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  1. kingm56 I speak for myself, as a longtime customer of CS and ten years of waiting. I (people, meaning me ) prefer military. And according to the CS forums there are many other people that want this also. If you want a MD-11 then Sky Simulations is available. Hope CS has success with the 767.
  2. I like 767's but a 707/KR35 sure would generate a lot more sales.
  3. Same problem here, MV_WX.dll not compatible P3D4.5 Hotfix 3. I uninstalled it and will live without it for now.
  4. I didn't consider the RXP 430's. I had tunnel vision on using the GTN750 or 650. You are correct. Please overlook my senior moment.
  5. The 430's are part of the model. They cannot be changed. Leave them off and make a 2d window.
  6. I'll get both. I am eager to have MSFS back as the primary flight sim. P3D5 will be secondary.
  7. Maybe not, I did manual downloads after the update to Central. If Central changes again, then yes, were starting over. What fun would flight sim be without endless hours of downloading scenery.
  8. I'm going to get more popcorn, carry on...
  9. Best to start a new thread in the Flight 1 forum with system specs and sim details. This is a problem the moderators will work with you to fix.
  10. The default P3D4.5 water textures are the best in my opinion. I have Rex and leave them unchecked. Every system is different. I do not experience blurry even with a GTX 970. Push the setting up.
  11. A while back Windows 10 settings, personalization, change picture every 1 minute interfered with P3D. I set it to 30 minutes and the problem went away. Just a guess...
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