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  1. Thanks. I think I can get it running now.
  2. I know, ambitious request, but its frankly needed for me. I have friends that have the exact same specs I do and they run P3Dv5 with 0 problems. I match their settings, and I run out of vram immediately with the default scenario. I just reinstalled v5 after a clean windows install, and would like it to work. My Specs: (ASUS GL753VE LAPTOP) i7-7700HQ 16GB DDR4-2400MHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti I don't know why others can run it fine with the same specs I have but I can't. Even unmodified P3Dv5 runs out of VRAM with the default scenario. Some help would be appreciated. Bonus points if you manage to get TrueSky/EA to work on a 4GB GPU! Thanks.
  3. Hello. My chaseplane is not cycling through presets with the next preset and previous preset buttons whenever they are pressed. I have changed the assignments to other buttons and back but it still isn't working. Panning around is fine. It was working fine before the migration over to ORBX. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! P.S. I won't have access to my pc for 7 hours starting when I post this so I can't attach a log right now. I'll be sure to attach it when I get home.
  4. Hey. Ive already contacted oldprop about this, but i would like to have my sim back soon. I accidentally ran chaseplane on my desktop and now it wont work on my laptop. Thanks!
  5. Why the hefty price tag of $105 for both (Superbug and Tacpack) of the products to use 1 plane for P3D v4 Academic? And why in the world do we need TacPack for p3d v4 & FSX:SE?
  6. The PC-24 works on P3Dv4. Just use the v3 mode when installing (install it to p3d v4) and it works.
  7. What happened to the PC-24 (PC24 (For search ease))? I want it but cant tell if it works for V4
  8. "Google Cloud is having issues right now. This will prevent you from using the Community features but you should be able to use everything else." - Guy on facebook.
  9. You beat me to it- dang.
  10. If honeycomb made the red LEDs RGB, then that would be epic!
  11. Hello! What features would you like to see implemented in Preprar3D v5? For me, I have a few wishes. For one, I wish that you could change the color and transparency of the menu bar in sim. Another thing is that a few default airliners (like the ones from PMDG) in the game by default. Granted, this would raise the cost of the sim, but there should also be an option to buy it with just default planes- no airliners for a cheaper price. And finally, I wish to see backward compatibility with x32 planes in an x64 sim- this would give people that dumped a lot of money into FSX or earlier versions of P3D (before V4) use their planes in a better sim. Now, what would you like to see? Thanks!
  12. When will the PMDG 747-8 have PBR?
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