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  1. Deleting my profile and running the voice training again worked. Much better accuracy now on the word SET. Thanks! Chris
  2. Hi Kiek, I noticed today that aircraft after landing do not have the taxi light on, or logo lights. But soon as they are locked into their parking position, the taxi light turns on. Its as if its a binary switch and it was supposed to be turned on after landing, then off at parking but since it didnt turn on after landing, the switch is out of sync. Witnessed closely on a 757-300 and see it on other models like the 737-800. But all aircraft are taxiing pitch black. Is this something you can control? I am using the latest 29.11 version of PSXT_MSFS in this case. Thanks, Chris
  3. Here are all the places I get stuck. It takes like 15 tries of either the correct word or "SET AND CHECKED" to get past these items. The Pitch Trim one isn't too bad, it rarely messes up, but all of the others are a real PITA! We need a word like "SKIP" to move past items we get stuck on. I just can't get why I am having this problem. I have no speech impediments, and the word works fine in every other FS2CREW, as well as UGCX and PBE. BEFORE START CHECKLIST TO DATA SET BARO REF XXXX SET (BOTH) AFTER START CHECKLIST PITCH TRIM __PERCENT SET (I.E.: TWENTY FIVE PERCENT SET) BEFORE TAKEOFF CHECKLIST ATC SET APPROACHING TRANSITION LEVEL QNH XXXX SET
  4. I will try. This doesn't happen in any other FS2CREW product so I doubt its a voice training problem but will try. SET AND CHECKED doesnt work well either as its not recognizing the SET. It's always thinking i'm saying SEVEN and CHECKED. This is why its such a pain for me because I get stuck on the checklists and cannot even use the backup phrase lol
  5. Hi, I am having a terrible time getting FS2CREW FSLabs version to recognize the word SET. This word is so integral to the checklists so it holds me up constantly. It would recognize it as seven most times. Even trying to say SET and CHECKED fails. The only consistent time it recognizes it is when I say STANDARD SET. I don't have this problem with the multitude of other FS2CREW products I have. Not sure why it happens with FSLabs. Any thoughts or suggestions on what may be wrong? Thanks, Chris
  6. Absolutely! Support here is tremendous and I have thrown him a bone!
  7. Ahh yes. I had this set correctly for P3D. Forgot to change these for MSFS... Looking much better now! Thank you so much for these changes, the regional jet solution is really elegant. Doesn't require much work from us at all. I was doing too much! LOL! I have one livery where PSXT doesnt seem to want to take the registration code N744P. This code is in the dbase file with the correct airline and aircraft type, although it's not the full 6 character code that would be expected. When PSXT runs, it does not put the regcode for this livery into the AI_Liveries file. Since it is a special livery, I have the code in the specials list, but because its not adding the regcode, its spawning them randomly as static aircraft.
  8. Ok, i'm getting somewhere. Now I am getting a few weird matchings for static aircraft. These all have liveries assigned, yet are matching incorrectly. Also, for this livery, the registration used to be owned by Dow Chemical and now is American Eagle operated by Skywest. So I get why the livery was placed as SKW. Therefore I added it to the specials list so it wouldn't be used for static aircraft, yet it still spawned in place of an American Eagle Skywest livery: SKW51_ SKW CRJ7 =2= AIGAIM_Dow Chemical Bombardier Challenger 870 - N872DC
  9. Ok, so i tried some stuff and it seems i'm making things worse. This is relating to static aircraft loading. I am getting tons of random liveries for planes spawning (using KORD as a test bed). One issue I see is the following: I placed the registration codes into the aircraft.cfg as you suggested, but if I have multple reg codes on a regional aircraft livery, it does not end up converting the airline to the right regional carrier For example, there are 2 liveries for the Skywest United Express. I placed the long registration list on the first one. These are the results in the AI_Liveries.xml Notice the first one was never changed from UAL to SKW but the second one was with only a single regcode. This is happening to all of the regional carriers with multiple regcodes. I tried flipping them, moving the reg codes to the 2nd livery and the same thing happened to the 2nd livery while the 1st one was changed to SKW. So first question - why is this happening? Second question, do I even need to keep doing this with your dbase.xml? Third, how do I get the right liveries to show up with static aircraft? Thanks!
  10. I've always made changes in the AI_Liveries.xml file to add custom atc_id fields. For instance: <livery airline="SKW" type="CRJ7" folder="1" cargo="false" title="AIGAIM_American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 - opb Skywest" atc_id="N745SK,N374CA,N606SK,N611SK,N613SK,N614SK,N63*SK,N65*CA,N70*SK,N70*EV,N71*SK,N71*EV,N72*SK,N72*EV,N73*SK,N73*EV,N74*SK,N74*EV,N75*SK,N75*EV,N76*SK,N76*EV,N761ND,N77*SK,N870DC,N872DC" regcode="N745SK" /> Where am I supposed to do this? In the aircraft.cfg? Can the atc_id field of the aircraft.cfg take all of that? I am also afraid that the aircraft.cfg changes would also get overridden in an AIG OCI update. Not sure how best to manage this.
  11. Thanks for all the changes! I am still trying to understand all of the changes and grasp how to best use them. However one thing is driving me crazy and that is the automatic regeneration of the liveries file each time we load PSXT. It is overwriting all of my customization in the file (registration codes for special liveries and regional jets, etc. that I manually put in the atc_id fields). Also do not know how the reg_code field is being used. I also delete a few liveries that I do not want in the file (ex. an FLai model that I would rather only have the AIG version of). Maybe there is a better way of doing this that I am not aware of.
  12. Thank you! Another request if you are making changes to parameters in the livery file. From the manual: Special case If you add the word special (all lowercase) to a livery title and add a single registration code to the atc_id key, that livery will only be matched upon registration code. Thus it will only show as live aircraft and not (multiple) times as static parked aircraft. Can we make this a parameter in the livery file as well? I would prefer a solution that did not require modification of the aircraft.cfg titles. This way the changes are contained to PSXT files. Also: 10.5.4 registration code added to title LIG will add the registration code of the livery, defined with atc_id=regcode, to the title of the livery (if not already present). Can we have a parameter created in parameters.xml that prevents that from happening. Again, do not want to have the aircraft title in the aircraft.cfg modified. I'm all good with the other automatic repairs as it doesn't modify the titles. And the registration code can just be placed in the livery file parameter. Reason I am asking is that the AIG One-Click Installer tool manages all of the AIG Aircraft files and when the aircraft.cfg livery titles are modified, it sometimes confuses the OCI tool. The tool then reports that various liveries are not installed when they are, or if you run a verify setup, it then re-adds the liveries which titles didn't exactly match what the tool installed, the latter causing duplication of livery titles when the livery generator goes in and finds those liveries and adds the registration code to the title again. That was a real PIA to clean up when it happened to me (in generates pop errors in P3D that all have to be cleared before the sim will start...) Thanks, Chris
  13. I for one would love this solution. Another advantage is that changes to the AI files wont just get overwritten when we run updates using the AIG OIC tool. Thanks for considering this! I know its a very localized problem but I tried everything I could given what we had available to solve this personally but I couldn't resolve this one issue. Chris
  14. Oh, and for AIG aircraft, it will never work because they do not put the airline code in the title of the aircraft, only the full spelled out name of the airline - "American Airlines" instead of "AAL" Having a parameter we could set would work much better...
  15. I see what you did. Partial solution but does not work everywhere. In KORD for example, the FSDT version 2 has 3 code in the airls field for the G gates: <parkpos id="G10" airls="AAL,JBU,KAP" /> While what we are looking for in this case is "AAL", based on your implementation, it wont even try here because it has more than 1 airline code listed... Same in the E Gates: <parkpos id="E1" airls="ACA,ASA,DAL" /> where we want "DAL" I also notice that the AFCAD just has wrong airline codes at many gates which you cannot do anything about, and the afcad section is not even in the parked_updates version of the KORD.xml, only the one in the airports folder. I just wish there was a more full solution. Thanks, Chris
  16. Hi, Wanted to bring up a thought on regional airlines with PSXT. At least in the US, but likely elsewhere, regional carriers fly for numerous airlines. Now while we can specify registration codes to various liveries that somewhat allow the right livery to appear for a given regional flight (take Skywest or Republic for example who flies for American, United, Delta, and I think Alaska as well), this doesn't work so well for spawning parked aircraft. So at KORD for example, pier G should all be American Eagle liveries on the regional jets that park there, but I get a mix of American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express. Could we have a means in which the correct livery gets parked at a gate where the regional carrier covers multiple carriers? So in the previous example, the afcad likely shows "AAL" as the airline for those gates, but because the airline for the aircraft is "SKW" or "RPA" or "ASH" or "ENY" or one of the numerous regional carrier that serve the big US carriers, it doesn't match the "AAL" and so it randomly picks a livery from the set available in the xml file for that specific plane and airline. If there was another field, say "operatedfor" or "opf" or something, that would then specify the mainline carrier, "AAL", then PSXT could match the correct livery option for that aircraft as it spawns as a parked aircraft. Is something like this possible? So many airports across the US are affected by this. The reverse occurs too with AI aircraft. Flai puts different liveries all under Skywest "SKW", while AIG puts liveries under the mainline carriers "AAL" and specifies in the livery title that it is "obp Skywest". I would love to hear thoughts on this. Thanks, Chris
  17. Also, learner will continue to move to the next airport if using the * in the airport code field, yet RT will stay at the last airport it was on when the error occurred and remain frozen. Even restarting RT doesnt help Learner. I have to restart learner to get it going again.
  18. I have this same problem. I see it particularly with Learner as I have that running all the time. It happens with PSXT in flight as well on long hauls. It takes some time before this happens, but for learner its particularly annoying as once it does, then the functionality of learner stops. It could be an entire day before i realize it and all that time is wasted. Chris
  19. i am using 19.4. Does it automatically convert the whole file or do I need to trigger something to have it converted? Just sitting at the airport in the sim does not do anything to convert the file. Its too much to do manually and I would hate to start from scratch. A lot of time was spent having those files built up. Chris
  20. Yes I did, and 95 GB is correct. Don't forget you also downloaded the initial installer already. I believe the 127GB is the combination of the two. Not sure though as I don't remember the size of the initial installer download.
  21. I had the same problem. I rebooted then relaunched MSFS as administrator. It loaded past where I was stuck in a flash and now i'm downloading the 95GB of content... forever!
  22. I updated all of the apps to the latest versions and regenerated the AI_Liveries.xml and the airport xml files as instructed for the latest update. I had removed my previous parked_updates version of KORD as I purchased the new FSDT KORD v2 and wanted the regenerate the parked updates from scratch. When loaded up in KORD, there is barely any ground traffic showing despite realtraffic showing the ground traffic in its radar screen moving around the airport. When visually looking for the ground traffic, aircraft sometimes suddenly appear or disappear. KORD being a massively busy airport, there was constant ground traffic prior to these updates. Also, PSXT doesn't seem to be saving parking updates. This may be due to the ground traffic all disappearing before it could get to a gate. But again, this wasn't the case at KORD prior. Not one update when left running overnight and all morning. Any one else having this issue? Appreciate any help! Thanks, Chris
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