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  1. Hi , After months of happy flying a while back I noticed there was a reduction in the amount of global autogen and scenery around , for example , after a departure out of luton all I could see was fields ,which is incorrect I would usually see alot of trees and houses. I hadn't noticed any problem apart from that as I was only flying in the UK and for the airports I fly at I have UK2000 scenery which was working fine. I had then noticed at WSSS ,which had default scenery, all airport terminals where gone apart from jetways which where floating. I tried other default airports and they where the same. PC specs- Windows 7 64bit i7 2600 @ 3.40GHz 8gb RAM GT545 GDDR5 1gb Thanks , Arun
  2. arunptl99


    I think the values for the jetway placements have been somehow altered In the aircraft cfg
  3. arunptl99


    Anyone having this problem?
  4. I don't experience this with opus weather, I have done over 40 hours with opus weather and pmdg 777 and I haven't noticed any 3 second lag spikes, or at least I haven't noticed
  5. arunptl99


    I own GSX and it works perfectly fine with pmdg 777 , with its air stairs and catering vehicles ect but at a gate I am forced to use a jetway Gsx works with all of them
  6. arunptl99


    Doesn't AES only add jetways at certain aiports?
  7. arunptl99


    Yes , it happens at default and is even worse at addon airports such as uk2000
  8. arunptl99


    Whist at the gate I press control J to have a gate come to the PMDG 777 however the gate only comes a few meters from the entry 2 door, it comes nowhere near the door. Is there a fix for this? Thanks, Arun
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