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  1. No still same problem, but I have take contact to Discord support and waiting on the would returen back.
  2. Hi, I have some problems with my controllers I use T.Flight Hotas X and Satitek rudder. But when I roll on the Taxi or runways my Aircraft all way turn left and I can't turn right! I have set it up so my rudder controller just use the rudder and brakes, and I use also my T.Flight Hotas X to steering the nose wheel and the aircraft. But I can't steering the nose wheel! Can some one help me? Picture of my setup: https://ibb.co/ZBgKN7H https://ibb.co/m9CmRxw https://ibb.co/9WytSkZ https://ibb.co/KWY2LYh https://ibb.co/ZTRBPZK Best Jammin16
  3. I have tryied to run Discord in Admin, but have stil same problem.
  4. Ok, I would check it out thanks 🙂
  5. Hi everyone, I have a problem here to day I would stream my P3D v4 on discord, and I have did it before. But to day discord say it could not stream my sound from my application for lack of rights! What can I do for fix this problem? Pictures: https://ibb.co/hBM59xz https://ibb.co/wzm5vzD Best Jammin16
  6. Hello every one, I have Flightbeam Mariscal Sucre Quito International Airport (SEQM), and I have found an "error" when I use and open my Chasepanel I didn't get the airport or the runways under the static in the presets menu. And thats strange, because I have for a week ago install the new ORBX Sandefjord (ENTO) Norway and there was not the same problem? Can some help me every one stay safe Best Jammin16
  7. @Rogen Yeah I have now look on the hide menu bar you can open with clik on left "Alt" key. And I found the View Groups when I can chose some difrent views. So I think I would look more on that next time a day off.😊 I would also take a look on this. I will say that from what I have been looking at now, as you have told about, it seems that this is what I need to get these different views on each screen. It made very good sense, thank you so much for your help.😊 Stay safe Best Jammin16
  8. @Rogen Hi, Thanks for your reply it's great to get some chips, I have to say I got a little confused about what you wrote, and I think I have not been clear enough, that is my fault sorry. I'm too confused because I'm not very familiar with P3D v4, I'm used to running with one monitor, and do not know much about VC views. I have a picture of what I mean and what I want: https://ibb.co/6Ykq5jG Best Jammin16
  9. Hi there, I'm now be owner of two pc screens, and I would like to hear what is the best setup for P3D v4.x where I can use the first screen to have Cockpit view and use the second screen to wing and outside views? It's my firste time I use two screens to gaming and my P3D v4.x, so if some one can help me it's would be very good😊 Stay safe😉 Best Jammin16
  10. @scianoir @Ray Proudfoot @Penzoil3 Hi guys, Thank you all for your help, now it's seems to work better, there is still som trees I missing, trees from ORBX HD Trees, but I think I would find a way to setuo this trees. I know know ORBX have many threads to fixe this small problems and also bigger problems when I have. Again thanks to you guys, I wish you all a Happy easter and stay safe about this pandemic and also in general. 😊👍 Best Jammin16 Patrick
  11. Hi, Thank you guys for your help, I have now fixed my probelm, and now it's works, but I think I still missing some of the scenery, I smissing som trees and landtexture, because I did think it's look like what I have seen on simmarket website. Maybe this is because I also have ORBX Global Base pack + Vector + 3D buildings and HD Trees??? Best Jammin16
  12. @scianoir I have reinstall the Aiport, and still same problem with the activation/ license key. Jammin16
  13. Hi every one, I have some problems with Justsim Rhodes Airport v2 for P3D v4.4+. Is it possible that when you buy an airport or an aircraft and install the product that it does not need an activation / license key when a key belongs to the product? I bought Justsim Rhodes International Airport v2 for P3D v4.5. However, the product does not ask for this activation and / or license key that comes with it. And I may be missing some scenery files.I have take contact to Simmarket, but they think all things about the produkt is fine, but I can see I missing some scenery texture, and I didn't think it's fine a product not need the activation/ license key??? I hope some one can help me Best Jammin16
  14. @Dave_YVR Hi Dave, I have now follow your second link to how I can fix my problems and now it's work fin for me. Thank you very very much for your time and help, I wish you a Happy Easter and stay safe. Best Jammin16
  15. @Dave_YVR I have this: FTX Pacific Northwest, and found the files: FTX_SCA_objects_KSEA_PLC.bglADE_FTX_SCA_KSEA_CVX.bglADE_FTX_SCA_KSEA.bgl and rename them with I add .OFF like this FTX_SCA_objects_KSEA_PLC.bgl.OFFADE_FTX_SCA_KSEA_CVX.bgl.OFFADE_FTX_SCA_SEA.bgl.OFF I did that because I did that with LAX, og I think I was need to do the same for SEA. And after that I saw the graphic problems when I open SEA Airport up in my P3D v4.5 Best Jammin16
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