanks for the link Harry!I know this is by no means a fatal flaw in the 747X, it just niggles me a bit when you feel like you have completed a perfect flight and then on final you get this very unattractive glideslope intercept.After all, approach and landing is the climax for us simmers right?Judging by the other threads and the responses to my messages, I do realy hope that the groundswell regarding this issue will be looked into by the powers that be. I do beleive that at some point in time there will be a hot fix available and or a service pack. At that time lets hope this glideslope capture modeling can be smoothed out a bit.I look forward to what the experts may say about the screenshots you posted.Cheers,NicholasB
  6. Hi Graham,Thanks for your post and I do see your point. Nevertheless, when I do approach the Glideslope intercept point even from a literal straight in front course, I still get these sharp pitch fluctuations at the intercept point.A good example for anyone who wants to do some testing is the RNAV TRANSITION RWY25 L/R FOR FRANKFURT EDDF. If you follow transition and profile GPS/FMC as published you will be aligned with the runway heading several NM before glideslope capture. As you mention excessivie bank will certainly reflect pitch changes, but i still dont think it is related to the glideslope capture issue Im experiencing.for anyone who wants to do download the chart for the above, here is the link.http://www.edff-fir.de/files/charts/eddf/E...ITION_RWY25.pdfThanks for the suggestion. well noted too.Regards,NicholasB
  7. Hi dan,here are two pics, trying to capture the sensation i described above. Unfortunately the pics realy dont express what i mean too well, but i hope it helps.Cheers,NicholasB
  8. Thanks Dan Ill try to post a screenie asap,NicholasB
  9. Hi gang,I did see a thread about this issue in the forum some time back, however, after scouring the forum tonight i could not find it.As procedure states, I always engage the LOC on the MCP prior to engaging the APP function, and always from a lower altitude than the glideslop intercept altitude (flying into the glideslope and not over it) After acheiving LOC and still at a lower level than the glideslope, I then engage APP.Eventualy the aircraft does settle into a nice and balanced Fianl approach profile, however, the initial intercept is very violent with the aircraft unatrualy pitching up and climbing, then sharply pitching down again once established. The engines also react just as violently while trying to compensate for these sharp changes in pitch. This seems to happen regardles of my speed and flap setting at the time and is not an isolated incident. Happens everytime.By no means is this a fatal flaw as the aircraft does always settle into a smooth final, but if there is a quick fix available or an upcoming service pack for the 747X, I do sincerely hope that this glideslope capture modeling issue will be addressed.How many opther people are experiencing this?, and if so have you found any suitable work around? or am i just missing something entirely?Thanks and looking forward to some feedback!NicholasB
  10. Thanks John,Hope this will solve the problem, anyway im back to Vatsim tonight to give it another bash. Too much fun and realism.NicholasB
  11. Hi Matts, Thanks for the quick reply. Well payload was 2/3 full and fuel was only about 100,000lbs. So i defeintely dont think it was a weight problem. FMC opt fligt levels were fl370-fl410. So once again i think weather is the culprit!!. Are you aware of a way that i can use FSX fair weather conditions while on the Vatsim Network using FS Inn?Any Ideas as to why any autothrottle mode did not work?Chers and thanksNicholasB
  12. Hi Guys,Would appreciatee some help for the following.Last night I decided to fly on Vatsim for the first time in ages. Everything appeared to be normal untill about half into my climb to FL380. At that point I received a FMC message and noticed alot of starange behaviour. FMC message was "Unable Cruise Altitude" strange behaviour was: that VNAV had disengaged and Vertical speed was active at a slow rate 400pm climb. I tried to re-engage VNAV, but the aircraft was unable to climb and leveled off. My next idea was to try and engage speed hold and climb using VS but the airspeed conitued to drop. Curios about the problem and trying to seek a resolution, I then turned of the Auto throttle and master switch and then re-engaged it again and clicked VNAV hold. Again nothing. repeated this again and on the second time clicked spped hold along with VS hold. Nothing. becoming very concerned i then made some manual inputs with the power levers. These manual inputs seemed to work. (the Vnav and Lnav guidance appeared to be working at all stages, however the autothrottle in any mode did not). So in the end I flew 90% of my flight from Athens to Frankfurt nurturing the power levers manualy. This was a challenge but i must say was kind of exciting dealing with this unexpected scenario and still be able to make a safe landing..lolNevertheless this is definetly abnormal behaviour and would love some advice.Rudder problem: landing was fine and on the centerline, however when exiting the runway the aircraft for some reason suddenly reacted with a full left rudder deflection making it almost impossible to steer on the ground. The only way i could react to this was to counter steer in the opposite direction with my YOke ( i dont have rudder pedals so I always use autorudder.Flying on Vatsim is so rewarding but this little issue make it a pain in the #### for me and ATC. So again id love some advice or tips to resolve this.i have added some pics which i hope might help.Cheers,NicholasBPS you will notice from the pics, that while trying to maintain speed during climb and cruise, i literaly cooked the engines!http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183691.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183692.jpg
  13. How's that for a bummer? :(I concur!Thanks anywayNicholasB
  14. Thanks Mats"I think you may see the same for FSX." Are you aware of any utilities or add-ons out there now that help with this issue?thanks again and merry christams!NicholasB
  15. NicholasB


    Hi,I had the same problem, lost the texures on my Ai addon fleets, and logo lights for the 747 PMDg dont work anymore. Also the airport taxiways/aprons etc seem to be very very grainy. I thought i might need to update my Nvidia driver, which i did but still no difference.Sorry to say but it seems like another lemon from ACES.NicholasB
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