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  1. New problem, How does one deploy the "Air Brake" on the Texan T-6 2?. I can't find a switch/lever or what have you to make it work. hpwells1.
  2. I solved that problem but now I have another. Can someone define what each line means when setting or tweaking the panel config file? 1. [Window01] 2. Background_color=0,0,0 3. size_mm=512 4. window _size_ratio=1.000 5. position=0 6. visible=0 7. ident=901 8. window_size=0.280, 0.360 9. window_pos=0.340, 0.640 I am trying to make popups for certain gauges. I can get the gauge to show up but when I click on it to move to another screen the size is much larger than I want it to be. This is why I need to know what to change and what each line means. Thank You hpwells1
  3. Problem solved, downloaded the 2D panel. (All Programs\ Rikoooo Add-ons\Doc T-6A) All gauges were their and I was able to copy and paste whatever I needed. hpwells1
  4. Is their a certain way to install pop up gauges into the Iris Texan T-6 A2 ? I have tried the copy and paste but had no luck. Thank You hpwells1
  5. Danny, I am building a set of helicopter controls for my flight sims. Would you be able to e mail me with your pictures and constructions. Thank You hpwells1@yahoo.com hpwells1
  6. hpwells1

    Network Configuration

    you did answer my question. Thank You hpwells1
  7. hpwells1

    Network Configuration

    absolutely NOT!
  8. hpwells1

    Network Configuration

    I guess that I was misunderstood. And yes,I thought that I could use a second computer (lap top) to take some of the offload away from my game computer like I did with my motion platform using the Sim Tool plug in's from XSimulator. So I was "thinking" that by installing PB on my laptop and installing the interface on my game computer and using the interface connect, I could have the gauges on my game computer and position them where needed. I tried the e-mail and it did not go through. hpwells1
  9. hpwells1

    Network Configuration

    Is this the right forum for this problem or should I go else where to get help for Panel Builder which I purchased a while ago and think it's great ??? Is this the "Sim Plugin "Support" Forum"???
  10. hpwells1

    Network Configuration

    OK, since I last posted this thread I have been reading and rereading the manual and I think I have made some headway. One problem "I think" was that I had installed ver. 2.94 on my lap top and in my fsx computer (game) I had ver. 2.97 installed. I am now running 2.94 on both and using the IP. I am able to connect from my game computer to my lap top using the FSX Interface, however the problem I have is that the gauges show up on the lap top, not my game computer"BUT" they are working with FSX running. So how do I get the gauges to show up on my game computer??? hpwells1
  11. I recently installed Panel Builder (PB) into my motion platform flight simulator and it works quite well however I do have a lot of add-ons in the game computer and in some situations I have had the game shutdown and I know that this the PB causing this problem. What I would like to do is a Network Configuration using another computer (lap top) as to take away some stress on my game computer. At this time I have my motion Platform connected this way and it works well. I have the PB installed into both computers but I don't see any way to connect one to the other. The two computers are connected together using a cross over cable with each computer having a different IP address assigned. I have read the PB manual and I don't see where it say's how to this. Thank You hpwells1
  12. hpwells1

    Product ID Number?

    Thank You for your comment's. I will check it out. hpwells
  13. hpwells1

    P2ATC Key

    If I purchase p2atc,can I install the key on another computer that is not connected to the internet? and I read in the manual that one could possibility do a network connection using another computer. Where can I find out how that connection is made? it is not in the manual. terry.
  14. hpwells1

    Product ID Number?

    I do understand what you are saying. I am not looking for a refund, I purchased the program not knowing what it's capabilities were and that is my problem. I am not going to sell my key, (bad words spoken) but I don't think I will use the program either. I will however look into the add- on for speech recognition to see if that would work for me. Most of my controls (buttons and switches) in my Motion Platform Flight Simulator are controlled with FSUIPC and X-keys to include the Arduino boards (3 ea.) . I am mainly trying to have the ATC be voice operated (not pushing key pad numbers). I will probably go with VOX ATC. HPwells1