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  1. Smoky942

    Speeding sim rate up/down

    Use the same two - or = keys that you use to zoom in and out while holding down the R key. /Russell.
  2. Smoky942

    Brakes & Autobrakes, P3D v4.2 Professional

    You're welcome Chuck. Glad you found it useful. /Russell.
  3. Smoky942

    Brakes & Autobrakes, P3D v4.2 Professional

    Hi Chuck, on the button you have assigned to Brakes, set the repeat slider full right. Then look in Controls / key Assignments for "Brakes Antilock (on/off)" and set a button or key to that. Pressing that key/ button will toggle antilock on or off. On will stop the wheels locking. Having the brakes slider full right may let the auto brakes work, because it lets the brakes have their full range. I don't know, give it a try. /Russell.
  4. Smoky942

    Saitek Switch & Multi Panels in V4

    Maybe you're right Caleb, probably a W10 thing. Never had anything to do with W10, so unable to give any meaningful advice.....sorry. Hope you get it sorted. /Russell.
  5. Smoky942

    Saitek Switch & Multi Panels in V4

    I'm on P3Dv4.1 and my Saitek switch panel and one instrument panel work fine on the Saitek drivers. I'm also on W7 Pro_ Flight_FSX_Plugin_7_0_50_1_x64 for the switch panel Pro_Flight_Instrument_Panel_7_0_47_1_x64drivers for the instrument panel. This one needs this entry in the exe.xml <Launch.Addon> <Name>Saitek Panel(s) Plugin for FSX</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\ProFlight FSX Plugin\SaiFlightSimX.exe</Path> <CommandLine>-run</CommandLine> </Launch.Addon> I tried all sorts of Saitek drivers before I got them to work. Somehow I finished up with the drivers for the instrument panel in Program Files, and the ones for the switch panel in Program Files (x86). They worked at long last so I left them alone. /Russell.
  6. Smoky942

    What the heck is going on here ?

    Using Internet Explorer. Zooms in till blue side bands disappear. /Russell.
  7. Smoky942

    Help with skidmarks ?

    In P3D options / controls, set a button on your throttle or stick to.... Brakes Antiskid (on/off) That works whether you apply your brakes with a button or pedal brakes. /Russell.
  8. Smoky942

    Slew issues

    You're welcome. /Russell
  9. Smoky942

    Slew issues

    In P3D, go to Options /Settings / Controls /Axis. You'll see Controller type...Sort by...Flight mode, each with a drop down window. Make sure the first window shows your joystick. The Flight mode should say normal. Click the arrow and choose Slew. There should be ONLY two entries Slew (forward/backwards) Y axis. Slew (sideways) X axis. Any other entries in there DELETE. Click the arrow in controller type and choose your rudder pedals. In flight mode slew, there should be only one entry, Slew (rotate) on mine it's Rz axis. Delete any other entries. That should do it. Almost forgot, Check the throttle as well to make sure there are no slew commands. /Russell.
  10. Smoky942

    Is there any good reason to update to 3.3?

    P3D 3.3.3, W7, 368.22 DSR works as advertised for me. /Russell.
  11. Smoky942

    Rear Wheel Debris P3D v3

    I'm assuming you mean the debris thrown up when moving over grass etc. If so, look in the aircraft.cfg and look for this line under Effects. Change it to look like this ... dirt=// fx_tchdrt (just add two forward slashes after the = Do the same for every aircraft you want to lose the effect on. If it's the spray on wet runways you want to lose, do the same for water=//fx_spray. /Russell.
  12. Smoky942

    P3d 3.1 before year end

    Well Elaine, if you look on page 6, you'll see one who says he pays $200 instead of $60...just to get rid of the watermark. But maybe he was joking. /Russell.
  13. Smoky942

    P3d 3.1 before year end

    Yes, unticking Show Notification Text does remove the watermark in P3Dv3 academic. But why anyone would be bothered about the watermark is beyond me. It is so insignificant I can honestly say I never ever notice whether it's there...or not. /Russell.
  14. Smoky942

    How do I get AI to work?

    That's strange. Click Start, then type simobjects.cfg in the "search programs and files" box. That should tell you where it is. As I said, it SHOULD be in C:/ ProgramData/ Lockheed Martin/ Prepar3Dv2 along with a load of .cfg files and other stuff. Note that this is NOT the same Prepar3Dv2 folder where the Prepar3D.cfg resides. /Russell.
  15. Smoky942

    How do I get AI to work?

    The SimObjects path doesn't go in the P3D.cfg now. It goes in C:/ ProgramData / Lockheed Martin / Prepar3D v2 In there you'll find the simobjects.cfg Put your AI_Aircraft entry in there. /Russell.