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Simulator Screen Shots, Real Aviation Photos, & Videos


  1. The AVSIM Screen Shots Forum

    Have a favorite screen shot of your simulator that you would like to share? You can by posting it here.  Please follow image posting rules (below).  Images must be hosted on an image hosting website. Please use prefixes to identify the simulator you are using (see pinned topic for guidance). Please include information about the screenshot(s) such as location (flight plan?), the aircraft, weather engine, scenery (i.e., Orbx/FTX, GEX, FSDT, FlightBeam, FlyTampa, etc.).

  2. Real Aviation Photos

    Real aviation photos and related images.  Images must be hosted on another storage site (see Image Posting Rules in Rules Below).

  3. Aviation and Flight Sim Video Forum

    Have a real world or simulator video that you would like to show to the community?  Here is the place you can do so.  Please, no links to monetized content on other sites e.g. YouTube, Rumble, etc.  "Monetized" means you or someone else is being paid for views and/or the video solicits people to subscribe to a channel where the content provider(s) is/are being paid for views.  See the pinned topic at top of forum for additional guidance.  Videos must be embedded in your topic.  We want to be able to just click the start video arrow.


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