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  1. I agree, yes it would. You have posted a list of "facts" without asking a question and sticking a "?" at the end if your last statement does not turn it into a question. I'll ask a question.... Did either of your installations ever run correctly?
  2. I honestly think it is hard to beat Active Sky. I have used it through all it's varients along with ASCA. IMO., it is unbeatable.
  3. Limping, may be more accurate, unfortunately.
  4. AFAIK there is no EIDW scenery that is current for P3D. Which I think is a pity.
  5. To be fair Ray, you might not be far wrong....😁 I've been using it for yonks.
  6. That is the Patch 6. Update Patch Download Size MD5 Checksum Prepar3D_v6_Personal_6.0.36.msp 128 MB b0f613e40be4acda40c988b6c2dc7562 Download
  7. I don't have any of those Files/Folders.
  8. I strongly suspect that "ifly 737 max" will NOT work with V6. Flight 1 state on their web page :- "Note that this product is not compatible with Prepar3D versions 4 or 6. Only P3D v5 is supported."
  9. Yet another update from LM. See here:- https://www.prepar3d.com/announcement/2023/11/132104/
  10. As I said in my first post to you, I reckon you are on the correct path with some setting in FSUIPC, just not too easy to track down. Do you feel you have done enough to prove that it is to do with FSUIPC? ie. Have you done enough taxiing without FSUIPC running ? On a different note, If you are posting more logs here, perhaps you could just attach them as a file rather that copying/pasting them as text, It's a killer for phone users to have to scroll screen after screen.
  11. Any chance you could give an example please? I have an awful lot of addons using the XML method and not one failed when updating from 5.3 to 5.4 because of anything to do with XML.
  12. I'm not suggesting you update to V6, but rather update your present V5.3 to the later V5.4. All addons (AFAIK) that work with V5.3 will continue to work with V5.4.
  13. Mourad's support was shakey at the best of times and to make matters worse he releases Pro ATC-SR, charges $50 for it and is still selling it to unsuspecting purchasers, and then goes to ground! I assume you are talking about the weather import ?
  14. Well, the first thing I would try is to update to the latest V5 edition which is V and then see how things are.
  15. Well? Any advancment in this? Did you try it with FSUIPC disabled/re-set?
  16. If you are using FSUIPC, I would suggest you check that, carefully, in case some button/control setting has changed somehow. Has been know to cause some very 'odd' problems.
  17. Yep, to this URL :- https://aviationweather.gov/data/cache/
  18. Central doesn't use any type of 'magic' when installing addons, but you have to use it to purchase /install the software initially. Thereafter use Lorby to maintain/move/add/delete/order/manipulate (or whatever other adjective you can think of) your addons/scenery library. XML method has been the way to add 'addons' for quite some time now and is quite easy to get to grips with and IMHO allows for greater and easier management of same. Especially if you have multiple versions of P3D installed.
  19. You're very welcome. I gave up on Central a while back and use Lorby P3D Addon Organizer for arranging all my scenery. So easy to backup/restore all my settings.
  20. What a great thread @jcomm, well done.👍 I'm not being smart I mean it. 4 posts over a day and a half and not one question ! Managed to sort it out himself and took the time to let us know the culprit, pity more don't do the same. Poor auld MS being blamed in the wrong, well at least this time........😁😁
  21. I admire your optimism, however unfortunately I do not share it. So far there is very little evidence on which to base such sanguineness, in fact quite the opposite I would have to say.
  22. Yep, agree 100%. Just tried the demo and it totally tranforms the experiece of the FF joystick. Pity Russel retired. Anyway I think we have veered this thread off track enough now.😄👍
  23. Never heard of that S/W, must give it a try. But as we now know, MS FF2 joystick does in fact "work" in V6, albeit just as badly as it did in V5. Yeah, it's rubbish using P3D native 'drivers', that's what made me give it up. Pity, but hardly LM's fault that Russel decided to retire. However, if LM provide the option for FF Joysticks then it is reasonable to think they would get it somewhat right, considering as you say Mr.Dirk achieved this.
  24. Just for 'pig iron' as they say, I rooted out my MS FF2 joystick and it does indeed work fine in V6, in fact just the same as in V5, which I always thought was a bit too 'violent' on the ground and prone to very sudden forces while airbourne. Anyway, in my short 'test' I found it behaved similarly in both versions.
  25. It may well, I have all (practically all) my ORBX's addons working in V6. All it took was to direct V6 to 'look' in my V5 addons folder and 'voila'. Indeed ! Again, just point V6 to look where you have them stored. Most will work without problems.
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