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  1. Guys, Is it me, or are the runway and taxi lights at KBNA a bit cartoonish? Not sure if it's supposed to be this way, or if I have an issue. I sent a screen shot via messenger to your Facebook page; I'm having trouble getting an image posted here. Thanks, Dave
  2. Great topic. I have owned both the Saitek and CH yokes and didn't like either of them- couldn't hand fly with precision. I actually went back to a joystick because its inputs and handling were more like the real thing than either of those yokes. I am going to buy a high end yoke soon- PFC or GF. This is a major purchase and a little nerve racking. I don't want to spend all that money and find myself in a constant left bank - Saitek - or have sticky, unresponsive inputs- CH and Saitek. My major concern with the PFC yoke is the mounting; all of the reviews say it flies fantastic. If I just put in on the desk, won't I pull it off with significant back pressure. Everything on the GF looks nice, but I'm with the rest of you; I'd like to get some feedback on how it feels. With it's lower cost, and better mounting options, I think I'd chose the GF over the PFC; I just need to know that for the price, I'll be able to fly with precision.
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