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  1. I too am thinking about getting a 55" tv but I Have questions. I'm wondering how you set up track ir and get it working. I have the track pro clip and mount the camera top center on my 30" monitor. If l'm sitting 3' ft away will the camera still pick up the sensor on my headset that far up? Also l get motion blur when panning with my Dell ultrasharp. It has 60 Hz refresh. Do you get motion blur on the tv's with higher refresh rates like 120 Hz ? Also would a 1080ti card be good enough for high resolutions with a i7-770 o'ck? Thanks for the info.
  2. I've done that and downloaded the yortho4xp overlay. It's placed on top of the orthro+47-123 photo scenery in the ini. and it looks great ! The buildings and roads are all there. Pretty convincing all right. I only thing I don't like is the trees poking up through the photo scenery buildings. Is there anyway to get rid of that? Maybe setup some sort of exclusion parameter? It kinda kills the effect. I just wanted to try w2xp to see the comparison. From some screen shots I've seen most of the buildings have a pink tenge to them which I think is very unrealistic. If I didn't like it I thought I could get back to this overlay by arranging the ini again.
  3. Update: Success! I finally got to see the photo scenery in the sim. I know what the problem was. I was probably downloading everything correctly but I kept putting the ortho4xp scenery file at the very bottom of the scenery ini file. I forgot that there is also a ksea demo terrain file in my custom scenery folder and therefore also in the ini. The ortho4xp+47-123 file had to be placed on top of that in the ini in order to see it in the sim. I guess the ksea demo terrain file is a mesh and has to go on the very bottom. Anyway the sceney is beautiful and makes a big difference. What must I do now to download the custom autogen to match the photo scenery? Is that w2xp? Would I want to download W2xp America for the ksea area from simheaven for this?
  4. I've seen that video-it's a good one. In the video though it says that you should have the latest version of python installed on your machine. I've watched other videos that say that's not needed. I did try to install python 3.6 and it didn't help. I still can't see the dds textures in the tile/ortho4xp+47-123/texture folder even though the files are all there. Could that be the reason I'm not seeing the photo scenery in the sim? I checked the ini file and the stack up is the same as the instruction given by the video you recommended. By the way I'm running xp10 now but I just wanted to see if I can make this work before I get xp11.
  5. After trying several times to download a tile for the Seattle aiport area I still have yet to see the photo scenery appear in xp10. When trying this I think several things are also wrong. When I try to piont to my scenery mesh folder (zzz_hd_global_scenery2) for the overlay it tells me " failure: there is no file to sniff from the indicated place." I then went into the ortho4xp cfg folder and told where the default sniff directory was. It continues to give me the same failure message. So I have to go with the default scenery in the global scenery folder. I think that may be part of my problem. Also after downloading when I check in the tiles/ z ortho4xp_+47-123/ texture folder all the files are there but all the dds texture pictures are blank. I think that's another problem. Anyway according to several tutorial videos I've seen they say that after pionting to the mesh folder for the overlays and picking the tile you want to download you check " build masks and build overlays " and click " batch build " to start the download. Well when I do that nothing happens , and after several minutes I have to manually click though each step of the download. After pasting the new z ortho tile and y ortho overlay folders into the custom scenery folder I start xp and then adjust the scenery ini file. The zzz_hd_global_scnery2 is at the bottom, then the z ortho+47-123 scenery is on top of that and then the y ortro4xp overlay is on top of that. I still continue to see nothing but my default scenery. I've tried eveything I can think of and I don't know what's wrong.I'm running win 7 and xp10.
  6. I'm sorry guys but I just purchased ASV6 and have read the manual several times and I'm still having a hard time figuring out the instructions- I'm new to flight simming also. Can some please answer a few questions about loading ASV6 . Let's say I just want to fly out of meigs and I have not used a flight plan. I just want to set up weather at random and fly offline. I also want to pick the season to fly in. Can you just give me a simple step by step outline to follow to load in the proper order? Thanks for the help.
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