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  1. LOL try telling that to 4 and 6 year old boys. They sit there quiet all day but soon as I`m on short final they start fighting or wanting stuff.....every time :rolleyes:
  2. See Kyle`s answer above. I was dealing with 2 noisy kids at the time so forgot to set the altimeter to local pressure which resulted in me being much lower than I should have been. Easy mistake to make if you get distracted on approach. Just glad its a sim lol Doogie
  3. The other day I was landing 30R at OMDB in the 300ER. Terrain calls all the way down the glideslope. Guess who forgot to set there altimeter at transition altitude. Just saying :ph34r: Doogie Reid
  4. Just run the GSX aircraft cfg tool while at the gate in the 300 then close it. Shut down FSX then the folder will be there ready for you to replace the gsx .cfg B)
  5. Been with FTG for around 18 months, and racked up about 700hrs. Really enjoy not being locked into one airline. Been there and done that, got bored flying the same routes all the time. Great VA and community Doogie
  6. Ha ha yeah us Edinburgh simmers are a rare breed
  7. REX 4 Texture Direct does NOT have a weather engine. It has the ability to select textures based on metar but no weather engine. REX Game studios are working on REX 4 Weather Direct which will be a separate program and solely a weather engine. You can use whatever weather engine you want with REX 4 Texture Direct. Doogie REX Beta Tester Edit Pete beat me to it
  8. doog79

    Flight1 B200 World Tour

    Heading East from Edinburgh right round the globe in the awesome F1 King Air B200 Blackhawk
  9. @Lion23 That is the exact same error as I had, glad I`m not the only one...although mine seems fixed just now. It might be worth opening a new topic to make sure the FS2Crew guys don't miss your post as this is marked as resolved Doogie
  10. Its the only security I use and have never had an issue apart from the odd zip file getting deleted ie... a repaint download or something else it doesn`t like. At least its working now Doogie
  11. OK not one to lay down to an issue like this I had a dig around in MSE and excluded the RAAS pro dll on its own. I have my entire FSX drive excluded from scanning but that seems not to be enough. Booted the sim, said yes this time to RAASpro dll and viola it works. MSE must not like this dll on my machine. Hope thats it all sorted now and here is a screenie of MSE incase anyone else runs into this issue. I did not know you could exclude individual dll files. Cheers Doogie
  12. I know it can be disabled but how do I stop this crashing my sim on startup or the error messages at startup? Could I rename the RAAS pro folder would that do it? Would it help if I sent you my .dll xml file? At least with the airbus version I could remove it completly. To say no one has EVER reported it though is wrong. In my original issue with the bus there were a couple of other users with the same issue. I know bugs are hard to track down as I beta test for REX game studios, its not like I`m a noob at this. The error that comes up says there is a problem with RAAS.pro dll do I want to run it, if yes then crash, if no then sim runs perfect. There is no way I`m doing a clean install of windows for one module in FSX lol If you can give me a way to disable it completly for the 777 I will be more than happy. Then when I feel the need to do a complete windows installl again I will see if it works again. Cheers Doogie
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