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  1. Sounds like you've found your issue as 100% GPU will equal stutters. You've not mentioned your frame rate or screen mode or vsync settings. The biggest single difference for my P3D functionality was a 30 Hz capable monitor, came across it by accident when I needed to borrow a monitor. With a 30 Hz monitor mode I lock my fps to 30 via vsync (while P3D runs as unlimited fps). But otherwise RTSS or perhaps the vsync options in the NVidia driver, or frame limiter in the NVidia driver / RTSS will assist where there is no 30 Hz mode available. e.g. if the screen mode is 60 Hz then the half options for vsync in RTSS or the NVidia driver should help with locking frames @ 30 fps via the vsync. If you want to trial what a vsync feels like on a 60 Hz screen mode, download a set of BlueSky scenery then fly it with vsync on @ 60 Hz, your machine should easily reach the 60 fps required to vsync on 60 Hz screen mode with the BlueSky photoreal scenery. http://www.blueskyscenery.com/ Also here is an example of vsync @ 30 hz.
  2. I don't think you're going to be able to achieve much in reality. I used to run FSX @ a lod of 7.5 to 9.5 which had a nice effect of clarity for distance, alas not so for P3D, 6.5 is max no matter what and it has it's problems with texture popping especially on hills/mountains. The below are the major cfg options I run in v4.5.14, not all are for distance and I don't know if all are applicable to v5 but won't hurt to trial. Just be sure to make a backup of the prepar3d.cfg prior to changing settings. I also recommend being liberal with comments and perhaps dates. Let us know how you get on. Cheers R
  3. Hey sh069607, I notice your sig says you're running a GTX 1070 GFX card. I too have one of those and have found it's very easy to overload the cards capabilities and as a result max it out to 100% use. When that happens the frame rate drops and stutters result. To get around being able to have higher quality settings I limit fps to 30 via a 30 hz vsync, this reduces the load on the GPU and therefore allows higher quality settings. But even still... 4XSSAA, no vegetation shadows (Cast), low refections, low cloud draw distance and a World / Autogen and scenery draw distance of medium/high is about the best I can get out of the card without forcing it into overload, particuarly if the weather and clouds turn heavy (running ASN). I suggest monitoring your GPU use and see if it is maxing out, mine's an ASUS card and I use GPU Tweak II, I'm sure most manufacturers have their own monitoring toolset. Cheers R
  4. Hey thanks for the indepth overview of what's happening in the market, It's great to get some info from the horse's mouth so to speak and not have to rely on speculation and hearsay. Also a big thanks for how GSX functions at the back end. Cheers R
  5. Hey, thanks for commenting 🙂 I also found this interesting "modified" crop duster, a bit like a dragster (just an engine with a cockpit), heh. A tight fit for the number 2 seat no doubt. Cheers R
  6. Just a few pics of the Gisborne NZ airport (Orbx) and my AgTruck, which is actually pretty fun to fly and a bit of a challege given its primary roll is low to the ground and more seat of the pants flying. In this I've replaced the taxi and landing lights with shockwave types. And of course it rained on and off for the entire flight. Notice the train tracks and train crossing the runway?
  7. Pretty much what I've noticed. Initally when I first migrated to P3Dv4 I was disappointed with performance due to finding the sliders did very little to improve frames rates. After a lot of expermentation I came to the conclusion sometimes there is not a lot you can do. Reducing Traffic, Scenery Complexity and autogen draw distance were the three key items I found can help the most with frame rates. Mostly the sliders manage the GPU load and maxing the GPU load will drop the framerate and introduce stutters. The best option I've gone for has been a 30hz capable monitor which has allowed me to use vsync @ 30 Hz thus reducing GPU load (and CPU as well) and much improving the smoothness. NVidia and RTSS also have 1/2 vsync options should they work for you and will provide a simialr effect on 60 Hz monitors. 60Hz screen modes with vsync are possible provided the scenery is pretty bare. I do have v5 but no machine to run it on atm, next PC build - just awaiting next gen Ryzens and NVida cards. Cheers R
  8. Title says it... Don't have MSFS as yet, would be interested in the night sky to compare with. Cheers R For Example. Moon Milkyway
  9. Hey, Thanks for the info. Anything else? Llike where to get, version needed, any specific quirks to be aware of? Cheers R
  10. I think Lockheed Martin will be fine. After all it is Prepar3D that powers sims such as the ones in the links below. https://melbourne.flightexperience.com.au/ And the Simulator Room (last pic in the link). https://aviationphotodigest.com/raaf-the-next-generation/
  11. Tell us more, what are you talking about? Cheers R
  12. Well... I can see the screenshots forum filling up with MSFS pics 😉 I think I'll wait out the huberious until my fav planes and such make it over to MSFS, could be years really... In the mean time I'll enjoy P3D and the many great planes I have for it. Like the A2A C182 - one of my fav planes, certainly doens't "fly one rails" and is vastly different handling beast once fully loaded, plus without maintanence will break and can cause the plane to fall out of the sky or force you to go looking for a road / field to put it down in a hurry. Parked @ 4S1 Flying into 4S1 - I'm trialing some different screenshot methods American Samoa flying. Cheers R
  13. I set unlimited in the sim. Use FFTF Dynamic to manage the scenery processing timeslice allocation. Set VSync and TB on in the sim. And chosse a screen mode with a Hz rate that will equal the ability of P3Ds FPS output. Usually that's 30 hz, however depending on the flying area the Hz can be 50 or 60. Result: a P3D frame rate sync'd with the Hz rate and super smooth output. Cheers R
  14. Just a nice casual flight from Pago Pago to Ofu Village on a very rainy day. Take off from PagoPago NSTU - 2 passengers and 60 KG of luggage on a choppy day makes the A2A a very different handling beast compared to one person and smooth clear skys. Alaufau island appears through the mist after some 60KM of flying. Prepping to land, it rained all the way. And on the ground. Parked for the day. If it had have been a real flight airsickness would have overtaken I'd hazzard to guess, so choppy and a challenge to fly. Looking out over the beach. I guess in the next week there'll be an influx of MSFS pics, I'm hopeful someone can do the same series. I'd like to see a compare. Cheers R
  15. Hi Pilotusaero What version has been trialled? The latest is version 12.0, the one I originally posted about was version 9.6. And version 12.0 certainly does have a functioning Direct To function, I just hit D, used the outer knob to select Nsrt field, then the inner to select the AP and hit the enter button twice. Cheers R
  16. Just an addendum on this. While flying around Rio I noticed a block of highrise buildings in the water just off the beach. Turns out it the buildings were default objects that end up in the water after Orbx Vector corrects the coast line. And there is a simple fix available over at Orbx, see the below thread. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/197440-odd-floating-high-rise-buildings/ Before Fix: After Fix:
  17. Let's see now... Yes there are all the Orbx products you've listed. Plus there's AI Shipping, TerraFlora v2, Rex Texture Direct, Drzewiecki Design HDGrass, Terra Emergence Project v1.6, TomatoShade, ReShade, car/truck ground speed is custom, custom night sky and stars (I know not visible here but at night it's great!), custom water, FreeMesh and probably a few more, I think I should get a spreadsheet together just in case I have to rebuild from scratch. Yes the autogen sliders are maxed, but there is more, the "spice" of being able to control via the prepar3d.cfg with settings such as the below. People say things like you shouldn't need to tweek a sim config, but I say hey! that's where the power of control is available and I prefer to use the power LM have provided. Cheers
  18. Maxing out the autogen while touring around Rio De Janeiro in the Avro 621, scenery is Orbx with a few addional spices. Cheers Al Shipping, an amazing piece of freeware no one should be without, brings the water to life, the efforts of those who contributed make the package what it is. And finished for the day's flying.
  19. You can add additional auto discovery paths, I don't actually use the one in the Documents folder. For example I have the following where I just drop in the containing folder with its add-on.xml under it. Then sim starts sees the new addon and away we go. I also use the Lorby tool to manage.
  20. Hi Folks, Going through my aircraft archive and came across the illustrious MilViz P-38 Red Bull freebee. I'd downloaded it some time in the past when i was running P3D v3 but never got around to installing it before moving on to P3D v4. Of course the aircraft is not officially for P3D v4 but I thought I would give it a go given there is already a Milviz P-38 included in P3D. First hurdle was the installer doesn't give an option to select a path, just radio buttons to select the sim (FSX/FSX-SE and P3Dv2/3), this was overcome by setting a dummy P3D registry key. e.g. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3] "AppPath"="E:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\" The installer then unpacked everthing into the path giving me the folders of. Effects fonts Gauges SimObjects This I placed into my add-ons Milviz auto discovery path under the title of H:\Addons_P3D\01.Aircraft\Milviz\Milviz_P-38_RedBull along with a custom add-on.xml So far so good, Sim was fired up, the P38 was discovered and gave it a flight test. And the usual "no cockpit sounds" was the first issue, plus the landing light was a tiny little light without any throw. To fix the sounds required 3 changes: Rename the Milviz_sounds folder in \MilViz P38 Lightning\panel.Restored\ to MVSounds. Copy the MV3DSound.dll from the LM Milviz P38 into \MilViz P38 Lightning\panel.Restored\ Comment out the original sound gauge in the panel.cfg and add the following. gauge00=MV3DSound!MV3DS, 0,0,1,1,SimObjects\\Airplanes\\MilViz P38 Lightning\\panel.Restored\\Milviz_Sounds#19 There are two places to add the above, [Vcockpit01] and [Vcockpit05] At the same time I took the opportunity to add a shockwave light as a landing light plus make a few titling changes in the aircraft.cfg file and add precipitFX effects. light.12= 5, 0.85, -20.45, 0.95, fx_shockwave_landing_light_narrow // Shockwave light Results: Not too shabby, it's a bit finicky on the start animations but follow the instruction in the quick start manual and it starts fine. Be nice if Milviz could revisit the aircraft and make it fully compatable given LM's inclusion of another Milviz P-38 on P3D x64, doesn't seem that it would need much. Is it perfect? nope, what it is though is pretty fun to fly and sure is *shiny*. Cheers
  21. A next gen GFX card probably, I know I cannot max AA out on mine (GTX 1070Ti) but perhaps these threads will help. One thing to note when using Sparse Grid AA is that a matched MSAA value needs to be set in the app. For example if using 4 x SGSSAA within NVidia Inspector, then P3D should be set to 4 x MSAA, this is because SGSSAA needs the matched MSAA values to optomise the SGSSAA output, you can vary though as shown in the threads. DSR is also pretty good to use as it will resize/resample and result in a smoother less jaggy display, the smoothness of which can be controlled via the Nvidia Control Panel, the extra screen size though makes it even harder on the GPU for AA. You'll need to monitor the GPU use and tune values so as to not max out and subesquently kill the frame rates. Cheers
  22. Well, I don't have VR nor P3D v5 as yet, that said it does work on P3D 4.5 (my current). When running unlimited in P3D the FFTF value is hardcoded to a low value, something like 0.01 and any value set in the prepar3d.cfg is ignored. With such a low FFTF value frame rates tend to be at their max (unlimited) because the engine is spending hardly any time rendering scenery. A side effect is "the bluries" and/or a lack of scenery precisely because hardly any time is being spent rendering scenery. I therefore use it to prevent "the bluries" and allocate more time to scenery rendering when running unlimited in P3D, and it does certainly work in my testing with it off/on. Essentually it gives control over the FFTF value where previously there was none. Worth it imho. Cheers
  23. Yes ShaderHLSL should be located in the root of the P3D install directory. The are the source shader files the sim compiles for shader cache use. Normally such folders are not removed (although hasn't a few Windows bugs resulted in folder/files being removed?) I've seen a lot of so called missing folders accidently dragged into other folders nearby, hence missing but can be found with a search. The recycle bin is another first point of call. Could also be something really weird like it has become a hidden folder, or lost ACL permissions, or a disk corruption issue is developing, or AV has picked it up and deleted/quarrentined, or some unknown bug in an update has taken a fancy to the folder and its tasty files inside and swallowed the lot 🙂 Otherwise a repair of the P3D client should bring them back. Would be interesting to hear the outcome. Cheers
  24. You'll find the prepar3d.cfg used for the flight in the thread (in a spoiler), it does have selected comments within and there is further config discussion in the thread itself. The shaders customisation consist of hand edit to PrecipParticle.fx for rain and snow. //Control how long streaks face and how big they are. float height = cb_fQuadSize * cb_fQuadSizeHeightScale / (2.4 - (cb_uPrecipType * 1.65)); float width = cb_fQuadSize * cb_fQuadSizeWidthScale / (1.0 - (cb_uPrecipType * 0.25)); Active Sky Next changes are just running through the config options and setting to what I liked the look of, i.e. try and max it out then back off till performance is the desired. Rex Direct Texures changes are using lower resolutions for clouds (2048 and 1024) and DXT5 textures for same (Plus a whole lot of theme building based on what I liked). And the NVidia inspector config export can be also found in the thread, you'll need to log into Orbx for that though. The goal was to configure for max settings while still remaining in VSync on a GPU challanging flight, be that just around 11S... Lots of trialling given @ 30 Hz a 10% increase or loss is just 3 FPS. I note in the latest driver from NVidia (I'm running 446.14 atm) the Silk Smoothness option has been removed and it's noticable for myself at least. I might end up rolling back to earlier version driver given I'll be sticking with P3D v4.5 till at least the beginning of next year and apart from loosing the Slik Smoothness option I've not seen any real difference in performances with driver changes of late. Cheers
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