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  1. Oh really? I haven't flown around there yet. So that file works eh? I've been trying to get that file but the Chrome browser keeps rejecting it as well as MS Edge. I need to keep trying. I also have malwarebytes and it keeps preventing me from downloading it.. Thanks again! Edit: got it now..Had to quit Malwarebytes then it worked Thanks!!
  2. Yep!, you are absolutely correct! Just as you described. Set it at 110-120 and I see one huge! spike. So like you said, if I set it to 200 I'll see three! Great catch on this! I'll leave it at LOD 100 Thanks!
  3. Ahh, ok Yes, I do have LOD at 100. Good catch. Now I'll try it again and see it at over 100. Thanks!
  4. Interesting, I loaded PAJN in the sim to see starting on runway 26. I get snow covered all over but not the three long spikes as on shown on that pic. I have the Orbx Alaska Mesh v1.2. Very weird.
  5. lol I don't think they were. I looked at it more of that they complemented each other. The more reason for the acquisition, which I think made it more obvious to do.
  6. I hear ya Bob and I agree! The best purchase for MSFS I've done. What an excellent airplane these guys have done and the price was just right! Hoping for more from the developers in the future!
  7. Man, I was wondering about this! I thought it was my system/graphic settings options and thought I was the only one with this issue!. Now I know it is just not me!..lol
  8. I'll try and help you. I had the same issues and I fixed them just doing a lot of research on Youtube. Youtube for all it's fault is very good when you need help on many things you might have problems with. It is a great source of information. What you probably need to do first is calibrate your TCA throttles...This is a very important step and here is a YT video on how to do it. Once you do the calibration,follow the Aerosoft instructions to the letter and you should be good to go. Hope this helps and good luck! TCA Throttle calibration:
  9. Yea, I started thinking about that after I posted. You are probably right, I forgot about that.
  10. Restored in-app purchase? That's a new one to me. Since when did X-Plane Desktop version had this?
  11. Looks very nice. I might have to try this Reshade thing. My colors really look too bright and washed out. The cockpit on my FENIX A320 doesn't look like the ones I see on Youtube, they are nice and sharp...I need to do more research and reading I guess to mess with it.
  12. I understand. I know the release of the addon was a little rough but he is trying to correct the issues. I'm sure it is not an easy task but I'm sure it will fine once the dust settles. Give it time and the addon will be as good as it was for FSX/P3D. We all made our point and now is time to move on and let him do his thing.
  13. Come on now. Can you be a little nice? At least he is communicating with affected users here. Hey, I don't like what is happening with the addon but that's life and time to move on. What is the saying?....if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  14. That Alaska livery is WOW!....Wish I could get that for the FBW A320 for MSFS....Beautiful!
  15. Looking forward to your complete review and final impressions!...Very much appreciate you doing this for us that are still on the fence on purchasing the addon. Thanks!
  16. Yes, I was looking into P2ATC but the default MS voices really bothers me. The program has been received very well as an excellent ATC program. But most of the reviews I've seen say that to get the full experience and benefit of the program you need to purchase those expensive voice packs for which I am not a fan of. However I might just try the demo since I am a little curious at how close the ATC programming works. Thanks for the information!
  17. Thanks and good to know about FSHud. Yea, I'm just lurking here right now to see what some of the new users of this new ATC addon have to say about it..good or bad. Thanks again for the info!
  18. Looking forward to more impressions. I got a hole in my pocket ready to spend my $$$ for a decent and new ATC program for MSFS. I'm also looking at the other one as well. So far, this one looks to have a slight advantage...no?
  19. Oh Boy, that is bad. But that video is from Sept 25th 2021. Maybe it is an old Alpha/Beta? I hope so because that sounds like the old XP11. It's using I believe MS voice?. We'll have to buy those expensive voices for it I guess!..lol Here it is:
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