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  1. Hi guys, I have a question about returning P3d v4.5 back to the default sim using the repair option. Does that mean I have to reinstall all of my non xml scenery again manually? Thanks in advance, don235
  2. My condolences Matsu 787, I have been struggling with this same problem since I upgraded P3d from v4.4 to 4.5 back in March 25.Before that it worked flawlessly, My windows 10 error logs tell me it is a GTN 750 module ntdll.dll file is corrupted. It appears to be the essential file that makes it all work. I am sorry I can't be more encouraging but I have tried everything from Microsoft windows 10 updates to tryng to uninstall and reinstalling the dll.dll file nothing has worked so far. I had an older version 2.09 and F1 updated to V2.10 hoping that would fix it but it didn't . Hope someone has a fix Regards, don235
  3. Thanks for the advise I rolled back both updates for April and it did not seem to work. Out of desperation I uninstalled the last scenery I installed a couple of days ago and to my amazement p3d v4.1 started up but only did one time. I tried again and again I got child window error and CTD. Now it really gets weird I reinstalled the same scenery and it fired up normally but only once ! I am beyond confused. don235
  4. Greetings: I know this has been around for awhile in P3d v3 according to what I have been reading but it just started for me today and it has effectively shut me out of my simulator. It loads everything up and the last window I see is Chaseplane then CTD. Some seem to think it is a windows 10 problem when it updated a specific update. ( I hate automatic updates) but I digress. I was hoping there is a fix by now but I don't see anything.Can anyone help ? I am at a total loss what to do next. I just got through reading about the windows 10 insider program and it's problems but I am not a subscriber and it's not automatic so now I am really confused. Thanks, don235 Intel i7-7700K cpu@4.2/windows 10 64bit
  5. Greetings: I just made the move to Prepar3d v.4.1. I have read every post, I think, about the Mod squads GTN 750 mod kit version 1.5 (I have1.4 for FSX ) there are a couple of references to it in the CJ2 forum it but for the life of me I cannot find the link to it. Can someone please direct me to it? I sure would be grateful. Thanks, Don235
  6. Firstly, thank you for responding to help I was about to give up on a really cool Mod.This is why the sim community is so fun. Now for the Mea Culpa, maybe. I have to admit I struggled with the instructions at first, I had trouble grasping what to do. When it finally sunk in it all went pretty smoothly. However, reading your last post you asked if I put the 4 modified folders from the zip file in the panel folder and it was like the missing piece of the puzzle. I had followed the instructions and put the contents of the 4 modified folders into my newly created folders as per instructions and then placed them in the panel folder. I still do not see anywhere in the readme where it says to put the entire new folders from the zip file in the panel folder but once I read your post I did that and I now have the PFDs. I marvel at everyone who figured that out because I sure didn't. I just think the instructions were a little confusing, but no harm no foul. Thanks again Don235
  7. I just installed CJ2 Mod 1.4, what the heck? I still have the same problem no PFD and Annu. panel. Everything else works fine. I double checked everything I did. What am I missing! Thanks
  8. Greetings, I am hoping someone might help with this, I just installed the KTN 750 Mod 1.1 into the CJ2 as per the instructions, so far so good. It installed into the MFD as designed and everything seems to work. The problem is that now the PFD and the annunciator panel are blank. The autopilot and FMS and DCP also works fine. I have copied and pasted all of the files twice to the appropriate folders to make sure a file did not get missed. I have opened the folders and the PFD is in there and I can see it but it will not display it the aircraft. Obviously something got corrupted but I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. Should I just unistall the CJ2 and reinstall the KNT750 Mod but I would rather not if I can help it. P.S. This is really reminiscent of an earlier problem when my Bendix radios on all the aircraft using them disappeared, the folder just vanished, luckily I had another copy of FSX located the missing file and reinstalled but this is more complicated. Thanks Don235 Windows7 FSX Boxed
  9. Joe, A followup to my last post, I remembered that I had another stock copy of FSX on another computer so I went looking and sure enough there was my missing dll file for the Bendix\King radios. So I copied and installed and everything is back where it should be. Thanks very much for your help I would never have figured out how to fix this if you had not aimed me in the right direction. Regards, Don235
  10. Thanks for the reply Joe, I have gone to FSX\Gauges and there is no Bendix_King_Radio.dll anywhere. There are other dlls, gau,and cab files that date back to 2003 Don235
  11. Greetings, I have a interesting problem that recently popped up, maybe, hoping someone has seen this before. I thought your knowledge and expertise on all things gauges and panels could help me with this head scratcher. I recently noticed that the radios and some gauges effecting all of the FSX default aircraft that use (Bendix-King radios) are now blank panels.Aerosoft payware aircraft (BeaverX) is also effected the same way. I was really stumped about the Areosoft Beaver but then realized that there is a default FSX Beaver.The aircraft that I really care about is Manfred Jahn's C-117D Super DC-3 and the DC-3 v2, version 3 is not effected for obvious reasons. Other payware is not effected.I have a freeware DC-3 (Basler PT-6) conversion that also lost it's radios. The only thing I can think of is all these aircraft share the same code from FSX. but that is as far as my knowledge takes me, I think it has to do with a cfg.file of some kind somewhere, but like I said even if I looked at these files I could not tell what is missing or not. I did try and uninstall and reinstall one aircraft but with same results.So that kinda told me that this a FSX thing. The only things of significance that I have downloaded in the last few months is Flight1 Garmin KTN 750 and ActiveSky. I did remove a couple of old freeware aircraft , possible I removed something I shouldn't have ? I noticed this problem last week or so but I really have no idea how long this has been like this. I downloaded the C-117D about a year ago with no problems and just downloaded the new DC-v3 and decided to fly the C-117D that's when I first started noticing the problem. I can live without the default aircraft, except maybe the C-208, which has a payware version that I am afraid to buy now. Anyway that's the story, if anyone has a suggestion or advise I am all ears. Thanks in advance Don235
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