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  1. Hello All. My question is "will any VR headset work with P3D4"? Thank You hpwells1
  2. Ok, I think that P3D4 is not the problem here I am thinking that Mega Scenery Earth is the problem and possibly the way it was installed. I installed it by clicking on add area, pointed it to external hard drive where my scenery's are installed selected Minnesota v3 2017 and bingo, there it was. I seem to recall somewhere where it said I needed to use a installer or put the scenery package into another folder before installing it into P3D4. right or wrong, I don't know. In regards to some of your questions here is what I know. Seasons don't change -- there is only one, generally summer. How are you getting multiple seasons? from the opening screen in P3D4. MSE title being used Minnesota v3 2017 You are on P3D 4.5 HF2? not sure what you mean I purchased Prepard 3DV4 (academic lic.) thats all I know Use ORBX? NO Any shader modifications (like PTA, EF, etc)? I am going to say no, (I don't even know what these are) What are your graphic settings? Display, FXAA-ON, AA-2xmsaa,Anisotropic-4X,Texture Res. -med 1024x1024, Full screen settings -Nvidia Ge Force-970.00, Res.,-3840x1024x32,TH2go black out desktop,checked,Autofill-checked,vsync-on,TFR, -unlimited,mipmap, checked World, Terain, max,ultra,10m,30cm, scenery Obj. normal,med,normal,normal, Dynamic 3D auto gen-checked, Water, -med. special effects, -med,med. Lighting, enable HDR-checked,brightness-1.00, bicom- 1.00, saturation- 1.00, dynamic lighting-checked, landing lights-checked,display lense-checked Shadows quality-med, draw dis. -low Casting and Rec, internal veh and external veh. Weather visual settings -80 m, med sim settings, enabled-checked, med.
  3. I recently went from FSX to P3D4 because of the 32bit vs 64bit and I have found that MSE works horse ****** in P3D4. had no problems with FSX and my old Video card. Upgraded to the GTX-970 and I thought all was well. Works good when not using MSE but when using MSE lots of blurriness,water don't look good, seasons will not change (always winter) and colors are way off from what they should be. Is there a simple setting setup that I can use to get MSE to work?? hpwells1
  4. Some time ago I setup my flight simulator using a Matrox TH2go digital version. The resolution for the three monitors are 3840x1024. In the display settings of FSX I have 3840x1024x32 checked and in the fsx.cfg file I have listed under my video card with that same resolution. In the matrox Power Desk (multi display setup) is listed 1280x1024 [3x1]. When I start my computer all three screens startup right or as they should however every time I start FSX the opening screen starts up on the center screen. I can "streach" the screen to fit but all is fuzzy on the outer two screens when flying. Can this be fixed? Any Ideas? hpwells1
  5. Evros, Do I need to wipe my complete system ie, processor,chipset,graphics using DDU? hpwells
  6. Thank You all for the advice I will do as you say and let you know what I found. And yes Christopher Low, my system is quite old but I am "praying" That I will not have those oom errors while flying.
  7. I can't seem to download just the NVIDIA control panel keeps sending me to download driver update which I all ready have. I have the latest DirectX 11 installed. And when it comes to overclock my O/S I have no idea what you are talking about so I don't think I did that. I did switch to my other nvidia card (GT-440) older card and when I start up P3D, go to options and set all sliders to the left and select go, I get the screen with all controls listed in the upper left and the screen zoom setting in red in the upper right but the rest of the screen is black. (nothing happens). hp wells
  8. OK, Program/software. I did install a updated driver. Didn't work. According to the manufacturer,Lockheed Martin Corp. the minimum requirements are : operating system: microsoft windows 7 sp1 (64bit) My system: is that computer processor: 2.2 GHz 2.40 GHz Intel Core 2 DUO computer memory: 4 GB 8 GB HD space: 40 GB with at least 15GB on 😄 SSD 500GB Graphics card video memory: 2 GB Nvidia GT-730 4 GB Graphics card other: Full DirectX 11 support GT 730 128 bit DDR5 Core 800 MHz HDMI DVI-D VGA DirectX 12 hp wells
  9. Just downloaded P3D4 and installed into my system because I was tired of getting those OOM's from FSX. I was told by Peat Dowson that if I didn't want those oom's I should go with a 64bitt game vs the 32bitt like FSX. Anyway after downloading and activating the download and opened P3D4 I keep getting the error message DXGL_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG. I have tried updating my drivers and set my regestery to see the 64 bitts but still cannot get the game to start. The first screen works (setup) but that is all. Hpwells.
  10. Thank you Mark for the reply. You are probably right on with what you are saying. USB powered is what this monitor is . Plug the cord into a USB port on your computer and it gets it's driver from the Display Link program I downloaded. I was hoping that a Multi TT USB HUB would take care of my port problem but I am not sure of that. The monitor is a Mimo VUE HD Mold# UM-1080C-G, USB Captive Touch Screen. I still can't understand how to post pictures. Thanks again Terry
  11. Hello, I am not sure if this is where I should be posting but here goes. I have a home build flight simulator with motion. My flight sim has a TH2go for forward view and two other monitors for gauges or what ever. I am running a home built auto pilot, dual throttle control,radio, Rudders,Yoke,keyboard and mouse on all my 2.0 usb connectors through my main computer (see attachment). this all works however I recently connected a 10 in touch screen monitor, usb powered, for ATC, it worked but I could not move gauges from main screen to another and have them working. So my question is, if I were to purchase a 12 port Multi TT USB Hub, would that improve my port problems? It is pretty spendy so I would kind of like to know before I purchase. DON"T KNOW HOW TO UP LOAD FROM THIS SCREEN SO NO PICTURES Thanks Terry
  12. used the computer to translate, it took quite a while, "STILL NOT WORKING"
  13. nothing will work!!! I can't read the language the installer is in. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. I need this gauge in my flight simulator. Please Help.
  14. I have tired all of the suggestions noted in this thread and I still can't get airport chart to work for me. First of all, the installer is in a language that I do not understand so I don't know if I am even pressing or answering the steps right. When I click on build button it shows that data base has successfully completed however no airports show up. like I said , I have tried all the steps mention in this thread. Any Ideas????? Terry.
  15. New problem, How does one deploy the "Air Brake" on the Texan T-6 2?. I can't find a switch/lever or what have you to make it work. hpwells1.
  16. I solved that problem but now I have another. Can someone define what each line means when setting or tweaking the panel config file? 1. [Window01] 2. Background_color=0,0,0 3. size_mm=512 4. window _size_ratio=1.000 5. position=0 6. visible=0 7. ident=901 8. window_size=0.280, 0.360 9. window_pos=0.340, 0.640 I am trying to make popups for certain gauges. I can get the gauge to show up but when I click on it to move to another screen the size is much larger than I want it to be. This is why I need to know what to change and what each line means. Thank You hpwells1
  17. Problem solved, downloaded the 2D panel. (All Programs\ Rikoooo Add-ons\Doc T-6A) All gauges were their and I was able to copy and paste whatever I needed. hpwells1
  18. Is their a certain way to install pop up gauges into the Iris Texan T-6 A2 ? I have tried the copy and paste but had no luck. Thank You hpwells1
  19. Danny, I am building a set of helicopter controls for my flight sims. Would you be able to e mail me with your pictures and constructions. Thank You hpwells1@yahoo.com hpwells1
  20. you did answer my question. Thank You hpwells1
  21. I guess that I was misunderstood. And yes,I thought that I could use a second computer (lap top) to take some of the offload away from my game computer like I did with my motion platform using the Sim Tool plug in's from XSimulator. So I was "thinking" that by installing PB on my laptop and installing the interface on my game computer and using the interface connect, I could have the gauges on my game computer and position them where needed. I tried the e-mail and it did not go through. hpwells1
  22. Is this the right forum for this problem or should I go else where to get help for Panel Builder which I purchased a while ago and think it's great ??? Is this the "Sim Plugin "Support" Forum"???
  23. OK, since I last posted this thread I have been reading and rereading the manual and I think I have made some headway. One problem "I think" was that I had installed ver. 2.94 on my lap top and in my fsx computer (game) I had ver. 2.97 installed. I am now running 2.94 on both and using the IP. I am able to connect from my game computer to my lap top using the FSX Interface, however the problem I have is that the gauges show up on the lap top, not my game computer"BUT" they are working with FSX running. So how do I get the gauges to show up on my game computer??? hpwells1
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