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  1. From my understanding is.............The base package is $60 which includes some credits for Premium and Basic voices to get you started. Once you run out and used up all those credits, if you want to continue using the Premium or Basic voices there is an option to buy $$$ more credits. or, you can continue and don't have to buy any credits and use their inferior less quality voices that is included in their Live Service which I believe it is called "Off-Line" voices?...I am not positive about this though regarding the "offline" mode This PTT business is confusing me, so it is better to get the answers from them on their Discord.
  2. Whatever, it is still a "Live Service" microtransaction business either way you look at it. He's going to want to entice YOU to pay for the Premium Voices or at least try...I am not knocking it, he's very smart. He sees what makes $$$$.
  3. BeyondATC went way Beyond affordable and only for the elites of this hobby. Why did they make it so complicated?🤯 This looks to me like a "Microtransaction Live $ervice" just like video games where they enticing kids to pay optional digital cosmetic garbage they don't really need. The developer knows what he's doing, he's very clever! He did his due diligence. As a businessman, he sees where the constant revenue $$$ is going to flow....I don't blame him really, it is what it is, take it or leave it. Anyone know if VoxATC for MSFS will have subscription or microtransaction in their addon? Might be the better option and worth a look.
  4. Hold on to it. It might be worth more $$$ down the road, maybe two or three years from now if the company folds for good. I have a keyboard new in the box that they don't make anymore and I just saw on Ebay for the same keyboard asking $2,000!...Crazy I know. But people buy this stuff because it will never be available ever again!
  5. Thanks HiFlyer for posting this....it was really useful to me. Thanks!
  6. What I am experiencing now again after SU13 is when I exit/quit out of the game it never fully closes. It stays open for long periods. I now just close it via the taskbar. It was happening before in the past but after a few SU updates it fixed itself. Now it's back again.
  7. Hi Steve, Boy, I wish I could go!...but the circumstances I'm in and it is not possible. I am also taking special eye drops called (Ocervate for Neurotrophic Keratitis) issue I have on my Corina every two hours due to the complications I'm in my third week of eight!...lol What a pain in the you know what that is!...lol Thanks for the offer though...much appreciated!
  8. Oh no, you did not trigger anything, I love to talk about it, it's part of life people go through with their eyes Wow, nice liveries, very well done! Yea, I have faith that all will be ok soon. Just a little hiccup on my eye surgery journey, but I'm sure all will be fine in the end. It could have been much worse. Thank god and appreciate the technology today for the eye that I have other options to resolve my issues. I'm very lucky. Thanks again!
  9. Oh Boy, don't get me started on "Eye Floaters"..lol I had a few on my left eye that looked like worms or cells and had surgery done to remove them because they were so annoying and impeding my vision. They weren't the normal floaters where you see them and they just float to the bottom. The ones I had were big worm/cell like that just kept squirming around my left eye on a constant basis...It was driving me insane!. It is common that as we get older floaters start to appear and I do have some very small ones on my right eye but they float to bottom of my eye and then come back after awhile but are not too bad and don't bother me However, my surgery on my left eye didn't go so well (Complications) and I am still recovering from it since March 3rd of this year without my left IOL cataract lens since that was the cause of it..It somehow got misaligned and that caused the huge floaters to appear. But the complications in surgery prevented the doctor to replace the new IOL lens in the meantime. He got rid of the floaters, but I am missing my IOL lens. So now, I'm in the process of getting special "Scleral Contact Lens" for vision on that left eye until I am completely heal of my Corina and other damage caused by having my Floater(s) surgery procedure and the complications that I had and will proceed with a normal Cataract Surgery later on. It hasn't been a fun year so far ....I'll can tell you that...lol But I'm still Flight Simming!
  10. Thank You for putting this up on Avsim. I wouldn't have known and would have missed out on the free upgrade! Even though I don't yet have X-Plane 12 but will be purchasing it in sometime this year. I do have the ASXP for X-Plane 11 but I didn't know about the limited time free upgrade to XP12.... Thanks so much, you saved me $$$$
  11. Sounds great! I love addons like this and will support them by purchasing it...Done!.. Also, not bad for an Early Access price of $20.00...Thanks for making it!...I know I will have fun with it.
  12. WOW, it sound like it going to be an excellent upgrade. I am easy to please, I am no hardcore simmer so I will truly enjoy it. All the hard work the WT team is doing is very much appreciated..Thank You very much. I am really looking forward to the release.
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