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  1. I 've had to reinstall my 747200s--- now I do not have any gnd accessories ie-- stairs, push tugs etc -- they show up as all black no details; Help Thanks.
  2. carm

    FSX A/C Calibration

    Did a 'restore' of the system and the problem was gone.
  3. When I change A/C in FSX, the new A/C I have chosen has to have its controls recalibrated. It seems that the settlings will not 'save'. The problem is usually that there is very little right aileron deflection, and, or, little engine controls movement. CJ
  4. carm

    747 Vc Panel

    1- On two addon A/C --ie-, Wardair and old, Aircanada GAGA, the VCpanel displays as if it were night. Only lite gauges are visible. Near total black every where else as viewed from the cockpit. 2- Also on these 2 addon A/C the equipment for loading and unloading the A/C show up as black only ---no texture. Any help appreciated Thanks. CJ.
  5. carm

    DHC-2 Beaver released!

    I got it the other day and generally its good However, There is no straight floats version, which next to straight wheels is the most popular version of The DHC 2, in RL. Also I cannot get the magswitch to go to 'OFF'. Pitot head cover remains on, on some versions of the A/C. How to turn all fuel 'OFF' ?
  6. carm

    747 Fuel quantity

    Very helpful suggestion !!! Thanks.
  7. carm

    747 Fuel quantity

    Problem cured. Fuel can only be loaded through Load Manager as Administrator , or through the 'Add-ons" in PMDG menus.
  8. carm

    747 Fuel quantity

    either way the result is the same in the A/C -----1064.90 gal +-
  9. No matter how I preload the fuel quantity to the A/C, I get the same result in the A/C-- 1069.90 gals. Help ! I cannot go very far on that level.
  10. carm

    Trees in lake Erie

    Problem solved, trees gone.
  11. carm

    Trees in lake Erie

    There are trees in Lake Erie off the west coast of Pelee Island. This was a problem a while ago, I have forgotten the cure. Help Please. CJ
  12. carm

    Trees at Cyyz

    Normally, Stewart you would be correct. But with Orbx a solution is just as likely found here as at their website. Maybe, even more so.
  13. carm

    Trees at Cyyz

    I have trees all over the GA parking area of CYYZ. Also there is an irregular black streak running through the area as well. I guess it's Orbx's idea of a stream. To begin with, there is no stream there in RL, and if its supposed to be one its a most unrealistic sim.
  14. carm


    Right !!! Thanks
  15. The 'too low altitude' warnings for flaps and landing gear, need looking at. They are activated even on takeoff, and thus become a nuisance and distraction. Can they be turned off ?