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  1. Yes I did, and 95 GB is correct. Don't forget you also downloaded the initial installer already. I believe the 127GB is the combination of the two. Not sure though as I don't remember the size of the initial installer download.
  2. I had the same problem. I rebooted then relaunched MSFS as administrator. It loaded past where I was stuck in a flash and now i'm downloading the 95GB of content... forever!
  3. I updated all of the apps to the latest versions and regenerated the AI_Liveries.xml and the airport xml files as instructed for the latest update. I had removed my previous parked_updates version of KORD as I purchased the new FSDT KORD v2 and wanted the regenerate the parked updates from scratch. When loaded up in KORD, there is barely any ground traffic showing despite realtraffic showing the ground traffic in its radar screen moving around the airport. When visually looking for the ground traffic, aircraft sometimes suddenly appear or disappear. KORD being a massively busy airport, there was constant ground traffic prior to these updates. Also, PSXT doesn't seem to be saving parking updates. This may be due to the ground traffic all disappearing before it could get to a gate. But again, this wasn't the case at KORD prior. Not one update when left running overnight and all morning. Any one else having this issue? Appreciate any help! Thanks, Chris
  4. Ok, I thought it was just me but I noticed this as well at SBGR this week. I left it running overnight to populate the parking file and only 10 spots were filled. When I looked more closely, all arriving traffic would either hover near the touchdown zone or in the middle of the runway and stop. Then eventually disappear without taxiing to a gate. Chris
  5. I'd imagine this thread will get pretty long, quickly. Would be helpful if the reports are summarized in the original post so users looking for info don't have to search down the thread. Thanks, Chris
  6. This hotfix has been amazing for me! I am currently getting 25-30 FPS on the ground at EGLL Aerosoft professional with very high settings and BMNG and NE lighting. This is over 10FPS higher than what I was getting pre-hotfix. Mind you, I have my FPS capped at 30 with RTSS. This is astonishing to me.
  7. I think there is nothing to lose doing a full reinstall. Just don't delete your configuration folders and it should be fine. After reinstall, run FTX Central and other addons that install textures and lights into the sim. Chris
  8. My thoughts of what could be issues: Does the AI aircraft interact with the AFCAD in any way? I notice the planes going toward Terminal 8 typically freeze on the taxiway bridge crossing the highway. In the AFCAD, the bridge taxiways are set as type: Runway, and not type: taxi. There are also paths connecting the runway sections to the taxi sections. Could this be creating confusion for the AI aircraft? Terminal 8 is too far from the defined airport coordinates? Not sure if there is a limitation in how far ground traffic shows/taxis away from the main airport coordinates. Terminal 8 is about 0.8 nm from the KJFK coordinate. Multiple major airports within the lateral range set in PSXT. NYC has KJFK, KLGA, and KEWR all in close proximity. Could the traffic from the other airports be causing a limitation of parked planes at KJFK? This is the section of the KJFK.xml file that is configured for Terminal 8: <parkpos id="H1" latitude="40.646664" longitude="-73.794434" heading="29.1" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H10" latitude="40.648335" longitude="-73.792290" heading="151.3" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H12" latitude="40.648487" longitude="-73.791786" heading="172.3" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H131" latitude="40.648579" longitude="-73.795158" heading="330.8" radius="18.0" /> <parkpos id="H14" latitude="40.649040" longitude="-73.790558" heading="171.9" radius="35.0"> <aircraft> <option airlines="AAL" types="B772" real="true" hours="2,3" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="H16" latitude="40.649303" longitude="-73.789864" heading="198.9" radius="35.0"> <aircraft> <option airlines="AAL" types="B77W" real="true" hours="10,11" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="H2" latitude="40.647129" longitude="-73.795029" heading="161.5" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H231" latitude="40.648373" longitude="-73.795570" heading="330.8" radius="18.0" /> <parkpos id="H3" latitude="40.646729" longitude="-73.793198" heading="336.6" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H33" latitude="40.648819" longitude="-73.794670" heading="330.8" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H331" latitude="40.648186" longitude="-73.795868" heading="346.9" radius="18.0" /> <parkpos id="H34" latitude="40.649628" longitude="-73.795204" heading="165.1" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H35" latitude="40.649052" longitude="-73.794121" heading="330.8" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H36" latitude="40.649811" longitude="-73.794632" heading="150.6" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H37" latitude="40.649277" longitude="-73.793564" heading="330.8" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H38" latitude="40.650047" longitude="-73.794083" heading="150.6" radius="35.0"> <aircraft> <option airlines="AAL" types="A321" real="true" hours="0,1" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="H39" latitude="40.649555" longitude="-73.793045" heading="330.8" radius="35.0"> <aircraft> <option airlines="AAL" types="A321" real="true" hours="21,22" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="H4" latitude="40.647457" longitude="-73.794212" heading="150.6" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H40" latitude="40.650284" longitude="-73.793510" heading="150.1" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H41" latitude="40.649792" longitude="-73.792496" heading="330.8" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H42" latitude="40.650520" longitude="-73.792984" heading="150.1" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H43" latitude="40.650249" longitude="-73.791405" heading="345.5" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H431" latitude="40.648148" longitude="-73.796165" heading="355.2" radius="18.0" /> <parkpos id="H44" latitude="40.650745" longitude="-73.792427" heading="150.6" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H45" latitude="40.650482" longitude="-73.790840" heading="330.5" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H46" latitude="40.651012" longitude="-73.791809" heading="150.6" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H47" latitude="40.650833" longitude="-73.790352" heading="310.1" radius="35.0"> <aircraft> <option airlines="CPA" types="B77W" real="true" hours="0,1,3,4,11,12" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="H5" latitude="40.647007" longitude="-73.792465" heading="345.3" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H532" latitude="40.649017" longitude="-73.795731" heading="68.8" radius="18.0" /> <parkpos id="H6" latitude="40.647766" longitude="-73.793457" heading="150.6" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H632" latitude="40.649254" longitude="-73.795776" heading="75.0" radius="18.0" /> <parkpos id="H7" latitude="40.647015" longitude="-73.791748" heading="8.2" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H732" latitude="40.649494" longitude="-73.795692" heading="114.5" radius="18.0" /> <parkpos id="H8" latitude="40.648121" longitude="-73.792870" heading="151.3" radius="35.0" /> <parkpos id="H832" latitude="40.649715" longitude="-73.795692" heading="151.2" radius="18.0" /> Terminal 1: <parkpos id="F1" latitude="40.643982" longitude="-73.792389" heading="90.4" radius="33.0" /> <parkpos id="F10" latitude="40.640858" longitude="-73.792801" heading="358.2" radius="33.0" /> <parkpos id="F2" latitude="40.643768" longitude="-73.792252" heading="43.8" radius="33.0" /> <parkpos id="F3" latitude="40.642826" longitude="-73.791908" heading="105.1" radius="41.0" /> <parkpos id="F4" latitude="40.642166" longitude="-73.790810" heading="336.8" radius="41.0" /> <parkpos id="F5" latitude="40.642223" longitude="-73.792625" heading="151.3" radius="41.0" /> <parkpos id="F6" latitude="40.641670" longitude="-73.791550" heading="306.4" radius="41.0"> <aircraft> <option airlines="AFR" types="B772" real="true" hours="0,1,21,22,23" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="F7" latitude="40.641754" longitude="-73.793167" heading="108.3" radius="41.0" /> <parkpos id="F8" latitude="40.641232" longitude="-73.792168" heading="327.2" radius="41.0"> <aircraft> <option airlines="KAL" types="A388" real="true" hours="15,16" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="F9" latitude="40.641155" longitude="-73.793556" heading="108.3" radius="41.0" />
  9. I had done everything correctly as you put in the manuals (which I read all thoroughly). Anyway, when I unchecked all of the collision avoid ground boxes, then planes began parking at the gates at KLAX. All is great there now, I let it run for 24 hrs + and its created a great mapping and it looks great. Now my next issue is at KJFK. I did the same thing with Drzwiecki Design's KJFK. Not many planes were parking at gates. Realized the radius settings in the afcad were pretty terrible so I edited those in the KJFK.xml (in the parked_updates folder) to make them larger. That resolved many gates and more planes are parking. However, there are many gates where planes still refuse to park. Particularly at Terminal 8 (American Airlines) and Terminal 1 (International). I have all the radius values large enough to accommodate all aircraft that would park at these gates. When American airlines planes land, they begin to taxi toward Terminal 8, then when they get somewhat close, they freeze and then disappear, never actually making it to the terminal or its gates. Only 5 gates out of 20+ have any planes parked at it at terminal 8. Ive been running it for more than 12 hrs now, so I would have expected a full terminal. My parking % is at 100% for the mapping exercise. Any thoughts? Thanks, Chris
  10. I had ran ppg with the option checked at first and still had no parked aircraft. been running about 12 hrs now and still no parked planes. Is there a repository of airport files created for popular addon airports that I can download that is no longer obsolete?
  11. Hi, Just got everything setup. I ran PPG without the Generate airline type option checked. I linked in PSXT to the PPG output folder (hitting the connect button). After doing this, no parked aircraft will load. It was loading before I ran PPG with the default files in PSXT, but just misaligned to the parking spots. I am testing this at KLAX using the FSDT scenery. Also, I downloaded a bunch of files from here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8ort7flXQyTb2RJXzNiSUYtWjg as shown in one of your other posts, but the files are just txt files and not xml files. I am not sure what to do with these, but if they are better configured airports, I would prefer them. Any guidance on how to use them? Lastly, I get an error on starting saying it cannot determine the wingspan of my aircraft and report to the forum. I have the Aerosoft A321 professional loaded. My log file: Sun May 5 08:01:53 2019 (utc) version 14.6 PSXT (64 bit) for Prepar3D v4.5 ***************************** parameters ***************************** RANDOM=true MAIN_WINDOW_X=-1688 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=150 NON_REAL_REMOVAL_THRESHOLD=30 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Sun May 5 PROGRAM_VERSION=14.6 INSTALL_PATH=C:\PSXseeconTraffic LIVE=true ALWAYS_ON_TOP=false ADD_FLIGHTPLAN=false HEAVY_MIDDLE_AIRCRAFT=true LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=true HELICOPTERS=false INCLUDE_UFOS=true AUTO_MODE=false GROUND_TRAFFIC=false LIVE_IF_USER_AIRBORNE=false COLLISION_USER_GND=true COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND=true LOG_MATCHING=false LOG_PARK=false LOG_XML=false UPS=25 LATERAL_RANGE=40 FLOOR_ALTITUDE=-1000 LIVERIES_FOLDER=installation_liveries AIRPORTS_FOLDER=C:\ParkPosGenerator\airports FLIGHTPLANSFOLDER= BLOCK_CALLSIGN= ********************************************************************** Reading airport's data from airport files in "C:\ParkPosGenerator\airports" Reading airport's data from airport files in "parked_updates" 9969 airports found Searching for ParkPosGenerator at this PC PROGRAM_VERSION=9.8 INSTALL_PATH=C:\ParkPosGenerator OUTPUT_FOLDER=airports Initializing server at port 10747 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... Waiting for data provider to connect to PSXT ... Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 connected Data provider connected Aircraft type information read from "data\types.xml" *** author: PSXseeconTraffic *** version: 12.11 *** date: Sat Dec 1 Wingspan information read from "data\wingspan.xml" *** author: PSXseeconTraffic *** version: 13.0 *** date: Sat Dec 1 max possible half wingspan: 35.9 *************************************** liveries summary *************************************** 1674 liveries read from file "installation_liveries\AI_liveries.xml" *** author: AILGenerator *** version: 3.0 *** date: Mon Nov 12 71 registration codes generic Boeing liveries for 2 types: B744 B748 generic Airbus liveries for 3 types: A21N A319 A320 no generic Embraer liveries no generic Bombardier liveries no generic ATR liveries no generic Private liveries 363 unique airlines 83 unique aircraft types Default livery set for aircraft category Heavy, type B763, # liveries: 56 Default livery set for aircraft category Middle, type A320, # liveries: 286 Default livery set for aircraft category Light, type PC12, # liveries: 6 No default livery found for aircraft category Heli ************************************************************************************************ User aircraft title: Aerosoft A321 professional AMERICAN AIRL User aircraft model: A321IAE User aircraft wing span unknown, max is taken instead, please report in Forum! Flightplan search activated Park airport is: KLAX (LAX) Parkpos file "C:\ParkPosGenerator\airports\KLAX.xml" for Los Angeles Intl *** author: ParkPosGenerator *** version: 9.8 *** date: Sun May 5 supplier: P3D FS Dreamteam 178 parking positions not yet updated No aircraft to be parked, there are no parking position with airline + type options Connecting QNHReader to UDP port 49004 ... QNHReader connected Connecting TrafficReader to UDP port 49003 ... TrafficReader connected 08:01:57 QNH: 1012 Thanks, Chris
  12. Hi All, Any permanent solution to this issue on the 777 line? I believe it is a problem on the 737 line as well. Does not occur on the 747. Flying in VR is an awesome experience, especially with planes of PMDG quality, but that white box is still a problem. The workarounds are cumbersome, especially if you use FS2Crew with the transparency workaround... Thanks, Chris Lezama
  13. Last update worked for me. I have all 4 contrails now. Thanks! Chris
  14. Hi, Currently flying over the Atlantic and I have contrails showing for engines 1,2 and 4, but not for engine 3. Not sure if that is a real scenario that could happen but seems unlikely to me. Any thoughts as to why that would/could happen? Using the 747-8i. Thanks, Chris Lezama
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