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  1. Thanks everybody! I'll give it a try!
  2. Hi Guys! I'm now using P3D v4 and it's amazing! Yesterday I installed my Orbx package on it but I'd get very weird things. The terrain changes when I fly over it and square lakes on top of mountains etc... I now did a clean install of Windows 10 and P3D. This time I'm more carefull. The install order I'm familiar with. First base, then vector and last OpenLC, but what is the best time to install the new libraries? Right in de beginning or in the end?? Thank you very much!!
  3. I was flying for just a couple of minutes... was around FL100 and for the 1000st time... CRASH!! "There is a problem with the computer and must be restarted etc etc" The joy of flying becomes less en less with everytime problems and crashes...
  4. Goodmorning all! I ran into a problem since yesterday... with some planes (for example the beautiful 747 v3) the ATC menu is showing but not working. I can click all I want but it does nothing???
  5. Thanks for your detailed answer! Looks like AS16 is much better. What about OPUS? It's like AS16 and Ezdok in one right? I'm also looking for some ezdok effects so maybe Opus is a great solution?
  6. It's an addon airport of taxi2gate. They use photoreal textures for the runways and underground. This part is visible but the airport itself and gates, busses, ground services etc are all gone...
  7. In FSX I just used real world weather. Although it wasn't always accurate. It did the job for me. Now I'm looking for a free weather engine for P3D. I see al lot of them... I hope you can advise me what is the best one at the moment? Thanks!
  8. Ok thanks. That's a bummer :(
  9. I tried that but all I get is ground textures??
  10. Hello everybody, I just tried to install an airport (Varadero MUVR) in P3D. Luckily I could point to the P3D root folder but it didn't show up in de scenery. Then I added it manually with Add scenery... There are two maps inside MUVR: Scenery and Texture. I just added MUVR with both folders. But it didn't work. Only the ground textures are visible but the airport itself is nowhere to be seen... Any tips?? Thanks
  11. Thanks it worked! They cut down all the trees in a couple of minutes! Hard working men in Cuba
  12. Thanks! Have you created this by yourself or default by orbx?
  13. After a shopping spree and installing some addons I just took a flight over Cuba. Normally in Varadero there are houses etc. Now its a forest... Also trees on some small airports... I think there is something messed up in the scenery order. I hope you guys can help me. This is now my scenery library: FTXAA_ORBXLIBS FTX_NA_!OLC_LIGHTS FTX Nothern California FTX Southern California ORBX OPENLC Europe ORBX OPENLC North America ORBX OPENLC BASE Addon airports Addon Scenery Edwards_AFB - Africa ORBX!VECTOR_OBJ ORBX!VECTOR_APT ORBX!VECTOR_CVX ORBX!VECTOR_EXX Base 1107 - 0000 ORBX!VECTOR_AEC Default Scenery Default Terrain I really hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance!
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