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  1. Hello Guys, as i am owning a 777 Homecockpit and before flew the PMDG 777, i wanted to check if the 777 Immersion is possible to install also with other AC? It asks me to install PMDG before it is able to install it into the SIM. Greetins
  2. Mitch Eckl

    Jetmax 777

    Thats not completely correct. Sim Avionics provides a flight model adopted to their systems and software. Anubhav, there is no overhead for the jetmax 777 available. Only the FDS version which costs around 10K CAD. I am receiving my Jetmax 777 next week. Including a CCU, Navcomm and XPNDR all in tan! And planning for an OH in the near future. Greetings
  3. Mitch Eckl

    Able to adjust total pax nbrs in aircraft.cfg?

    What i came over was, that when i set the ZFW in the FMC it gives me different cargo values as i am planning. Thats why i am asking to adjust the pax nbrs in the aircraft.cfg! So for example having 262 pax and 20002 kgs of cargo, results in a total different value on the aircraft. But Kyle, what you are saying is, there is absolutely no way or chance to change the pax nbr for the 200 as not all airlines are operating with 234 pax config or without first class but only business. Greetings
  4. Hi guys, I am trying to adjust the pax nbrs/figures for the 777-200. I want to cram 308 pax into the 200, but there are only 234 in the aircraft! I think I just need to adapt the weight for the classes, right? But if I make the math I am getting 134lbs per pax in the Eco and that's not right. When I adapt the weight, for example no first class, does it show in FMC also 0 for first class? How can I adapt those figures for C48 Y260?? Thanks for any tips Greetings
  5. Hi Robert, Are developing a avionics system based on the 777 of you guys? because i am getting my 777 from FDS delivered soon. So i am just curious for that. Greetings
  6. Mitch Eckl

    PMDG 77W - Consistent VAS issue

    I have eben flying in the LR and the 777W a lot of times the Last time. Herne arme some flights done: EDDM-OMDB OMDB-VHHH LOWW-CYYZ OMDB-VRMM all flights with addons of FlyTampa, T2G and Aerosoft. Also installed is FTX Global and Tress HD. Additionally its P3D V3 maxed out. Maximum VAS I had has been 3.3gb inbound CYYZ yesterday after a 9 hours flight from VIE. But in - and outbound DXB never more then 2.9gb VAS. I didn't tweak my CFG or anything so I suggest trying resetting the CFG and start over again.
  7. HI Dan, you have to go to the store you purchased it and download the P3D version. Should be there too. Greetings
  8. Hi Gents, i am planning on exchanging my MB and those two are my favourites. 1. MSI Z97 Gaming 7 2. ASUS Z97 Pro Gamer Except some small differences in the PCI Slots or USB Connections, they seam pretty the same. Do you have any suggestions or are you using it yourselves and have an input, which makes my decision easier? CPU will be I7-4790k 4Ghz unlocked Greetings