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  1. I cannot comprehend why they did that without improving or, at the very least, maintaining the state of the default airports.
  2. I bet this road is part of the upgraded V5 vector data and not part of the airport data set. If you know the airport in real life you’ll recognize it as the gated main road leading onto the airport.
  3. I've had the same issue using some beta version. I don't know the version as I no longer have it installed since I went back to P3D 4.5. But even having to do a manual selection, the instructions worked just fine for me continuing with step 6.
  4. Thank you, all. I only fly by myself. I recently started using Volanta to keep track of my flights. I'm not much of an online person, avoid social media like the plague. But I'm considering PilotEdge maybe sometime next year. P3D does an excellent job using View Groups having plenty of options for adjustments. So from my head position sitting in the chair it's more or less perspectively correct. The only issue with View Groups is the heavy impact on framerate. It would run way faster with NVIDIA Surround, but the perspective distortion is not acceptable. The 'desk cockpit' gauges setup really improves immersion in comparison to using the VC. Someday, space, time and money permitting, I'd love to build a system with a real cut-off cockpit and a curved projected display on the outside. Lots of great inspirations on YouTube. Considering how much work it took to get all the controls and displays work properly for the various planes, I see now how expensive professional/government simulators are reluctant to upgrade and often stick with rather outdated systems.
  5. After taking a break from the hobby for a few years I finally found the space to move one step up from the generic 3 screen setup to a simple home cockpit framework with a dedicated desk and box. The last few months I’ve experimented with various setups and sims to get to where I am now. The last straw was the Costco sale of these 3 Chinese 55” TVs which finally allow me to have a 210 degree field of view with which it’s possible to fly proper patterns around the local airport. After disappointment with P3D V5 with missing and misplaced airport buildings, incompatible add-ons and CTDs I went back to P3D 4.5. It might not look the prettiest and may be a few frames slower but everything works and it’s super stable. The cockpit is meant to be generic using the small widescreen display for any kind of single or multi engine GA aircraft. I’m dedicated to GA since I acquired a real private pilot’s license decades ago, at the cusp of GPS going mainstream, so the GNS 530 represents cutting edge technology in my world. Since I cannot justify $200 an hour for a real plane, this is an incredibly cheap setup in comparison and much safer to boot. The home cockpit cost me less than $100 in materials and a few hours of work. The GPS might be a bit crooked, but it’s overall a small price compared to those $2k for premade desk cockpits. I just wanted to share the effort to show that in some homes P3D (4!) is very much alive and kicking! MSFS is currently a no-go with break out panels killing framerate, no working AI traffic, messed up IFR ATC, the need for Air Manager for the separate cockpit display, no RealityXP for the GPS, etc.
  6. I've recently been looking into this as well and one solution I found is 'Virtual FIP Gauges' requiring Spad.Next Complete edition. http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/jg/bs-fip/bs-fip.htm However the only gauge I found that has all three trims (among others) is this "DC3 Engine Panel for FIP v2": https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxgau&Sort=Name&ScanMode=0&Name=&FileName=&Author=&DLID=&Page=8 I'm curious to see if others have solutions that may work without Spad.
  7. Thanks for posting this, I can very much relate to how he sees the show. I’ve always hoped for a future where kindness, exploration and engineering pursuits would push us forward, but for some reason I ended up in this devolving clown world. I find it interesting that Patrick Stewart didn’t recognize the similarity with an actual TNG episode where a boy pretended to be Data to cope with his issues.
  8. Thank you, @David Vega for the detailed instructions! It worked and was quick to do. For some reason I couldn't find a "Select In Display" button and had to do the selection manually, might be my ADE version. KFLY with buildings in V5. 🙂
  9. @David Vega @787flyer Thanks for the suggestions, I'm not that familiar with ADE but I may play with it more. Since the buildings are already present in the BGL, I don't know if importing would make a difference. In theory you'd think they would just show up, at least at maximum scenery settings. I'm really looking for a wholesale solution as I like to explore and prefer many good default airports over a few nice add-on ones. @Ray Proudfoot Thanks Ray, for the update. I was hoping you'd chime in here since I noticed your dedication to P3D and your experience with keeping it current. Indeed after my first landing after making this change I was directed to a parking position that was halfway inside a building. I guess that means there is airport related data in files other than the APX ones. I may try one more thing by replacing all default BGL files in v5 with those of v4 and see what happens. But I agree, the outdated runway designations and other outdated data is frustrating to deal with. In my ideal world I would be replacing all default v5 data with v4 data, which brings back the buildings, fixes the double building issue with Orbx Global Airport Pack and makes REX WorldWide Airports HD compatible with v5. Then I'd just fix all the runways and outdated data with the latest AIRAC cycle from Navigraph. 😉 One can dream. (Or maybe just go back to v4 entirely... 🤔) Better to just be grateful as to how well v5 runs in general and wait for v6 with the rest of you!
  10. In SATA mode the M.2 only gets around 500MB/s. In PCIE 3 mode you get 3000-3500MB/s depending on the M.2 brand and model. PCIE 4 gives you more than 6000MB/s. PCIE 5 doubles that again, but I think the M.2s for that are not available yet and afaik the Z590 doesn't support it. It's definitely worth it if your M.2 supports any PCIE mode and your mobo is properly configured. Use CrystalDiskMark to test speed before you make any change and after to verify you get the expected results. In your case I would highly recommend buying a 1TB WD SN850 (Amazon $150) or SN770 (little slower but $50 cheaper) and configure the mobo for M.2 PCIE 4 support. You won't regret it.
  11. I'm trying to fix the issue of missing buildings on certain default airports in v5. A good example case is Meadow Lake Airport in Colorado Springs. In v5 it is called KFLY and has no (0) buildings. Just runways and taxiways (scenery set to Extremely Dense). In v4 it uses the former name 00V and has about 60 (!) buildings. I want those buildings back! So I browsed a bit and came across this post regarding the loss of parking positions in v5: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/609973-p3dv5-large-reduction-in-parking-positons-same-in-v4/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-4660709 I figured this solution may bring the buildings back as well and I copied all the APX files from v4 to v5. When launching v5 with these files, I noticed KFLY had indeed disappeared and 00V was there (including a couple more parking spots). However, no buildings. I fired up ADE, learned that KFLY is in APX20180.bgl, and was able to verify that the BGL from v4 has the buildings and v5 does not. So there must be something else in v5 that has changed about building data that causes the buildings from the old BGL file to not show up. This downgrade issue is very upsetting. I also noticed in the same BGL file a private heliport (5CO5) is entirely missing in v5 but was there in v4. I'm grateful for any additional info anyone may have.
  12. Ultimate Terrain has an 'Exclusion for Default Scenery' layer that, when moved to the proper place, hides the low-res roads showing on top of lakes and such. I don't know if there is such a layer in Global Vector. I'm using UTX with Global Base and Global openLC. Took a while to get it right and it was a pain in P3D 5 with the scenery layer changes, but I'm very happy with the combination now. I'm not on my home PC right now, but I can look it up tonight and post here if more info is desired.
  13. I'd like to try AIG instead if UTL but the install looks rather involved. Does it also supply GA traffic at small airports or is it for Airlines only?
  14. It's incredibly disheartening that they still don't have proper multi monitor support. I'm bummed I can't use it with my 3 monitors, but it must be infinitely more frustrating having an amazing simulator like that. I wrote a little shader last year that didn't garner any interest on this forum, but it may be of interest to you: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/584741-multi-monitor-distortion-workaround-shader Good luck with your experiments, I hope it works out!
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