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  1. LOL try telling that to 4 and 6 year old boys. They sit there quiet all day but soon as I`m on short final they start fighting or wanting stuff.....every time :rolleyes:
  2. See Kyle`s answer above. I was dealing with 2 noisy kids at the time so forgot to set the altimeter to local pressure which resulted in me being much lower than I should have been. Easy mistake to make if you get distracted on approach. Just glad its a sim lol Doogie
  3. The other day I was landing 30R at OMDB in the 300ER. Terrain calls all the way down the glideslope. Guess who forgot to set there altimeter at transition altitude. Just saying :ph34r: Doogie Reid
  4. Just run the GSX aircraft cfg tool while at the gate in the 300 then close it. Shut down FSX then the folder will be there ready for you to replace the gsx .cfg B)
  5. doog79

    Flight1 B200 World Tour

    Heading East from Edinburgh right round the globe in the awesome F1 King Air B200 Blackhawk
  6. Looking at the community members map you seem to be pretty close to me, I`m in Bonnyrigg Midlothian ;)

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