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  1. Understood. My first one showed up pretty quickly so I, mistakenly, thought this more recent one would show up sooner. No problem. I'll wait. Thanks
  2. I attempted to post this this morning. Is there something in this that has violated something? I also have been unable to PM Jim or Rob in an attempt to sort things out. I'm really confused about how I may have offended anyone and how I may have violated the ToS. -------------------------------- Jim and Rob, I'm confused by the cool reception here. What is it I'm doing which classifies me as a "Troll"? What discord am I sowing? I have read the ToS and cannot see where I have violated any. Why would my post not be welcome? My post mentioned a "plug-in from Flight1tech" not "for". I was referring to flight1tech.com (Tried to paste the link here but then could not get rid of blue font and underlining), who had provided the requisite plug-in free of charge for FSX and previous versions of P3d. At any rate, I did as you suggested and all is well on both my and my friend's computers. I was unaware of the change from the plug-in requirement to the incorporation into P3dV4, and visits to forums rendered much confusion. I appreciate the help.
  3. I have a simple question in need of a simple answer: Is there no compatible plug-in which will display P3d V4 on an iPad using Foreflight? I have spent four days trying to get a friend's computer, with a newly installed P3d V4 and the plug-in from Flight1 Tech, to display on his new iPad with Foreflight installed. After all this time, I checked my own newly installed P3d V4 and it will not display on my iPad. My P3d V2 works fine. FSX works fine. Is this an incompatibility? Is this an oversight by the plug-in's producer? Did LM decide to not allow this previously successful plug-in to work? Is a fix in the works? What's the deal? I don't have, nor have I needed in the past, FSUIPC..ADRWTYXYZ or whatever it is, and am not interested, at this point, in getting it. Let me be perfectly honest here; I'm frustrated and not interested in a bunch of registry tweaks, try this or try that, or suggestions that I make a rag doll mock up of my computer and stick pins in it to make all this happen. I just need to know what to tell my friend who just spent $63+ for P3d V4 so he can learn to use Foreflight without having to burn gas in his airplane.....all on my recommendation. Thanks, and I apologize for my terseness and impatience. I really am a nice guy if you get to know me.
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