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  1. Well it was worth the ask. Thanks.
  2. Mark, With the success of the FMC you have created for my home cockpit, may I suggest a similar product for a remote PFD? I was really surprised that there are no good options for Android products, and since yours is a computer based program instead and tie in with the browser, I would be willing to pay double...
  3. dahill

    What's your day job?

    Production Supervisor and Aviation Maintenance Manager on US Army helicopters. Ran the Center of Excellence for the OH-58D Kiowa until they decided they were going to retire them. Now I am back to UH-60 A/L/M Blackhawks (my baby and what I crewed while I was in the service) and run multiple programs involving them currently.
  4. OK. As I should have expected and investigated to begin with...it was not Mark's wonderful product that was at fault, but was my overzealous Norton...
  5. Thanks Steve. I had actually taken the plunge already and can say that I love it. The only thing I need to work on is my water. It is just a little too reflective for my tastes. Thank you for all your hard work. The cockpit shadows alone in my NGX (haven't taken my 777 out yet) are worth the cost.
  6. I will try to upload a screenshot when I get home this evening. It states that Http:// is not available. This is using the Chrome browser.
  7. Having a sudden issue connecting to my note 10.1 since the last update. Are there any known issues or is it me?
  8. All, Are there any specific add on programs that are known not to work? I am so tempted to purchase, but have concerns about GET and UTX. I have seen nothing mentioned either way if they will or will not work. Any first hand experience would be great. Thanks in advance.
  9. Used this for my first flight last night. Awesome tool. Works quickly and efficiently. The only issue I had was remembering to reach for my tablet instead of panning and using the mouse. Thanks for the hard work and reasonable price. I will be sure to purchase the T7 if and when you are able to create it. Thanks, Nick
  10. Not if you still have it installed....
  11. I have not seen it covered yet, but while spying on my AI after running the program I have noticed that my AI starts doing continuous barrel rolls. I cannot imagine this is how it simulates holding, Lol. Any ideas on what I mucked up?
  12. dahill

    PMDG 777 Issues

    David, The "triangles" you are seeing on the exterior model is the test flight package. You can disable it in the FMC menu. The landing altitude message is telling you that you need to set your landing altitude. Check the FCTM on how to set it properly. Hope this helps. It is not an issue with the aircraft.
  13. dahill

    Has Anyone Had This Issue

    Thank you gentlemen for the suggestions and guidance. I will give these suggestions a try when I get done with work today. These helicopters want their TLC too... I do have the HIGHMEMFIX=1 in my config file. I think I have just about every tweak with the exception of the buffer pools (never made me any money it seemed). But thank you, sir.
  14. dahill

    Has Anyone Had This Issue

    Pete, Thank you for the quick reply and the advice. I have avoided the dreaded OOM until now apparently. I appreciate the help and will check out the forums for an answer on how to adjust. Thank you again, Nick
  15. I am asking this question here due to the fact that I have too many variables to put it any of the specific forums. Recently I purchased the 777 from PMDG and the supporting voice control from FS2crew. Around the same time I added ASN to my FSX experience. The issue I am having is that upon touchdown at my destination airport (PHNL primarily due to the low strain on my CPU) once the nose wheel touches down I start hearing an audible "bing" from my computer. As I taxi in it eventually causes my session of FSX to crash. I have tried changing the settings to stop this, initially believing it was ASN downloading on landing but have not isolated it. I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue? With the numerous addons and the updates and patches I have no idea where to start. Any help would be appreciated.