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  1. I found a copy of GTN CJ2 MOD V1.5 from 14.04.2016 on my backup drive in the FSX Carenado payware stuff. I'll post it if the authors will consent to it. Don, Let me know.
  2. D Nelson

    Carenado C185F

    Look in the Sim Objects Airplanes C185F folders. Don
  3. I would like a copy of the latest for P3D4. Paradisca1 could you email Ray and ask permission to upload a copy to Mediafire and post a link? That sure would be helpful and would eliminate the PM's. Thanks, Don Nelson (Would have kindly addressed you by name but don't know it, sorry)
  4. D Nelson

    a few issues

    Check the tutorials at youtube. Also, inside your main sim folder Carenado for docs. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Carenado+Proline+21+tutorials Don
  5. D Nelson

    Autopilot knobs not working

    Bert Pieke can help you with a mod to the autopilot. See this thread for the Saratoga gear fix Don
  6. D Nelson

    ai traffic strobe lights

    Thanks for sharing the link. Don
  7. D Nelson

    Instant acceleraton on default. Why?

    I am experiencing the engine acceleration also. It doesn't matter which aircraft, it occurs with all of them default or payware. Cycling through views "S" does this for a second or two.
  8. Robert, I think I may have it. I have a single DDS image (AERO_int1_night) I downloaded 5/18/2016. Sent. Don
  9. D Nelson

    Adjusting Heading and Course

    Hello Bert, I understand you moth balled the C90 and B200. I prefer the GTX also. I've been dragging over all the Carenado and Alabeo in P3D4. edit: As Bert suggested in another post, P3D looks for gauges in the gauges folder, not the panel folder. Move Berts mod to the gauge folder. First, rename the GAUGEC90EFIS!Gauge folder. I used GAUGEC90EFIS2!Gauge. In the panel cfg add the "2" at the end of the gauge in Window02 and Vcockpit05. Works now. Sorry, I'll read more before I post in the future. Problem solved.
  10. D Nelson

    Adjusting Heading and Course

    Correction: BE800X HDv2.0
  11. D Nelson

    Adjusting Heading and Course

    I found this mod no longer works in P3D4.2 Windows 10. I used it in FSX Gold / Windows 7 for several years. I downloaded the latest Carenado C90 release BE1100Xv1.2 in Mid April. I tried the FSX panel and made and a new xml cut and paste to the p3d GaugeC90EFIS.cab. No click spots. Any idea what has changed? Don
  12. D Nelson

    please help... elevation problem

    What tool are you using in P3Dv4.2 to look for duplicate afcads? Don
  13. D Nelson

    Drzewiecki Design Seattle X Elevation Issue

    edit. figured out the problem.
  14. D Nelson

    Nav 1 mode not showing

    Bert, Cheyenne II, sorry to confuse you. I took another look at it, as I put the cursor over the Bendix radios the tool tip said Com 2 and Nav 2. When I saw that my clue light finally came on. I misunderstood that the GTN was suppose to display the frequencies in the Bendix radios. The GTN is Com/Nav1 and the Bendix radios below are Com/Nav2. Please correct me if I am wrong. Don [Radios] // Radio Type=availiable, standby frequency, has glide slope Audio.1 =1 Com.1 =1, 1 Com.2 =1, 0 Nav.1 =1, 1, 1 Nav.2 =1, 0, 0 Transponder.1=1 Adf.1 =1, 1 Marker.1=1
  15. D Nelson

    Nav 1 mode not showing

    I understand, I expected that radios=0 would display the frequency in Nav1, it does not. Forgot to mention I am using Win7/FSX and this is how the GTN is works on my system.