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  1. Just a few tips, which may help to ease the pain of learning to fly the F104S/G. They both hate a heavy hand...nice smooth control movements. Make sure you keep an eye on the APC meter when ever you pull any G. It's a small gauge calibrated from 0 to 5 located around top centre of the panel on the S and extreme right side on the G. Never let the needle go past 4.5. If climbing steeply, ease pressure on the stick just before it gets to 4.5. If doing a tight turn and the needle starts to approach 4.5, drop the flaps to T/O position (you can do this upto 450kts and keep them there to 520kts. The needle will drop at least one full unit, so you can then pull the stick back a bit more to tighten the turn, keeping your eye on the APC so as not to exceed 4.5 (4.4 to be safe) Real F104 pilots did this all the time and cosidered the APC meter as their best friend. The T/O flap position is also the maneuvering position. Remember when landing, once you've selected LANDING flap, NEVER let the engine RPM go below 84%, you'll usually have around 90% rpm And never let the rpm go below 84% untill the wheels are firmly on the ground. Lowering the flaps to land also activates the BLC (boundary layer control) which diverts quite a lot of air from the last compressor stage and blows it at high pressure along the trailing edge of each wing, which allows the aircraft to fly a bit slower than it should, because it thinks it's going a bit faster than it is (confused ?) If you allow the engine RPM to drop below 84% it cuts off the BLC as the engine wants it for thrust. The aircraft will immediately go out of control because it then realises that it isn't going fast enough to fly. Hope that helps a bit to understanding the F104
  2. Use the same two - or = keys that you use to zoom in and out while holding down the R key. /Russell.
  3. You're welcome Chuck. Glad you found it useful. /Russell.
  4. Hi Chuck, on the button you have assigned to Brakes, set the repeat slider full right. Then look in Controls / key Assignments for "Brakes Antilock (on/off)" and set a button or key to that. Pressing that key/ button will toggle antilock on or off. On will stop the wheels locking. Having the brakes slider full right may let the auto brakes work, because it lets the brakes have their full range. I don't know, give it a try. /Russell.
  5. Maybe you're right Caleb, probably a W10 thing. Never had anything to do with W10, so unable to give any meaningful advice.....sorry. Hope you get it sorted. /Russell.
  6. I'm on P3Dv4.1 and my Saitek switch panel and one instrument panel work fine on the Saitek drivers. I'm also on W7 Pro_ Flight_FSX_Plugin_7_0_50_1_x64 for the switch panel Pro_Flight_Instrument_Panel_7_0_47_1_x64drivers for the instrument panel. This one needs this entry in the exe.xml <Launch.Addon> <Name>Saitek Panel(s) Plugin for FSX</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\ProFlight FSX Plugin\SaiFlightSimX.exe</Path> <CommandLine>-run</CommandLine> </Launch.Addon> I tried all sorts of Saitek drivers before I got them to work. Somehow I finished up with the drivers for the instrument panel in Program Files, and the ones for the switch panel in Program Files (x86). They worked at long last so I left them alone. /Russell.
  7. Using Internet Explorer. Zooms in till blue side bands disappear. /Russell.
  8. In P3D options / controls, set a button on your throttle or stick to.... Brakes Antiskid (on/off) That works whether you apply your brakes with a button or pedal brakes. /Russell.
  9. You're welcome. /Russell
  10. In P3D, go to Options /Settings / Controls /Axis. You'll see Controller type...Sort by...Flight mode, each with a drop down window. Make sure the first window shows your joystick. The Flight mode should say normal. Click the arrow and choose Slew. There should be ONLY two entries Slew (forward/backwards) Y axis. Slew (sideways) X axis. Any other entries in there DELETE. Click the arrow in controller type and choose your rudder pedals. In flight mode slew, there should be only one entry, Slew (rotate) on mine it's Rz axis. Delete any other entries. That should do it. Almost forgot, Check the throttle as well to make sure there are no slew commands. /Russell.
  11. Looks like Thunderboy's right. " System and method for generating optimal flight plans for airline ...This area is the most favorable for flight planning and will be variable in ..... i) Choose the nautical air miles value (nam) from the cruise fuel burn ... "Russell.
  12. Just a thought...have you checked that the Repeat slider is over to the right ?...Assignments / Control surface commands / Trim up/down buttons.Russell.
  13. Quote from the V2 readme: "Please Note
  14. Yes...ver2 is in the file library here on Avsim.Russell.
  15. Click on Add...that will open a window..navigate in that window to where your fs9 exe. is situated and click on the fs9 exe. to add it.Russell.
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