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  1. Wnuk


    I’ve just started back after a long absence also, this post was incredibly helpful. Thank you.
  2. Excellent shots! I always enjoy RW in flight pics. Hope to see more!Jim
  3. I knew there was something I forgot to add to my 1st post. Thanks for clarifying that guys.Jim
  4. Brian, the 2 programs aren't connected in any way I'm aware of. I have down install/uninstall of both at one time or another and it never affected the install I wasn't removing, i.e removing FSX didn't bother fs9 in the least bit.HTHJim
  5. I'm sure I have a clean driver install also. I switched from ATI to nVidia & only have one nVidia driver installed. I'm thinking it is a driver issue & suspect it has something to do with Antialiasing.I can also get rid of the menu crashes (and see better AA & AF effects in FSX) by using nHancer. If I set both the global & FSX profile settings to exactly the same, menu crashes in full screen are gone AND I can turn off the FSX AA box.I'm puzzled as to why these things work but have been able to repeat failures by reversing these settings.Hoping others can benefit by it also.Jim
  6. My settings are almost all just around mid range. Some a bit higher some a bit lower. Why some people have the menu issue & others don't is beyond my knowledge but I post this in hopes that what I discovered might work for someone else having the same issues.Jim
  7. Like many of you, I was having full screen menu crash issues in FSX since I switched video cards from ATI to nVidia. In trying many differnt things to fix it, I stumbled upon a repeatable way to stop them for me. I am running FSX with Acceleration & UTX installed on a Win XP SP2 32 bit machine with an 8600GT video card using the 169.21 drivers.To repeatably stop my full screen menu crashes in FSX, I setup through the Nvidia Control Panel my level of Anio (16X) and level of AA (8X) in both my global settings & FSX program settings. Now the key to fixing the menu crashes for me was to make sure that Antialias mode in the control panel is set to "enhance the application setting" in both the global & program settings. Then start FSX and tick the Antialias box under the settings category to "on". I also check Anisotropic Filtering in FSX settings.This fixes my menu crashes. I can instantly cause crashes again by turning off the "enahnce game settings" in the Nvidia Control Panel (both globally & program settings) and the unchecking the AA box in FSX settings.I'd be curious if others of you with the menu issues can try this and see if it helps. ThanksJim
  8. Bill, I'm using an 8600GT in FSX and following the suggestions that sargeski suggests in this thread really helped my shimering and got rid of the menu freezes in FSX full screen I was having. Hope they hep you.Jimhttp://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=33939&page=4
  9. Greeting all. Last night I finally got around to installing the Nov 2007 DirectX update from Microsoft. In doing so it has created stutters for me in FSX that i did not have before. Is it possible to uninstall this update and if so how? I tried finding it in the add/remove programs list but it doesn't show up there. I searched all my folders but couldn't seem to locate a DirectX folder of any sorts. I am running XP and I also tried reinstalling my nVidia drivers after trunning the DX update. That didn't help any. And sadly, I did not create a restore point before doing so. Any help/advice would be appreciated. ThanksJim
  10. I recall that during the heyday of discussing FSGS that Avsim promised do to a review of the service. I don't recall them ever doing so but you may want to check the review archives to find out.Jim
  11. My wife is more the disgruntled stewardess than a wingman :(If only I could get her to serve in flight "beverages". :)
  12. Yes, the Gauges in the VC are difficult to read. Most missions with it I end up using "shift Z" to monitor speed & altitude.BTW, thanks for the missions you put out. I still fly the Boston one frequently. It is my favorite "non lifting mission" to date.Jim
  13. The slingload missons are very rewarding once you complete them. It took me quite awhile to get the hang of it. I would save the mission after completing each of the 3 portions of it. Now after learning the skills needed, I can now fly it in 1 session without saving it. The payload recovery mission really tests your skills of flying with a load attached. Keep at it, you will get it.Alos, maybe I'm missing something but I seem to be able to fly the EH 101 without difficulty. I do hear the surge of the engines but I don't experience any changes in flight attitudes/altitudes when it happens. Am I missing something?Jim
  14. Hold the ALT key for a few seconds to make it disappear again.
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