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  1. epr red box

    @harvester21 what u mean by rcl?? do you mind sent a screen shot tks i found it tks alot
  2. epr red box

    eec switch is at normal but how to change cruz thrust to toga? what i do was push throttle manual till 50 percent and press toga ??
  3. i did set to norm also the autothrottle whenduring cruise it doesnt control by itself for example the fmc speedis 250 but the at wont control till 250 and it keep going up zz
  4. epr red box

    when i ready to take off after 50 percent throttle press toga and the speed went up after a few second the speed drop i need use mt throttle to manual push up the speed and also why does the epr box turn redd.. picture http://imgur.com/a/rIjEA
  5. Peters a380

    Erm can anyone share the airbus peter hanger a380 config file for xfmc pls i really need it (new to xplane)