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  1. DaveRuk

    747 Immersion problems

    Hi Keven I've responded directly, but for the benefit of others watching this issue, I carried out the update as described, and a quick test flight shows the FX are working well, without wingcon when stationary 😎 Regards Dave
  2. During the past month I've been attempting to resolve/seek help regarding unexpected issues with the 747 Immersion product. Prior to this I was very happy with the 747 enhancement, much as I enjoy the other OldProp products I have purchased. Please note that I have been using P3D v4.4 for some time, and there had not been any problems until recently. I've added no other products to my sim system either. Main initial symptom was heavy wing condensation showing, when the aircraft had landed and was static. At the same time I noted that tyre smoke effects were affected too, mostly not happening at all. The only way too stop it was to kill Immersion Manager. Not ideal. It was suggested that I reinstall Immersion Manager on the same drive as my OS. I did this, carefully, using admin privileges and rebooting my system between steps taken. There was no improvement with the issue, despite other FX in the product working as they should e.g. contrails. I supplied the log that was available at the time. Further tests on my part showed the issue continuing to happen, but I was also seeing engine condensation with the aircraft static. Out of interest I stopped the 747 engines but that effect still continued, as did the wingcon. The next thing I noticed was that in-flight, expected FX were not present. On checking I spotted that Immersion Manager had stopped running in the background, with no warnings to advise of an issue. At my wits end, I decided to remove all OldProp products in an orderly fashion, reboot my system, and then start from scratch. Each product was installed to the OS drive using admin privileges. Testing the new installation my hopes were lifted briefly as in-flight FX were fine, but I am now back where I started a month ago, with wingcon and fine trails showing when static. I've supplied screenshots and the latest logfile, but have heard nothing back. I really don't know what to try next, and would welcome your thoughts and suggestions. regards Dave
  3. I was just going to post about this. Same here. Any ideas what may be the cause and is there something I can check here? Thanks Dave
  4. I opted to use the TD/Soft/Enhanced Clouds option to restore (reverting to pre-install P3D defaults) then removed the whole product using the standard Win10/Settings/Apps Uninstall option. TBH I suspect that step was more of a space clearing exercise, as all the affected content in the sim should have firstly replaced the restore step (going backk to P3D defaults), then improved clouds introduced by the SF3D install. This was partly driven by the fact that I wanted to clean up older REX texture content that is effectively now available in the updated WorldWide Airports HD. With the exception of water textures, WWAHD addresses all that I believe. Hope my thinking works out!
  5. I've got this package loaded into my P3D v4.3 and want to move to Sky Force 3D, but struggling to confirm correct approach to remove TD/Soft Clouds Enhanced. The REX desktop console does not have a clear "uninstall" option that I see. User manuals don't seem to cover it specifically either. What I have done so far is use the inbuilt option to Restore (sim) textures, effects and sounds to pre-REX install using the Backup created at time of installation. My question is whether there are other steps needed before I load new product. Thanks in advance.
  6. DaveRuk

    Camera movement queries

    Here you go, whilst it's not up to date in terms of version it's still a useful starter if new to the product. There might be others worth watching but I thought this one informative. I've now got most aspects under better control but I suspect the controller movement vs video interference is perhaps tied into the replay function rather than real time use. Got to say CP is a great addon though, letting you get much more creative with video production.
  7. DaveRuk

    Camera movement queries

    OK #2 looks like novice errors on my part. Spent a good while checking a tutorial vid and in the midst of some other install fiddling for another product, reconfigured the controller stick mappings and more importantly the device speed settings. Much better now. #1 is on my mind though, is it perhaps "just one of those things" that happens from time to time?
  8. Now I'm comfortable with the product in terms of creating/assigning cam positions I'm naturally becoming more creative when using CP for video recording (I use OBS BTW) both in live and replay modes. 2 things have me scratching my head and I'm assuming I'm missing obvious solutions, so any advice would be appreciated: 1 - Using an Xbox controller, I sometimes find that using the sticks to move around leads to horrific video stutter, which renders that attempt at creating a recording useless. 2 - When moving around to find an interesting cam position, mostly at runways I find using either the camera movement virtual joysticks in the control panel, or the Xbox controller, movement needs to be faster to get where I want to be! As a workaround I tend to see what presets already exist for a given airport and use the best selection as a starting point, and move where I want to be from there, but I'm thinking it must be possible to accelerate movement to make that easier. I'm hoping cracking these points will let me start improving videos to the standard I've seen here and there online. I look at some of the nice movement in them, and ask myself, how are they doing that?! Thanks in advance
  9. As an update on my experience, thought it worth sharing that I don't believe I was using cinematographic mode at all, but had some very odd stuff going on. As per the guidance I received, I retro'd CP and that brought stability back. I've since updated once more to v0.4.186 and today has been smooth as silk! Thanks for fixing things. Dave Rogers
  10. Seen the same here tonight, including issues with replay. Report has been sent over. Cheers Dave
  11. Thankyou for a quick and helpful reply Kyle, much appreciated. Dave Rogers
  12. I'm sure this is an often asked issue, but I've not been able to find a definitive guide to ensure I don't mess things up. I guess there's a simple answer and I'd appreciate the guidance. Apologies if I've missed the appropriate info. Products PMDG 737 base package Running on P3D v4 Only ever been installed on the PC in question Issue: I suspect I may be heading to an uninstall of all my sim components, and a step by step reinstall, on the same PC. Right now I expect I'll be installing to the same physical drive too. Question: Do I need to UNREGISTER the 737 via the CDU first or not? (or just reuse my original activation code once reinstalled) If there's a clear guide on approach and things I should not do, that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Dave Rogers
  13. I think I've made a basic error without realising it...I'm fairly new to VFXCentral/Immersion/Chaseplane etc (great products) but did not realise the usage limits. I was only trying out Chaseplan on my non sim PC, as I did not want to upset my P3D installation on my sim PC until I was more confident. But I now get the max usage warning on that PC. OK I understand it now, and was hoping the uninstall I carried out on my 2nd PC would resolve things but it hasn't. I used the Activation Reset on the site and hope that's the right thing to do. Any help for a genuine oversight on my part would be appreciated, thanks