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  1. Your answer is in the official microsft flighsim forums.
  2. If only the had their own forum on avsim.
  3. I am just curios why you put 8 degrees on thrust limit page and where you got that from. I thought you were supposed to leave it blank.
  4. End of life product. Will not happen.
  5. I have 8 gig card and don't have any problems at all. X plane however vulcan many problems with vram. go figure.
  6. Its already out. on simmarket had to click on name of publisher to see it. not under v5 filter for some reason.
  7. There is a post on the lockheed martin forums that its not implemented yet but eventually will be.
  8. It says on its support page v4 or v4 and up. I was also missing textures and I read in another post if you don't click on the v4 and then browse to v5 it will install the earlier prepard version of the plane. I was just browsing to my v5 directory and that was causing my issues.
  9. Thank you. I have been struggling with this and ran out of activations and just gave up installing it. I missed that step.
  10. 0 euros at simmarket until May 4.
  11. Sorry for not being clear. Eaglesoft
  12. I have purchased some of their products in fsx. I had totally forgot about them and just tried to log in and couldn't. I used the forgotten email link and nothing after checking all places in gmail. They must have purged my account. Thats A1 costumer service for you.
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