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  1. Okay thank, I was just need to hear about what it is. I still don't know what I did wrong about this paint project, I can't still make liveries I have paint on the paitkit and save and export the file as tga file and get to DXTBmp loade the tga file and click on Image, Flip, and save as dds fil. Are there a step I have missing??? Flight sim P3D v4.5 Jammin16
  2. @rmeier & @yurei Hi again, I have a questien I have seen there are some paint kits there have a green "screen" and a gray "screen" is this also a paintkit I'm need to use??? Best regards Jammin16
  3. @rmeier Okay thanks, I would try that
  4. Okay, jeg bruger Affinity og det fungerer fint. @yurei "PS, regards your last screenshot, there could be a couple of things not right with the textures that appear black. They could be the wrong size or compression. Something simple like the name of the texture being mis-spelled could also cause the texture to appear black". Okay I would takle a look on it, and use more time and not 2 days. @rmeier "Looking at the second photo above (particularly the vertical stabilizer in the second photo), it looks as though the bmp was not flipped prior to converting to a dds file". Okay, so I'm need to flip the "pictures"??? I use also DXTBmp
  5. Okay okay, I can see there is some different opinions on what I should use of program to make liveries. I can tell you @Chock & @yurei Affinity photo works fine, and I have tried to make a SAS A330 livery and got a good result out of the red engine that SAS has / had. But the rest of the plane I don't know why I got a sloppy result. I don't know what I did right with the engines or what I did wrong out of the rest of the plane but look at pictures so you can see what they should look like and how it came about to look. The last pictures are just something a newborn painter we could "love" !!!
  6. @aldridgem Okay thanks for your repley, I was not sure about that... but I can undstand I sound wried if I not would could use all Paint kit for Affinity. Jammin16
  7. Hey there everyone, I have make an old topic about how I can make liveries for P3D v4.5. And many people saied photoshop is the best paint program, and yes it's perfekt but to pay on time in the month is too much for me, so I search og google an find an other paint program Affinity photo. And when I get to downloade PMDG paint kit stood there you can use photoshop, and Affinity. Great but my question is, and I use Affinity to pain on Aerosoft A3xx (A318 to A330), Aerosoft CRJ, QW146, QW787 and Majestic Software Dash 8-Q400 paint kits??? Best regards Jammin16
  8. @roesti Hi Roesti, I have good news FlyTampa and I have found the problem, it was the config_FT_EKCH.xml file there was the problem, so FlyTampa give me a new xml I should replace the first xml file instead. So now the problem fixet and VDGS is on all gates, so I would say thank you very much for your time and help Best Regards Jammin16
  9. @roesti As you can see here VDGS just work for one gate i CPH/ Copenhagen??? And ind San Francisco it's work for all gates but GSX man there help the Aircraft in to gate is still on with VDGS???
  10. Okay, thats sounds good about the files looking good. I use SODE version 1.7.1. and all look fine I have the platfom manager as "app" under start. And SODE active and registered is green https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/566556239694397440/752613380581490768/unknown.png I have Flightbeam San Fracisco and it's work fine??? I don't know why my xml files is make to a note file???
  11. @roesti Okay, so now I have tried to reinstall whole with P3D v4 + Sode, vdgs, Flytampa and all my Aircraft and Airports but it's didn't work! But now I have the same xml files like you about copenhagen and this looking like this you see on the picture.
  12. Okay I can see this would take some time, so i hope you would help me through this "project". (Independant of some issues you might have with your FlyTampa Configurator, even if SODE VDGS would be working, the sign would never be on when you start up at the gate.) I'm understand what you tell me about start up in the airport on gate. But this sign you talking about are not in game, just a empty place where this sign should be. My jetways for the airport is also gone! (Maybe you can check the privacy settings of the video again) I take a look on it. (it's possible that there is some hiccup with the FlyTampa configurator which I'm sure we'll be able to fix) I hope we can fix it. (In the meantime, you could check the following: All the configurator does is renaming some files from .off to .bgl or .xml and vice versa, so given the files are there, I can tell you how everything should look so that it works. Imagine the configurator works, then the only thing it does is enabling / disabling some files by renaming.. First, this file in your SODE folder (C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml): So if you enable SODE VDGS in the configurator, it renames exactly this file from FlyTampa_EKCH_VDGS.off to FlyTampa_EKCH_VDGS.xml At the same time, a .bgl file in your "Copenhagen\scenery" (the place where you installed Copenhagen) folder gets deactivated by renaming it to .off: If the file is named ekch_vdgs_ft.off, FlyTampa's default VDGS is disabled (and SODE VDGS enabled), if the file is named ekch_cfgs_ft.bgl, default VDGS is enabled (SODE VDGS disabled). You want it like in this screenshot) My folders is emty, can't find this xml files! ???
  13. Hi, The video is not private more... I can hear we not talk 100% about the same, I talk about the setting for VDGS in the FlyTampa Configurator.🙂
  14. Hi every one, I'm realy need some help I'm now on three forums and two of them have not come with some feedback or some help to me og Avsim is my third and last forum I can try and hope there are one of you guys there can help me or give me some feedback because I'm barefoot, can not find a single solution and it's driving me crazy. But let's get to the point. I'm new user of this program from sode called vdgs. Vdgs is a program I bought because it's look very nice. I start to install sode jetways, and after that vdgs and FlyTampa Copenhagen v2. FlyTampa should work with vdgs, but here come the problem. When I get in to the FlyTampa Configurator and to Copenhagen and find the vdgs so I have two options, vdgs from flytampa and vdgs from sode. So I click on the vdgs from sode, and set a check marks in this option. So now I close the FlyTampa Configurator and run my P3D v4 as Adminstartor. And I start up in Copenhagen on a gate B7 and the vdgs sign is not on??? Hmm... okay so I have also Las Vegas Airport from FlyTampa installed, so I start Las Vegas up and start up on gate D6 and here are the vdgs from sode. Okay so I close my P3D v4 and open the FlyTampa Configurator up again and I can now see under copenhagen are there no more a check marks in vdgs from sode! So I tried vdgs from flytampa, and stil none vdgs signs, and now are the vdgs signs in Las Vegas gone??? So I open FlyTampa Configurator up again and now i get a error message (look on the picture called error message). The link you can see is an video so you can see what I do and what's happening. My problem is from 6:27 min (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZvKGLNH-IM&t=13s) So my question is are the problem vdgs or flytampa??? I hope some on can help me. Best regards Jammin16
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