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  1. I solved that problem but now I have another. Can someone define what each line means when setting or tweaking the panel config file? 1. [Window01] 2. Background_color=0,0,0 3. size_mm=512 4. window _size_ratio=1.000 5. position=0 6. visible=0 7. ident=901 8. window_size=0.280, 0.360 9. window_pos=0.340, 0.640 I am trying to make popups for certain gauges. I can get the gauge to show up but when I click on it to move to another screen the size is much larger than I want it to be. This is why I need to know what to change and what each line means. Thank You hpwells1
  2. Problem solved, downloaded the 2D panel. (All Programs\ Rikoooo Add-ons\Doc T-6A) All gauges were their and I was able to copy and paste whatever I needed. hpwells1
  3. Is their a certain way to install pop up gauges into the Iris Texan T-6 A2 ? I have tried the copy and paste but had no luck. Thank You hpwells1
  4. Danny, I am building a set of helicopter controls for my flight sims. Would you be able to e mail me with your pictures and constructions. Thank You hpwells1@yahoo.com hpwells1
  5. you did answer my question. Thank You hpwells1
  6. absolutely NOT!
  7. I guess that I was misunderstood. And yes,I thought that I could use a second computer (lap top) to take some of the offload away from my game computer like I did with my motion platform using the Sim Tool plug in's from XSimulator. So I was "thinking" that by installing PB on my laptop and installing the interface on my game computer and using the interface connect, I could have the gauges on my game computer and position them where needed. I tried the e-mail and it did not go through. hpwells1
  8. Is this the right forum for this problem or should I go else where to get help for Panel Builder which I purchased a while ago and think it's great ??? Is this the "Sim Plugin "Support" Forum"???
  9. OK, since I last posted this thread I have been reading and rereading the manual and I think I have made some headway. One problem "I think" was that I had installed ver. 2.94 on my lap top and in my fsx computer (game) I had ver. 2.97 installed. I am now running 2.94 on both and using the IP. I am able to connect from my game computer to my lap top using the FSX Interface, however the problem I have is that the gauges show up on the lap top, not my game computer"BUT" they are working with FSX running. So how do I get the gauges to show up on my game computer??? hpwells1
  10. I recently installed Panel Builder (PB) into my motion platform flight simulator and it works quite well however I do have a lot of add-ons in the game computer and in some situations I have had the game shutdown and I know that this the PB causing this problem. What I would like to do is a Network Configuration using another computer (lap top) as to take away some stress on my game computer. At this time I have my motion Platform connected this way and it works well. I have the PB installed into both computers but I don't see any way to connect one to the other. The two computers are connected together using a cross over cable with each computer having a different IP address assigned. I have read the PB manual and I don't see where it say's how to this. Thank You hpwells1
  11. Thank You for your comment's. I will check it out. hpwells
  12. If I purchase p2atc,can I install the key on another computer that is not connected to the internet? and I read in the manual that one could possibility do a network connection using another computer. Where can I find out how that connection is made? it is not in the manual. terry.
  13. I do understand what you are saying. I am not looking for a refund, I purchased the program not knowing what it's capabilities were and that is my problem. I am not going to sell my key, (bad words spoken) but I don't think I will use the program either. I will however look into the add- on for speech recognition to see if that would work for me. Most of my controls (buttons and switches) in my Motion Platform Flight Simulator are controlled with FSUIPC and X-keys to include the Arduino boards (3 ea.) . I am mainly trying to have the ATC be voice operated (not pushing key pad numbers). I will probably go with VOX ATC. HPwells1
  14. This program is a piece of S$!&&. Can I Sell my key and ID number to someone who would like it???? I will never use it. My idea of improvement is to "NOT" have to use the mouse or the computer in my flight simulator. (real aircraft don't have computers in them) FSX has almost the same thing in their program (ATS) now and it is much easer to use. Very dissatisfied hpwells1