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  1. Okay, so what can I say, I just have ORBX London City and TrueEarth Great Britain South otherwise I don't use anything.
  2. Okay my addon list??? Should I make an addon list with all my addon or just wiht all my Airports???
  3. Hey there, First of all, I like UGCX so much it's so cool. So hear it's my question, did FS2Crew make other ground services as food trucks, fuel truck, busses, stair car in short they are planning to do a whole ground service ??? Best regards Jammin16
  4. Okay, I have also a question about a file under my P3D v4 there called: "ShadersHLSL" do you think it's can be this there make problems??? I don't know what this file is to???
  5. @simbol It still does not help, to repair the P3D content! So what now??? @rjfry Thank you for your repley. @Evros Thank you for your repley, I can tell you I use ORBX products. I use TrueEarth Great Britain South and London City Airport, and in spain I use Aerosoft Mega Airport Madrid profesional and Mega Airport Barcelona profesional.
  6. Okay thank you very much for your help I hope it's fixed my problem😄
  7. Oh sorry if I missing a question, this happens for most standard airports this one is not far east from Madrid. I think this i Madrid Torrejon Airport. No I don't no how i make a scenery repair for P3D???
  8. Okay so what now, there realy nothing I can do to fixed???
  9. No not a new scenery/ Airport. But my PMDG 777-200 is new
  10. I have tried what you have said I was need to tried. And the problem still are there!
  11. I have P3D v4 runing in the background when I write here, I have tried and it's still are there!
  12. I use real times and dates, but I can try to turn it off???
  13. Okay so if I want to enable them all I need af RTX 2080Ti or RTX Titan??? Thank you for your help I would tried.
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